Can a Pellet Gun Shoot 22 Bullets? (Everything You Need to Know)

If you know guns, you must have heard about pellet guns. These rifles are very powerful and soundless making them a cult favorite.

Besides, pellet guns are way cheaper than their counterparts. That’s why it’s obvious if you would like to modify it into something heavier. That too in .22 instead of buying it.

So, Can a pellet gun shoot 22 bullets?

Yes, they can. This particular transaction requires some handiness. Also, you’ll be needing some parts of the gun and a few tools. Now you need to modify the breach barrel for the bullets. Then, modify the air hole to make it suitable for the bullets. Lastly, redefine the gas piston for a stronger blow.

As for now, if the summary doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry. I’ve detailed information about this issue. Read along for more.

Why Turn a Pellet Gun to .22lr?

Well, as I’ve stated before pallet guns are cheaper. Along with that, they’re easier to carry as they’re light-weighted yet very powerful. 

Pellet guns are also very versatile and can shoot any bullet outside their type. That is why they’re a great selection for shooting .22lr from. 

.22lr is considered a stronger bullet breed. With proper modifications, pellet guns can shoot pretty strong bullets.

Turning Pellet Gun into.22lr Bullets Safely- 3 Steps


Can a Pellet Gun Shoot 22 Bullets

.22lr shooting guns could be quite expensive. That is why here’s a 3 step routine to build up your own pellet for .22lr:

Tools and Parts Required

As mentioned earlier this task requires a little bit of handyman shop. But another thing you will be needing is some parts and tools. And on that note, some tools to get this job done smoothly are given below:


One of the most important tools. Will be required multiple times in the process.

Here are some of the best brands for it according to me:

Hope it works for you too.

Gun barrel

You need to change it because of .22lr’s different size chart than that of pellet.

Here are some of my best recommendations:

Might look expensive but actually quite cheap compared to others.

Gas piston

The new one is to use more force while shooting .22lr. Though it’s optional it’s still very effective.

Here is my recommendation:

Feel free to choose anyone from these. Trust me you won’t regret it! 

Now, to the steps that are to be followed.

Step 1: Modifying Breach of Barrel

Firstly, All you have to do is modify the breach of its barrel so that .22LR fits in there. With the right barrel seal, you don’t have to worry about nerf stampede ecs halting issues again.

For that, you have to first remove the barrel seal starting by, Snaping the barrel open. After that, you take a pin, pinch out the barrel seal now, slowly pull out the barrel seal.

Now, to get a new one, do it all in reverse. So, now, take a .22lr barrel seal. And then, push it in the pellet gun barrel slowly. Now, press hard to confirm firmness

Here’s how you remove and change a barrel seal and breach the barrel. Pretty easy but tricky. 

Step 2: Modifying Air Hole

Next, you modify the air hole of the stress chamber. That for it to fit a simple firing plug. Every gun has a different firing plug.  

In pellet, it’s a bit dull than .22lr guns. So, to accommodate the bullets you need to modify the stress chamber into a stronger pace. 

Step 3: Modifying Gas Piston

You may also change the gas piston a little. As we know, there’s a difference between pistons.

So, it wouldn’t come forward with a substantial blow that will mess up your gun’s precision but only moves a centimeter.

You may want to file or cut a track to the compartment to gouge out the cartridges with a screwdriver.

Reasons Why It’s Not Safe to Turn Pellet Gun into .22lr

The optimal word here is “safely.” The answer is NO. While it is “doable” to jury-rig an air rifle to fire gunpowder rounds. But,  there are too many variables that can go wrong. 

Results could be anything from losing your eyesight to losing a finger to losing your life. So, be careful before using them as pellet guns can be lethal.

I understand if most of it sounds exhausting. But it’s important to follow them through for your own good. Therefore, practice gun safety to avoid gun violence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is better in between pellet guns and air guns?

Answer: Most definitely pellet guns. It is because pellet guns are stronger and hence used for hunting purposes. On the other hand, air guns are mostly for alerting situations. 


Question: Are airguns considered lethal?

Answer: Kinda Yes. While ancient air weapons were designed for combat, modern air guns can also be deadly. Modern air weapons have been identified as a cause of death in the medical literature. 

Question: Are pellet guns deemed safe?

Answer: No, they are not. High-powered pellet and BB weapons can potentially hurt or kill a youngster. They should only be used with adult supervision. Only children aged 16 and up should use BB guns, according to the CPSC.


Looks like you made it to the end! Hope your queries on can a pellet gun shoots 22 bullets are solved.

If not, then don’t worry! Guns come with their different glories. Try it out with some other type. Make sure to be safe and sound in between.

Until next time. Adios!

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