Axe vs Mini (Which One Is Better to Choose)

Getting across a comprehensive comparison is what you need before paintball guns purchase. Because there are a lot of these in the market today. A few leading ones are the axe and mini. But how to choose the better one between these!

So, which one do I choose between axe vs mini?

The weight of axe guns is more than that of mini guns. Moreover, the recoil is larger in the axe guns. However, the design of mini paintball guns is better than the axe ones. In addition, accessories for mini guns are very available. However, axe guns are cheaper than mini guns.

Here is an overview of the main part. Read along to unwrap the detailed comparison we got here coming up.

So, get started now!

Axe vs Mini: A Quick Comparison

A quick comparison can give you an ideal heads up on what you are heading to. So, here it is.

Shooting AbilityLarger RecoilAverage Recoil
AccessoriesLess AvailableAvailable
PriceAround $530Around $640

This is a quick comparison between axe and mini giving a brief of the main part.

Axe vs Mini: A Detailed Comparison

As you have come up through the table already, you have a basic idea. So, now, you may get started with the detailed comparison we got. Take a look.

Weight of The Guns

You know that the weight of paintball guns matters a lot. If the weight is not convenient for you, it wouldn’t feasible for you to use that. So, here you go with this comparison.

Axe Paintball Guns

The weight of the Axe paintball guns is around 2.4lbs. In other words, the weight of this gun is about 1.1kg. So, you can understand that these are not too light or too heavy.

As a result, you feel convenient lifting it up. If it were too light, it would have felt like a toy gun. But too many heavy guns would feel like a real gun and inconvenient.

So, the weight to bear to carry these guns is quite feasible. And do not forget that a bit of weight adds more balance while using these guns.

Mini Paintball Guns

On the other hand, the weight of the mini paintball guns is less than that of the axe. These guns weigh only about 2lbs. That is even less than 1kg in mass.

As a result of this lightweight, it kind of feels like a toy gun. You may not get the feeling of using paintball guns after playing for a while.

Remember that too much weight of a gun has a con that most people forget. That is, lightweight guns may have less control while shooting.

So, you may feel a bit less controlled when you use these light guns.

Winner: In terms of weight, the Axe paintball guns win. Because these guns have a more balanced weight than the other ones.

Shooting Ability

The shooting ability of a gun is something that you must look at before the purchase. Here you go.

Axe Paintball Guns

The shooting ability of axe paintball guns is something recommendable. These guns have got a large recoil amount. That means this can get more power while shooting.

And you get a very natural feel of using these guns while shooting. 

Do not forget that these paintball guns can go very fast with shots too. Like, these guns can maintain the average shooting speed of paintball guns.

That is, these can go as fast as 90 miles per hour. In fact, these can go even faster from time to time. So, you understand how fast these paintball guns can go!

Mini Paintball Guns

In contrast to the Axe paintball guns, Mini paintball guns have a smaller recoil. So, it is less power stored in these guns.

And in terms of speed, it is almost as fast as axe paintball guns. It can also go almost at an average shooting speed of paintball guns.

However, it mostly has a shooting speed of fewer than 90 miles per hour. But it still maintains a good speed on shots.

Winner: Now, if you look at the shooting ability of these guns, axe guns come first. Because these guns have a larger recoil. And the speed of these guns is more as well.


The design is the appearance of the gun that you would definitely look at.

Axe Paintball Guns

The series axe paintball guns don’t differ much in terms of appearance. Because the design of these weapons is simple.

When you choose these guns, you might only be able to expect a certain amount of colours. These paintball pistols are often available in black and brown.

Therefore, you shouldn’t anticipate any variation in the way it looks. In terms of the parts, the trigger has a switch and is a microswitch. And it has also got a clamping feed neck.

Mini Paintball Guns

Mini paintball guns, on the other hand, are unusual-looking. Like, you could anticipate variations in its appearance and hue.

You can choose a colour from black, red, or brown if you so like. In addition, hues like green, yellow, grey, and many others are available.

Do not forget that these guns do also have a microswitch trigger. And it also has got a clamping feed neck just like the axe paintball guns.

But what gives a competitive edge in terms of design is the rubber grip. That is the rubberized grip included in these mini paintball guns.

As a result, these grips look exceptional or kind of unique. And moreover, these give a good grip when you are holding the paintball gun.

Winner: When it comes to the design, the mini paintball guns come over axe paintball guns. Because these have a design that is more convenient for the users.


These guns are considered as a whole. But the whole is made up of accessories combined together. So, let’s have a look at their accessories.

Axe Paintball Guns

These guns have a lot of accessories. And the accessories can be easily replaced or modified whenever these are needed.

In fact, you can replace or modify the foregrips and the triggers too. And the accessories at the market are highly available.

So, if you are planning to do it so, you don’t have to be worried. 

Mini Paintball Guns

Just like axe paintball guns, mini paintball guns are also convenient with accessories. Like, you can easily modify, change or replace the accessories of these guns.

Because these accessories are readily available in the markets. And the fact is these accessories are way more available than any others. 

Like, you can get almost at any sports shop around you. And the accessories are also very reasonable to buy too.

Well, something you must know too is that these guns don’t have too many accessories. Like the axe paintball guns, these do not need that many accessories.

As a result, this can be a plus point for you.

Winner: In terms of accessories, mini paintball guns win! Because their accessories are even easier to find and they need less of that too.


So, lastly, you come to the pricing factor before you make the purchase. And here you go with the pricing comparison.

Axe Paintball Guns

The axe paintball guns are kind of reasonable in the market. If you want to buy one of these, you spend around $530.

So, you can understand these guns are comparatively cheaper and more reasonable in the market. These are generally because they have many accessories.

But this should have been even more costly in terms of accessories according to us. However, these come at a cheaper price to outstand the fact of replacing accessories.

Like, you would forget the fact of the inconvenience or difficulty of replacing the accessories.

Mini Paintball Guns

On the other hand, mini paintball guns are a bit more at prices. These are not that reasonable at prices like the axe paintball guns.

To buy a single paintball gun of this, you would spend about $640. Thus, you would need to reconsider it if you have a lower budget.

Winner: When it comes to pricing, axe paintball guns win! Because these are more reasonable at price than the mini paintball guns.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

If you are yet to make up your mind, this is what you need.

So, if your main concern is the weight and shooting ability, go with axe guns. In addition, you would get these guns at a more reasonable price. 

However, if you think the design and accessories matter, go for the mini paintball guns.

Finally, if you want to get these, here you go.

Hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can rain droplets disrupt the paintball guns?

There are a few paintball guns that might be affected by the rain droplets. However, the paintballs are mostly affected by the rain droplets. The balls would be slippery in the rain. And moreover, the balls may also be damaged if the rain is intense. Thus, it is better not to play this in the rain.

Are these paintball guns fast?

Yes, these paintball guns are actually faster than they are expected to be. They are much underrated as they are called paintball guns. However, these guns are not as fast as the real guns used by forces. The speed of these paintball guns is about 90 meters per second or 300 feet per second.

How long can I play with around 500 paintballs on Axe?

Well, you may be able to play for at least 3 hours with 500 paintballs. But do not forget that it can depend on your usage. Typically, it goes from at least 3 to 5 hours with 500 paintballs. If you do not have kids around, you can also use them for more time.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between axe vs mini! We believe you are now clear with the details and comparison of these two.

However, remember one thing all the time. There is always a competitive advantage for a particular product. So, to get that, you need to have a comparison between the products. 

Thus, ensure to evaluate before making the purchase!

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