Do Dart Zone Darts Work with Nerf? (Explained)

Most of us are grown up seeing nerf blasters and we are attached to them. But plenty of relatively better blaster brands came into the market. And now dart blaster enthusiasts are stuck with compatibility issues of various darts.

So, do dart zone darts work with nerf?

Simply put, yes you can use most of the foam darts with nerf blasters. However, darts with smaller diameter tips will annoy you. Because these kinds only go with clip system blasters and take only streamlined darts. So, dart zone darts are harder to put in a clip-fed nerf blaster.

So, it’s important to know which Nerf blasters are compatible with which Dart Zone darts. And that is what I am going to tell you. Keep reading.

Dart Zone Darts


Do Dart Zone Darts Work with Nerf

Dart Zone is new in the game of foam projectile firing toys. This brand is owned by Prime Time Toys and began in 2010. Dart Zone has no other types of ammunition except for dart blasters.

At the time of release Dart Zone was using Micro Darts created by nerfing. It was then replaced with super darts in 2014. Which would later be replaced with the Sureshot Dart series in 2018.

So, now the main dart type of Dart Zone is SureShot Dart. And they are compatible with nerf blasters that fire Elite darts. Let me brief you about Sureshot Darts.

Darts Zone Sureshot Darts

You may also know this dart by other names as well. But don’t get confused. Super Dart was rebranded under the Adventure Force line as the waffle tip dart.

This Dart Zone variant’s original name was Sure Shot super dart. Super dart part of its name was dropped and now it’s just a sureshot dart.

This dart Zone variant is also called waffled tip. That is because it does not use a streamlined head, unlike its predecessor supershot. It uses a waffled dart head which allows it to safely compress while striking a target.

And the exciting part is about Sureshot darts compatibility with nerf dart blasters. Nerf blasters that fire elite darts can also fire dart zone Sureshot darts.

Which means that we just need to know which nerf blasters fire Elite Darts, right? Well, it’s a little bit more complex than that. Let’s see how.

Nerf Blasters Using Elite Darts

Elite darts were released with the nerf blasters N-Strike Elite blasters series back in 2012. They also go with the N-Strike series and N-Strike Modulus Series blasters.

It’s worth mentioning that nerf dart blasters do not fire only Elite darts. Along with the elite darts they are also compatible with streamlined darts and Micro darts. So it’s not like any nerf blaster that fires Elite dart can also fire Dart Zone Sureshot darts.

This is because most nerf blasters using Elite Darts are clip-system blasters as well. And Dart Zone darts do not go with clip system blasters.

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So we need to know which nerf blasters use elite darts but are not clip-fed.

Now let us first check out the table of a few nerf blasters that use elite darts. And do not use a clip-fed system.

And this list goes on. Obviously, nerf is an old and experienced brand, fine-tuned over the years.

Along with achieving trust, they have maximized their firing distance and their accuracy. And their darts come in different nerf calibers.

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Now let us head towards clip-fed nerf blasters that use elite darts.

Clip-Fed Nerf Blasters Using Elite Darts

clip-fed blasters are nerfing blasters that allow for automatic reload. Clip-fed blasters are compatible with Elite Darts, Streamlined Darts, and Elite Suction Darts as well. The use of any other dart type will jam the blaster.

Check out a few of the nerf blasters that use Elite darts with clip-fed systems.

The list of clip-fed nerfs blasters also goes on. So, you have plenty to choose from. And they also provide you with a variety of products.

So, it may become hard to recognize which is a clip-fed blaster. Let me tell you a tip.

When avoiding clip-fed blasters, look carefully at the blaster’s name on the packaging. If it says something like “CS or ECS”, it may be a clip-system blaster.

However, remember that most newer blasters do not use the CS number code in their name. Even if they operate with a clip system.

ECS stands for Electronic clip-system. Remember, If you are using an ECS blaster, its ECS stampede might cause you trouble. And then you might wonder why nerf ECS stampede is not working?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are nerf darts universal?

Yes, nerf darts will go with most of the nerf blasters. The exception is clip-fed nerf blasters. Because clip-fed blasters only use streamlined darts. So avoid using it with nerf blasters as they will jam the clip and ruin the darts.

Why are nerf darts so inaccurate?

Hasbro designs nerf blasters for kids. They don’t tend to design them as actual sporting weapons. They are meant to be low-danger toys. This is why their designs revolve around cheap materials, weak mechanisms, and loose tolerances.

What is the most accurate nerf dart?

Nerf darts that come with nerf accustrike series are said to be the most accurate ones. They are known as accustrike darts. While designing this series, nerf engineers focused on increased accuracy and stability.


So, do dart zone darts work with nerf? I think it should be clear by now. They do work with nerf blasters that fire Elite darts.

But as clip-fed nerf blasters also fire elite darts along with streamlined darts. So you need to look out for clip-fed that uses elite darts. Because they surely won’t go with your Dart Zone darts.

Hope you enjoy and win the game.

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