Cutting Brass with Dremel (4 Easy Steps)

Look at your monthly budget and think about cutting brass with Dremel on your own. You’re wondering, is that even possible? Yes, you can perfectly do that on your own.

So, what do you need to remember while cutting brass with Dremel?

Rotary tools, attachment tape, marker, and wrench are needed while cutting brass with Dremel. Need a pleasing workplace. Ensure the cutting area to avoid mistakes. While cutting the brass, set the blade perfectly. The cutting portion should be smoothened accurately.

This does not set things straight. Continue reading to learn more about it.
Essentials You Need for Cutting Brass With Dremel
You might wonder if you actually can cut brass with Dremel? It’s like asking if the dart zone is compatible with nerf. So, obviously, the answer is yes, you can cut brass with Dremel.

We’ll suggest easy methods to accomplish this task. But, first, you need a few essentials for cutting brass with Dremel.

  • A rotary tool
  • Attachment Tape
  • Marker or pencil
  • Wrench

These mentioned tools are required for cutting brass with Dremel. But you also need to know about safety methods to avoid any danger.

Required Safety

Conduct a security assessment before using the rotary tool for the first time. This is a list of some of the safety equipment.

Hand Pads

This prevents your hands from the significant force generated by too much temperature. It happens on the brass being operated on.

Grab any of the following hand pads and you’ll be good to go.

Glasses with UV protection

This enables high insight while working while shielding your vision from flying flames. Some might get confused while choosing the protective glass.

Veil for the Face

They shield you from the brass debris that flies about.

Noise-canceling headphones

When the rotary tools are in operation, this provides additional safe sound.

Footwear with Brass Toes

These boots protect your lower legs from falling debris that may burn or damage them. If you don’t have them, covered shoes will suffice.
The following products will assist you to do the task safely to avoid any danger.

How to Cut Brass With Dremel?

Cutting Brass with Dremel. A Dremel is a rotating blade used for grinding, buffing, polishing, slicing, cement removal, etc. Here are some easy steps for cutting brass with Dremel.

A Dremel is a rotating blade used for grinding, buffing, polishing, slicing, cement removal, etc. Here are some easy steps for cutting brass with Dremel.

1. Get the Toolbox and Workstation Ready

Cutting brass may be a complicated process. This is due to the flames that whirl about and the chemicals released during trimming.

It is better to let clean air into work in a well-aerated space. Because you’ll need to attach the metal sheet. Having a workstation and clamp is a must.

Use the wrench that comes with the rotary tool to prepare the equipment. It’ll be better if you buy it individually.

With the wrench, detach the drill blade. Determines the thickness of the brass and the level of accuracy you want. Insert the cutoff disc of your choice.

2. Identifying the Cutting Area

You may select the area where you wish to cut using your marker. It will ensure you stay inside the lines and not damage the materials.

Dremel rotary tools are perfect for tiny cuts and incisions. Whether you’re making a bent cut, marking is crucial.

To indicate the place to be cut, use medium sticky tape stripes instead of a marker. It’s all a question of personal taste.

3. Cutting the Brass

Set the blade so that the cutting blade is parallel to the brass. To keep the Dremel stable over the designated region, grip it in both hands.

After that, set the rotary tool to a moderate to high velocity. It needs to provide the energy you need to cut out or through the brass. So, you better choose the best rotary tools there are on the market.

Drill into the brass with a rugged yet gentle push. It will help if you remember not to cut through the initial cut.

Travel down the line of the designated region. Go over the area again till you reach the appropriate level.

If you want to make a more precise cut, you might use an adapter. Keep an eye out for flying flames that might land on you or other persons.

That’s why you need to be prepared with all your safety gear. Avoid touching the wounded area right after since it may be scorching and sharp.

4. Finishing and Smoothing the Cut Portion

Install a sanding bit and use it to smooth out and level out the area you’ve cut. To prevent harming the surface of the brass, apply less pressure while doing this.

After polishing, sand the border for an even more refined finish.

For cutting the brass, Dremel 8220 would be best. Here, we’ve mentioned why should you rely on Dremel 8220.

Impressive Performance

The 8220 is one of the most potent rotary tools in its class. It has a powerful motor that gives exceptional performance for tough chores.


The gadget has a minor, lightweight feature that makes it very accessible. It’s also wireless, which means you won’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet.


All Dremel parts and adapters are accessible with the 8220. So, it makes it one of the most considered flexible tools available in the market now. It may be used for multiple jobs, including cleaning, sanding, polishing, cutting, and shaping, to name a few.

Extended runtime

The 8220 rotary tools should have better longer endurance. Thanks to the increased capacity of the 12V battery.


It comes with a handy carrying bag for storing the tool and any other accessories or attachments.

These recommended factors will be applicable if you purchase any other models. For your ease here are some alternative models.
You can pick any of these instead of Dremel 8220 and perfectly do the job. So feel free to pick out your preferred one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What blade do you use to cut brass?

Answer: Utilize a carbide-tipped rough cutoff disc for metal alloys such as brass. This outlasts curved blades by up to ten times. The blade’s shape and pattern will also rely on the brass’s density.

Question: Can a Dremel 200 cut brass?

Answer: The Dremel 200-series Rotary Tool is the best way to begin. The system is compatible with all extensions and adapters. The operator may start work with Dremel right away for smoothing, brass cutting, and polishing.

Question: Can you file brass?

Answer: It is hard to polish because brass is gentler than metal yet robust. This necessitates the use of solid and durable teeth. Make this cut to avoid grooving and sliding the file off the surface.

Bottom Line

For cutting the brass with dremel, you may use a variety of models. There’s nothing wrong with cutting brass with a Dremel if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Do not hurry into gathering information from a variety of sources. Instead, take your time and try different materials.

Best wishes!

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