Airsoft bb size: a detailed guide

Are you interested in the various types of airsoft BBs, how they’re created, and their applications? This article will address your concerns regarding BB colors, sizes, and materials as well as, more significantly, which airsoft ammo is ideal for you.

airsoft bb size

Airsoft pellets composition

Airsoft pellets are made of unprocessed plastic and have a petroleum- or mineral-based core that pollutes the environment. Thus, if not retrieved after an airsoft BB is discharged, it will remain in the atmosphere for several centuries.

Raw plastic is being heated for injection molding.

Plastic can be injected into molding templates more easily after being heated. The spherical forms are due to molding into these templates, and this is really what we desire. We want beautiful surfaces, precisely spherical shapes, and a flawless white Airsoft BB, right? If not, you’ll eventually have to deal with your gun being at risk.

Size of airsoft bbs and accuracy of airsoft gun barrel

It may easily fit into the barrels of airsoft guns because of the airsoft BB size. This is crucial for the accuracy of airsoft guns and the flight stability of airsoft BBs. The interior part of an airsoft gun is only barely wider than the size of an Airsoft BB.

In this manner, less air may escape around the BB during firing, and more air forces the BB out of the barrel. As a result, the performance rate of the airsoft BB is raised in feet per second (FPS).

The acronym “FPS” describes how quickly airsoft guns fire a BB. Certain weapons have extremely high RPMs that can reach hundreds of BBs per minute. Before playing airsoft, be sure to consult with the field crew, since the majority of airsoft fields have FPS limits. To boost the FPS of airsoft BBs, airsoft guns may additionally be modified with tighter barrels.

For instance, an AEG (automatic electric gun) that fires 6mm airsoft BBs typically has a 6.08mm barrel. For greater performance and precision, the barrel can be modified to a 6.01mm or 6.03mm tight bore barrel, that allows minimal air to escape from the airsoft BB after being shot, improving the airsoft BB’s FPS.

BB weight

When playing airsoft, having the proper airsoft BB weights is crucial. There is a great deal of data regarding BB weight available. Understandably, you want to fire to the maximum extent you can, which is why you want to understand what BB weight to purchase.

The most frequently used weight bb is 0.20-gram bbs. You may select a larger bb weight, including a 0.25-gram bbs or 0.28-gram bbs, based on the FPS of your airsoft gun, though. A heavier bb weight can be fired out of weaponry significantly more quickly. The barrel of your gun will affect the effectiveness and general accuracy of your shots.

What bb weight will work best for you depends on your playing style, the sort of gun you possess, and the various surroundings. Remember that a BB gun and an airsoft gun are not the same. Although 4.5mm metal ammo is accessible, airsoft cannot safely use it.

Before increasing the airsoft ammo weight you use, you must take into account the performance of your rifle. How far you can shoot will be affected if the internal components of your rifle aren’t strong enough to support switching from a 0.20-gram bb to a 0.28-gram bb. In regard to airsoft ammo, the smaller and heavier, the better.

Lighter bbs

Hardly any 0.12-gram BBs are used by Airsoft players. Indeed, they are intended for close quarters. In confined quarters, they are additionally the most precise.

Considering that these inexpensive Airsoft BBs easily rattle and cause harm.

Moreover, they are very ineffectual at a distance. It is crucial to remember, nevertheless, that the lighter BBs shouldn’t be utilized in more powerful airsoft guns, such as sniper rifles.

Mid-range bbs

The largest application range is between 0.25 to 0.28 grams bbs. These can be utilized in Airsoft replicas with lower FPS, such as spring-powered guns at close range, and those with higher FPS at further ranges. Unfortunately, these medium-range BBs tend to be less stable for long-range use compared to larger BBs.

Heavier bbs FPS

Heavier BBs are created for shooting from afar, and typically the bb weight is between 0.30 to 0.40 grams. Heavier bbs additionally possess the greatest range.

What situations call for them? They are frequently used with replica weapons with greater FPS, such as Airsoft sniper rifles and gas-powered airsoft guns. This is so that heavier BBs may be fired with additional pressure. With these guns, using heavier BBs will provide a flight that is more precise and steady.

Most airsoft guns can accommodate 0.20g. Do not forget that maintaining the FPS of your gun does not imply firing excessively. The less the BB weighs, the less it can travel.

Lighter BBs are less precise, though. Your rounds will start to become less accurate as you continue to fire. You might employ weights between 0.25g and 0.28g as you advance from being an amateur airsoft player to a more experienced skirmisher.

Upgrades to your firearm will probably be needed because of this somewhat increased weight. Despite being just a few extra grams, it makes a significant difference. Your gun will require some major performance improvements if you wish to make use of the heavier BBs. Because of the length of the barrel, this kind of BB works well with sniper rifles.

If you require further information regarding the airsoft BB size that your gun permits, check for marks on the airsoft gun magazine or in the user booklet that the manufacturer provides. Keep in mind that if a player is shot with a heavier BB, it will probably hurt more. As your weight increases, be aware of your trigger discipline.

How does airsoft ammo differ?

Weight, size, and color are the three fundamental factors that distinguish airsoft ammo. Also, the production procedure can vary between brands of airsoft ammo. The polishing procedure can affect the Airsoft BB quality.

If the polishing procedure of airsoft ammo is subpar, this will have an impact on how well they perform, causing the BB to be inherently flawed, such as the surface of the airsoft bb having rough features or having tiny, pointy plastic.

Material and manufacturability of airsoft bbs

The material that is utilized to create an airsoft BB determines its quality. When it concerns BB quality, there are many considerations to be made, but there are some aspects that are crucial to understanding.

Here, we’ll go through the fundamentals. Players of airsoft can choose between non-biodegradable bbs and biodegradable bbs, which both have a lot of popularity.

Non-biodegradable airsoft bbs

Usually constructed from a material known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), non-biodegradable airsoft BBs.

The least expensive, least environmentally friendly, least water soluble, and least dramatically degraded with time are ABS airsoft BBs. Because these non-biodegradable BBs remain in the ground where they land for a very long period, many outdoor airsoft venues do not let airsoft players use them.

ABS bbs, on the other hand, are appropriate for usage indoors, where they can be quickly gathered and cleared away, as well as in private yards with the landlord’s approval.

Biodegradable airsoft bbs

Typically, polylactic acid (PLA), is used to create biodegradable airsoft BBs. PLA airsoft BBs are more expensive than ABS BBs, although they are environmentally benign and degrade into the water and carbon dioxide in commercial recycling centers under the correct environmental circumstances.

Airsoft players are expected to use these kinds of biodegradable airsoft BBs on the majority of outdoor airsoft fields.

Biodegradable BBs can be composted. They do decompose quicker than non-biodegradable BBs.

Airsoft bbs manufacturing quality

Decent airsoft BBs contain an array of elements that are crucial to the performance of airsoft bb. These qualities include:

High-quality BBs should be spherical. To eliminate defects, the airsoft bb should have its surface polished. To avoid internal air pockets and ensure it does not have intrinsic faults, strict quality control is employed when producing airsoft BBs. High-quality BBs materials are required for consistency.

For player safety, the plastic material of the airsoft BB must be constructed to prevent shattering when airsoft BBs strike hard objects like wood, goggles, concrete, or a player’s mask.

Airsoft bb colors

They are in several colors. How noticeable a BB is in the air depends on its color. Although there are several drawbacks, this can considerably boost a player’s strategic advantage because opposition players are unable to pinpoint the location the shots are from. Most airsoft BBs are white. Once they’ve been shot and in midflight in the air, they are quite visible.

The drawback is that opponents can typically determine where the BBs are originating from and where the other airsoft player is hidden. Deeper and blacker airsoft BBs are more difficult to spot since they mix in with the environment more.

As Tracer BBs are fired, the luminous coating on them illuminates. While playing airsoft at night or in indoor CQB situations with little light, tracer BBs provide you with a distinct benefit. To utilize tracer BBs, mount a tracer device on your gun.

Implications of using low-grade bbs

Although a cheap investment, airsoft BBs are frequently the most ignored component in Airsoft. You have purchased an airsoft gun, a battery, and charger, and numerous pieces of protective gear, and you’re truly almost out of money. If you choose to purchase some low-cost, low-grade bb brands, you eventually come to regret your choice.

Keep in mind that purchasing cheap BBs could not only damage the gearbox components but also empty your pockets. Why then are they so inexpensive? These BBs are designed to be utilized in cheap Airsoft weapons, after all.

These are absolutely out of proportion in terms of weight, size, and shape, having previously verified the quality after purchase. If you use a subpar Airsoft BB, what will happen to your Airsoft replica? The Airsoft BB can get jammed or stuck in the barrel since they aren’t as spherical as they ought to be.

Furthermore, they are materially flawed and are likely to jam or shatter inside the barrel. You may discover that a handful of them have dents, and a few are even the incorrect size if you frequently check the quality of your products. They frequently attempt to cover up defects by properly cleaning the Airsoft BB.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to separate the best airsoft BBs from poor-grade airsoft BBs because the flaws are subtle and not immediately noticeable. Essentially, when we talk about low-grade BBs, they are frequently 0.12-gram BBs, which aren’t designed for the majority of people that play Airsoft.

Can airsoft bbs cause injury?

Naked flesh can be injured by plastic airsoft BBs. Airsoft guns shoot them out at incredibly high speeds, and they hurt when they hit you. The force per second and power of the airsoft gunshot determine how painful it is. An airsoft BB gunshot from a spring gun might have the sensation of being tapped by a finger.

AEGs and sniper rifles, which have more power, can feel like they are pinching you. Using safety gear, such as long sleeves and leggings, airsoft masks for your face and ears, and neck cover is the greatest approach to prevent injury from an airsoft BB. Furthermore, always use protective airsoft goggles when playing.

Do heavier BBs have a greater range?

The greater flight stability and course of heavier airsoft BBs do cause them to travel farther. The likelihood that a BB may be affected by the breeze, rainfall, and other external factors decreases with increased weight.

Can BBs be reused?

Airsoft BBs cannot be used again. The reliability of the BB is jeopardized when they are shot from your gun. In layman’s words, the BB begins to shatter internally. The inner portion of your gun may become damaged should you reuse them after they have been shot. In the end, you’re ruining your weapon’s internal dynamics.

What is the function of a hop-up?

If you have ever used an Airsoft gun without a hop-up, you are certainly aware of just how crucial it is. If your Airsoft replica doesn’t have an installed Hop-Up, what will happen to your BBs? The air is just pushing the BBs in a different direction.

As a result, as soon as they emerged, they would always begin to tip and then dip repeatedly before losing velocity and falling to the ground. Due to this, the curve develops a very sluggish initial dip before rapidly dropping when its energy is depleted. Thus, without Hop, BBs are severely lacking.

A Hop-Up gives a BB a backspin when it exits the barrel. The momentum produced by that backspin induces a spin against the pull of gravity.  The trajectory ultimately resembles a straight line.

You need a flat hop since your replica is over-hopping or the BBs coming out are flying all over the place. When BBs make excessive contact with the Hop and then launch out at various angles, this is known as over-hopping. They either take to the air and fly, or they simply fall to the ground.

Given the excessive contact between the Hop and the BBs, altering your Hop doesn’t make it right. If you attempt to lower your hop while your BB is flying upward, they simply fly off in all directions.

How is a flat hop made?

You can flatten your Hop on your own if you are technically inclined. Even if you aren’t, I believe you can succeed as well. The hop-up bucking is located at the inner barrel’s end. On top of it is put the hop-up mechanism. To detach the hop-up from the barrel, you must disassemble it. Turn it inside out after you’ve taken it off, so you can remove the line inside.

You should use the cover of a pen to turn it inside out. Once you’ve twisted it halfway, place it at the top of the pen lid and use a plier to work the rub around the fly. Put it back on the end of the barrel after cleaning it and taking it apart from the inside. To remove the line, slowly work a sharp knife up and down the blade.

After completing the straight line, flip it over and repeat the process with the firm tiny nub on the opposite side. The rubber needs to be applied to the barrel’s end at this point. The simplest approach to do that is to first obtain some lubricant and apply it over the barrel’s end.

Try to keep the lubricant out of the barrel.

Since it is now flat and the ideal alignment has been lost, be careful to apply it carefully so that it sits in the same position as it would normally. You require an additional nub for your flat hop-up.

The next step is to cut both lips close to the ball. The stainless steel pin needs to be obtained and inserted through the hole once it has been cut. As a result, you may utilize a pair of tweezers. You can then attach your hop-up unit to the barrel.


What size is a standard BB?

The size of every typical airsoft BB is 6mm. The reason for this is that most airsoft guns, such as sniper rifles and gas-powered airsoft guns, take 6mm airsoft BBs and also possess 6mm airsoft gun barrels. Search for 6mm airsoft BBs if you’re not sure what size your airsoft pistol shoots. Your airsoft bb weapon is most highly possibly a 6mm.

Read the guide and look for markings on your airsoft gun magazine in case you’re uncertain of the size of airsoft BBs it can support. Certain airsoft BBs, however, are also available in the larger 8mm airsoft BB size. The majority of airsoft guns, including revolvers and other close-range weaponry, employ these larger BBs.

The airsoft BB’s 8mm size produces higher air resistance around it as it moves through the air. This makes using larger BB sizes in longer-range airsoft guns more difficult. Usually, you can tell if your airsoft gun fires 8mm airsoft BBs.

Are Airsoft BBs different sizes?

Yes. An airsoft BB’s size is measured by either its weight in grams or its diameter in millimeters.  6mm and 8mm BBs are typical airsoft pellet sizes, and standard bb weight can span from 0.12-gram BBs up to 0.40-gram BBs.

Can you use 4.5 mm BB for airsoft?

NO. Simply purchase a reasonable gun to save yourself the trouble. This is because, regardless of velocity, BB guns aren’t intended for shooting at people; rather, they’re meant for plinking and critter hunting.

Do heavier airsoft BBs hurt more?

Certainly, the higher the bb weight, the more it hurts. They can more severely hurt their target since they possess more power due to their weight. To measure heavier BBs safely and prevent significant injury, Joule’s energy scale is used.


Now that you are aware of how most airsoft BBs are created, you can determine whether they are high-quality and flawless. You are aware of the variations in airsoft BB weights and sizes, and you know which to pick for your airsoft gun. Regarding airsoft guns, we also discussed firing speeds, such as RPM and RPS.

Knowing how quickly your airsoft gun fires and the number of airsoft BBs it discharges in bursts of one second and one minute will help you optimize it. You are aware of the distinctions between non-biodegradable and biodegradable airsoft BBs, as well as the plastics used to make them.

Finding your ideal airsoft BB and starting to play airsoft are the only remaining steps.

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