Cz P09 Problems (4 Common Problems + Solutions)

If you are planning to own a professional pistol, you would have to practice first. There are several pistols in the market currently. And one of them is cz p09 pistol. However, despite its quality, it also observes problems at times.

What are the CZ p09 problems?

There are 3 common probable problems that you can experience with CZ p09. The first one is the ejection issue. You may experience difficulties firing properly. Secondly, you might face difficulty in feeding the pistol. Finally, extracting issues are also experienced at times. 

You have got a perfect heads up so far. But you need to keep reading to know more about the concern.

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4 Common Cz P09 Problems and Solutions


CZ p09 problems

The probable problems of CZ p09 are pretty common just like kwa atp. However, you must still have an idea about a specific problem.

Any ultrafast pistol has the potential to malfunction. Because handguns are commonly used for self-defense. You must practice reacting swiftly in the event of a malfunction.

Here are three of the most prevalent problems, as well as how you can resolve them successfully. So, take a look here to know in detail.

Problem 1: Having Difficulties to Eject

When a fired cartridge isn’t fully released, a stovepipe blockage results. Inability to release is the more technical term for it. The slide advances, trapping it.


Keep a powerful hold with your shooting hand’s trigger finger pressing against the barrel. Push the slide over the stuck casing with your other hand.

To clear the case, swipe that hand back. Then circulate the slide to put a new round into the chamber.

Always keep the gun pointing in a safe direction while performing these.

Also, remember to follow the other gun safety regulations. Underpowered ammo is usually the blame.

After that, give the pistol a good clean. You must know the proper steps to clean a handgun. If you are anyway willing to use a gun-friendly cleaner, just go for it.

Now, getting confused about a cleaner for this might be confusing. But don’t worry! Here are a couple of ideas.

Hope this helps!

Problem 2: Taking Time to Eject

You may come up with this problem sometimes. Taking time for the bullet to eject could be a big problem at times. You know a bullet is ejected immediately.

But this problem could occur due to a few specific reasons. First, it may occur if you put your atp under something heavy.

In addition, this problem may also occur if your atp is in the sun for a long time. This can make the gun point narrower. And this is why it occurs.


To resolve this, you actually need to consult an expert. It is better off not trying to fix it yourself. Because you may even deteriorate it.

Problem 3: Failure to Feed

If a round does not completely seat inside a chamber, it is referred to as failure to feed.

Semi-automatic rifles might have feeding difficulties for a variety of reasons. Defective magazines and worn-out magazine springs are the primary culprits.

A factor is the accumulation of dust or filth in or around the chamber. Damaged or faulty cartridges, as well as incorrectly mounted magazines, can all play a part.

You might face this problem as well while shooting 22 bullets with a pellet gun


If you encounter this problem, remove the magazine from the rifle to fix it. After that, completely drain the chamber.

You’ll probably need to clean your pistol before you use it again. You can, however, reload and try again.

Check to see whether the problem persists after you’ve cleaned and lubricated your pistol. And if you see it still exists, you know it’s not the same thing.

You’ll need to contact a skilled mechanic to troubleshoot this. You should not take any actions that you are unsure about.

You might be wondering about the lubricant for your pistol. But no worries. We got it. Get an idea here.

Hope this helps!

Problem 4: Difficulty to Extract

This issue is typically caused by a user error. The firearm has a hard time removing the spent cartridge from the chamber.

Then there was the double feeding of a second bullet into the magazine. This is a significant problem that might swiftly escalate into a potentially deadly situation.


First and foremost, remove the magazine from the firearm. You can then clear it by directing the pistol to a safe location.

Make sure you rack the slide at least two or three times. This would help clean the chamber completely. Using a flashlight, thoroughly inspect the chamber and magazine.

You don’t have to be worried if you want to buy a flashlight. Because you can get a couple of suggestions here.

Hope this helps!

This would make it easier to make sure the pistol is empty. After that, you can reload and try once more.

So, these are the common problems of CZ p09. And you can resolve them successfully following our instructions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can my pistol get jammed at times?

Answer: Yes, it is a common issue of pistols getting jammed. These can happen due to a couple of common reasons. But the primary reason is the lack of cleaning your pistol. Your pistol gets dust and debris with time while you use it. Even if you don’t use it, it still gets dust in it. Thus, your pistol gets jammed.

Question: Do I need anything special to buy a pistol?

Answer: Yes, you definitely need to go through a few formalities before you own a pistol. The first thing you would need is a license to have a pistol. You might need to show several things to have a license. Other than this, you may need a few other formalities too. Once you have all these approved, you may own one.

Question: Is CZ p09 pistol reliable to use?

Answer: Yes, CZ p09 pistol is really reliable to use. You would get features like trigger and drop safety. The aim is quite precise with friendly enabled operations. In fact, the price of a CZ p09 pistol is worth it looking at all the features it has got. So, a CZ p09 pistol is definitely reliable.

The Final Words

Now you know all about the CZ p09 problems! And more importantly, you now know about the respective solutions too.

We hope it was worth it to go through the information and instructions. For any more queries, seek help from experts. But don’t ignore any unusual symptoms.

All the best!

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