AEG Or GBB (The AR of Choice)

In the airsoft community, AEG and GBB rifles are the only two things available. Naturally, people are always confused. And if you are a beginner, you have all the more reason to be confused. But- 

Which to buy AEG or GBB


The power source is the main difference between AEG and GBB rifles. AEG uses all sorts of wiring and battery and GBB uses gas. AEG can be used round but GBB shows problems in the cold. You can even program AEGs with different techs with consistent FPS output. But you can’t do that with GBBs. 

Well, this was basically a summarized comparison between the two. We’ve gone into further details in the article below. 

Do you wish to know more about the comparison between the two? Then you’ll just have to read the article below. Scroll down and read along!



AEG Or GBB: Key Comparisons

Before we get into the details, let’s look at some of the notable differences. This will help you to get a better understanding of the comparisons. 

Also, you’ll be able to figure out what separates each other for the best. Anyways, now let us see what the differences are- 

Feature AEGGBB
Power SourceSlightly complicated Quite simple
Weather Operates fine all round the yearHard to use in winter
Adjustability Can be adjusted with programmable tech Can’t be adjusted too much
FPS output Consistent Inconsistent
Weight Heavier than real firearms Almost similar to a real firearm
Parts Huge amount of parts available Limited amount of parts available

GBB vs AEG : Detailed Comparison

Since you know the notable differences, we can easily go into a detailed comparison. Haven’t checked out the notable differences yet? We suggest you do that first. 

It’ll be easier for you to understand the major points in your mind. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it- 

Power Source

The main difference between these two types of airsoft guns lies in their power source. One of them can get complicated. And the other gives off a little bit of a realistic feel. 

So, let’s see which is which- 


The full form of AEG is an Automatic Electric Gun. This type of rifle is powered by batteries. The batteries are almost always located at the handguard or the buttstock of the gun. 

And then there’s a motor located at the pistol grip. This motor is connected to the battery through a bunch of wiring. And this in return moves the piston by turning a bunch of gears. 

This very piston then shoots BBs via the barrel when it’s moved. What the piston does is create a strong airflow for the BBs to shoot out. 

Now, if you want to take a look inside you’ll see the inside is very complicated. We recommend that you don’t do that unless you’re a tech expert. Or unless you have experience with this sort of work. 

When you have learned some things over time, you’ll be able to work on them yourself. 

We should remind you this system is that of a classic AEG one. There are a lot of other AEGs on the market with much more complex systems. 

They come with a lot of features. And these features let the guns feel almost like actual firearms. 

And we highly recommend you don’t go tampering with their system. They should be left only to the professionals.


The full form is Gas BlowBack. This type of rifle is powered using gas. As for what type of gas is used, it’s either Green Gas or CO2. 

The gas is located inside the magazines. When you pull the trigger, the gas is released from the magazine. 

Once the gas gets released, it expands inside the rifle. Due to the expansion, air flows at both the barrel and the bolt. 

And this causes the gun to create recoil effects. But this airflow is the reason the BBs get shot out of the gun. 

It’s pretty to understand that this system is far less complex compared to the AEG rifles. And the best part about GBB is that they feel similar to a real firearm. 

The build of the guns and their functionality as well are very similar to real firearms. Not to mention the recoil of these guns adds to the realistic feel. 


Now, if we’re going to choose a winner from this section, it’ll be GBB guns. Due to their build, they give off a pretty realistic feel. 

And the build is also far less complicated than an AEG. That’s why GBB is the winner here. 


The issue with the weather is a pretty important point to note when using airsoft guns. Summer won’t be a problem at all. But the winter will most likely turn out to be a problem for you. 

But that can only be said for GBB rifles though. In severe cold, their performance drops drastically. The gas has a harder time expanding. 

And the BBs don’t get shot strongly enough after a certain period. You might be able to use some trick to heat up your magazine and make it work. 

But you’ll only be able to get to a certain point. 

AEG on the other hand doesn’t face any problems due to the cold. Since it’s electrical and there’s no use of gas here, it works out just fine. 


So if we’re going to discuss which one’s usable round the year, it’s the AEGs. so, the winner is AEG in this section. 

Adjustability & Consistency

Usually, the range up to which you can adjust your guns wouldn’t be an issue. But since AEGs are adjustable up to a ridiculous level, we’re bringing it up. 

AEG uses programmable technology. So, you can program your gun with some absurd stuff that you might not even need. 

And the level at which their fps output is consistent feels quite fake. Meaning they don’t really give you a realistic feel. 

Don’t get the wrong idea though. This means that hitting a target is going to be extremely easy for you comparatively. So that’s a plus point for you right there. 

GBBs aren’t adjustable at all. They don’t come with any programmable tech. After all, they’re almost like real firearms. 

Basically, you’re limited by the parts you have or the parts you can get your hands on. 

Now, if you’re going to ask about consistency, the fps output is inconsistent on GBBs. it’s due to the recoil the fps output is inconsistent. 

But the recoil is also the reason the GBBs feel more real. 


The winner of this section is going to be the AEGs. Thanks to their programmable tech, they’re one step ahead. 

The fps output rate is also an important factor. It’s very consistent and there’s no recoil thanks to this. 

And this is why GBB is the winner here. 

Weight & Parts

Do you think the weight of your rifle isn’t that big of a point? Well, if you think like that then you should brace yourself because it actually is. 

The heavier your gun is, the easier you’ll get exhausted. AEGs tend to be heavier than actual firearms. 

The reason behind that is the mechanics of the gearbox. Since there are a lot of things going on inside, it’s heavier than the real thing. 

Then again, the amount of aftermarket parts available for AEGs is huge. You’ll never feel short on that. 

Here’s a list of parts that you should use with your AEG rifle-

Now, GBB on the other hand isn’t that heavy but there aren’t too many parts available. 


So, the winner of this section is going to be a tie. AEGs are heavier which could cause stress for your wrist. 

And GBBs are lighter in that respect but AEGs have more aftermarket stuff available. 

Which One to Go For?

It all boils to the final question, which one to buy AEG vs GBB? Well, it’s slightly more complicated than that, to be honest. 

AEG has the upper hand here in most of the parts here. Like with the round-the-year weather compatibility, FPS consistency, and amount of parts available. 

But there’s more to it than what meets the eye. If you’re using airsoft guns for the whole realistic experience, AEG can’t beat a GBB. 

And it’s taking all the things like the recoil, build, and weight into account. 

So, if you just want to play around, go for the AEGs. But if you’re in for the experience, go with the GBB. 


How to store and transport a rifle?

Storing your rifle in a safe place is very important to the longevity of your weapon. To do this, we recommend purchasing a case for an airsoft rifle. It will also be essential when traveling, as your rifle must be placed in a locked, hard-sided case that cannot be easily pried open.

Which Airsoft Company Is The Best? 

There are quite a few brands that can be listed in that category. But if we had to choose one, it would be Tokyo Marui. And that’s because it has both great AEGs and GBBs

Which Airsoft Gas Is The Best?

CO2 is the best gas to use with airsoft guns. But the backlash here is that it can deteriorate your gun. So use guns that are made for CO2. 

Are Airsoft Guns Considered as Firearms?

No, they’re not considered firearms. They can be used by people of all ages. However, some states and countries might have different laws. 


Now you know the difference between AEG Or GBB. all of your questions should be answered now. 

However, if you still have any further questions, do ask us in the comments. 

Good Luck!

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