Can a BB Gun Shoot Airsoft BBs (Detailed Guideline)

You want to spend a fun day with your buddies playing hunting games. Well, of course with your favorite BB gun. But you only have Airsoft BBs. Now, you might be wondering if you can really use these Airsoft BBs.

Well, of course, for safety purposes or any other, you’re not the first person to ask this question.

So, can a bb gun shoot airsoft bbs?

Yes, a BB gun can shoot airsoft bbs. But it’s not suggested to use BB guns with airsoft bbs. BB guns are much stronger than airsoft guns. If the plastic pellets are a similar size to BB gun magazines, you can shoot. But the accuracy will be severely faulty. And can also damage your BB gun over time. 

Still, have questions? Aha, to get more insight you have to read the article till the end!

I have answered all of your questions in my thorough article below. So, without further delay, let’s jump to the interesting part!

Is It Possible to Fire Airsoft BBs with a BB Gun?


Can a BB Gun Shoot Airsoft BBs

Yes, you may use plastic BBs in your air cannon if the dimensions are correct. But the issue of whether you should or not is a separate one. And it also depends on your air gun type.

Certain air guns are designed to fire plastic BBs, whereas others are designed to fire metal BBs. For a clear answer, you’ll need to follow the owner’s manual. It’s almost like a pellet gun shooting 22 bullets

I can’t provide any recommendations without knowing more about your exact air gun. Let’s talk about some familiar BB guns and find out.


These BB guns use compressed CO2 to shoot the bullets. Thus they are very powerful. Airsoft  BBs are not recommended since they might break apart and cause accidents when shot.


Let’s say, you own a rifle designed to fire metal BBs. In that case, you can still put an airsoft plastic BB into it. As long as the dimensions are the same, there’s nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, the plastic pellet might break apart. It will be propelled out from the barrel by the rifle anyway.


These BB guns are loaded with a spring mechanism. They are not powerful so you can try shooting airsoft BBs with them. They might not be the strongest but they are the cheapest.

Which Airsoft BBs Are Suitable for Use in BB guns?

The majority of plastic spheres used in ‘air-soft’ weapons have a diameter of 6 mm. They don’t have a BB diameter.BB gun BBs are commonly constructed of copper or zinc-coated steel and have a nominal diameter of 4.5 mm.

Plastic BBs aren’t easy to get by, but they do exist. Let’s understand in detail.

0.13 Gram Plastic BBs

Currently, some are composed of hard plastic that weighs roughly 0.13 grams. In certain air weapons, using a 0.13 grams bullet instead of a larger projectile may cause durability issues.

0.33 Gram Steel BBs

Most BB gun pellets are lead and have a diameter of 4.5, 5.0, or 5.5 mm. Steel BBs are typically 0.33 grams in weight. It may be dangerous when an airsoft gun is fired repeatedly without a projectile.

For your convenience, I have shortlisted the best airsoft BBs to try in BBguns.

These plastic pellets are known to be much more durable and long-lasting than other BBs. Try them out in your BB gun.

Is Using Airsoft BBs in a BB Gun Safe?

No. it is not. Especially the high-powered CO2 types. As it can cause harm to the shooter and also the gun itself.

BB guns are more precise than airsoft guns in terms of accuracy. This is owing to the projectile’s larger weight. In comparison to BB guns, airsoft is the preferred choice for gun aficionados. This is because of the huge assortment of imitation weaponry available.

The possible risks are as follows,

  • It’s very likely that the pressure may cause the BB to break before it ever exits the barrel. This may scrape the barrel, resulting in a shot that is both inaccurate and inefficient.
  • If the BB exits the barrel intact, it’s possible that it’s moving too rapidly to maintain a continuous and direct flight path. As a consequence, the shot is quite imprecise.
  • Steel BBs will produce significant rifling wear. It will eventually approach the point when the lead pellets will no longer be fired precisely.
  • Imprecise shots mean the shooter doesn’t have control over where the pellets gonna land. It can hit someone standing nearby. Sensitive organs like eyes can be blinded if hit.

I have handpicked the Safest to use BB guns and airsoft guns for you. Check them out!

These guns have a lower shooting power than other BB guns. This will keep the plastic pellets from breaking and scattering all over.

Furthermore, if the BB collides with a heavy surface, it may fracture, scattering pieces. All of them are often unfavorable outcomes. To determine the right bullet type for your air gun, consult the handbook, manufacturer’s website, or similar resources.

To be safe, it’s always recommended not to use airsoft BBs in BBguns. If you really want to, go for the low-powered BB guns.

Which of the BB Guns Should You Get?

The gun you’re shooting is always more important than the bullet. Always read and follow the instructions in the manual as well as the manufacturer’s suggestions.

The best BB guns in the market are listed below. These guns are low-powered and ideal for shooting plastic pellets. Have a look and take your pick!

It’s always better to use good quality products even if they cost more. It lasts longer and gives a better experience.

BB guns: Do’s and Don’ts

Different guns are made with keeping different things in mind. For example, paintball guns can’t shoot anything other than paintballs. We found the same thing when comparing Tippmann model 98 and 98 customs. They use 68 caliber paintballs only.

Using it differently can cause severe accidents. Let’s see what you should do and what you shouldn’t with your Bb gun.

  • Plastic BBs used in airsoft are bigger in diameter and will not fit in a rifle intended to shoot metal pellets or steel BBs. Steel BBs or iron pellets are substantially smaller than the barrels used in airsoft guns.
  • Steel BBs are particularly intended for certain Co2 firearms. These feature a barrel with a smooth bore. Some pellet guns can also fire metal BBs. Since these guns have a rifled barrel, I don’t suggest shooting steel BBs in them.
  • Another reason to avoid using metallic BBs in your airsoft is that most metal BBs are heavier than plastic BBs, limiting your range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between airsoft and BB guns?

Answer: The most significant difference is that airsoft guns fire plastic pellets with a diameter of 6mm or 8mm and a weight of.12g to.42g.  Steel bullets are often fired from BB guns. Metal BBs typically have a diameter of .177 caliber.

Question: Can Metal BBs Be Used In Airsoft Guns?

Answer: Metal BBs may potentially be seen in airsoft guns, but you really should not do this. Because airsoft weapons are only designed to withstand regular plastic BBs. The metal BBs might badly damage the gun’s internal parts.

Question: Could a person get fatally injured with a BB gun?

Answer: Metal BBs may quickly kill a person if they land in a vulnerable area. BB guns can shoot at a rate of 550 feet per second, whereas bone may be fractured at 200 feet per second.


Now you have the answer to can a bb gun shoot airsoft bbs. Before I end my article I’d suggest you never use plastic bullets in BB guns even if it’s possible.

Feel free to consult a professional if you still have questions.

Best of luck!

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