Dye DSR vs M2: Which is Better?

Looking for a paintball gun that suits your style and requirements? You could be confused between 2 of the very best paintball guns. The DSR or the M2. 

You could be a professional paintball player. Or you could also be an amateur looking for his first paintball gun. 

No matter who you are, we’re here to clear out your confusion.

So, which is better in Dye DSR vs M2?

The answer is, it depends on your choice. Both the guns have decent features. But there are some distinctive features that make them different. These are the velocity adjustment, number of barrel backs, weight, and the operating system. Additionally, the battery and the fire mode are also distinct. 

We’ve elaborated on these features in detail throughout this entire article. So stick with us till the end to find what you’re looking for. 

Let’s begin.



Quick Comparison 

Both the DSR and M2 are engineered with precision. The intent behind this was to give the users the best shooting experience. 

Hence, it is difficult to differentiate between the 2. But the devil is in the details. There are some minor factors that could make all the difference. 

Let’s have a look at the differences at a glance. 

Velocity AdjustmentHyper 6Hyper 5
Barrel Back1 Barrel2 Barrels
Operating SystemMethod OSMethod OSair
Battery ReplaceableRechargeable
Fire Mode45
PriceCheaperMore Expensive

This should give you an idea about the differences between the guns

Dye DSR vs M2: In-Depth Analysis

By now you have the basic idea about the 2 guns. Now you can move on to a more elaborate analysis of the two. 

Let’s begin.

Velocity Adjustment

When it comes to velocity adjustment the DSR edges ahead. 

Velocity adjustment is basically the control of gas pressure inside the gun. The velocity is adjustable by turning the regulator screw. You can turn the screw with a 3/16’’ Allen wrench.

Turning the screw counterclockwise reduces the pressure. Which makes the shooting FPS slower. On the other hand, turning it clockwise increases the pressure. Which gives more FPS. 


The DSR’s velocity adjustment is controlled by the Hyper 6 regulator.

At stock settings, the gas pressure is 115 psi. Which enables the gun to shoot at around 285 FPS velocity. You can of course increase or decrease the velocity by adjusting the regulator.


The M2’s velocity adjustment is controlled by the Hyper 5 regulator. 

At stock setting, the gas pressure is 140 psi. In this stock setting the gun shoots at 285 FPS. 

The difference is the DSR requires lower pressure to reach the 285 FPS velocity. Which makes the DSR better when it comes to shooting velocity. 

Winner: DSR   

Barrel Back

When it comes to the barrel backs the M2 edges ahead. 

Barrel backs are very important for a paintball gun. Different barrel backs give different ranges for shooting. Besides, different barrel backs have different stability in them. 


The Dye DSR barrel kit comes with DSR packaging that has a 14” UL Barrel tip. It also contains a .688” UL Barrel back. 

These are the only things available with the barrel kit. 


However, the M2 comes with an extra Dye M2 barrel back. 

The barrel kit contains a 14” UL Barrel tip. Along with that comes 2 different barrel backs. The .684” UL Barrel back and the .688” UL Barrel back.

This gives the M2 the option to switch between the barrels according to the need. It’s always better to have the option to switch up the barrel. 

Well, you always have the option to buy barrel backs separately. The sad part is- it is going to cost you money.

Here are some of the best barrel backs that we recommend. You can try these out in case you’re unsatisfied with your current barrel.

These are the best ones available in the market. You’ll certainly have a good experience with these. 

Winner: M2 


When it comes to weight difference the DSR is surely ahead. 

Weight plays a vital role when it comes to recreational or competitive paintball. For paintball guns, it’s the lighter the better. 

Lighter guns give better mobility and handling. This factor could make all the difference in competitive paintball matches. 


DSR is very lightweight. This is one of its prime features. 

The DSR only weighs about 1 pound 13 ounces. This lightweight feature gives shooters an advantage over heavyweight gun users. 

Professionals always prefer to use lightweight guns. 

Winner: DSR


However, the M2 is heavier than the DSR. 

Nevertheless, M2 is still considered a lightweight paintball gun. It weighs around 1 pound 9 ounces. This weight is still considered in the lightweight category. 

But despite being a lightweight gun, it’s heavier than the DSR. As a result, the edge goes to the DSR.

Winner: DSR

Operating System

The operating system is far more advanced in M2’s MOSair. 

The difference between the OS and the interface is quite staggering. Here the MOS and the MOSair are in distance. From each other, they are far away in terms of operating systems. 


DSR uses the Method Operating System (MOS).

Method Operating Systems (MOS) interface is not that compatible. It has a very high contrast OLED screen. Its display has less color in it. 

The display is a mostly black background with white icons and writings. 


M2 uses the MOSAir. 

It has a unique interface and a much more advanced operating system. 

The display size is 1inch. The display is high resolution and full-color OLED display. This makes the display look much more advanced than the DSR.

Winner: M2


When it comes to battery, the M2 comes on top. 

Because when it comes to rechargeable vs replaceable, a rechargeable battery is deemed better. 


The DSR uses a 9volt replaceable battery. 

When the battery drops down to 30% the led panel flashes blue light. This means the battery health is weak and needs replacing. 

When the LED shows blue it is recommended to replace the battery as soon as possible. Or else some functions would work improperly. 


The M2 comes with a 9v rechargeable battery.

A Micro USB wire comes with the packaging. This micro USB cable is used for recharging the battery when it’s low. 

When the battery drops down to 30% the low battery icon pops up. You should recharge your battery as soon as possible when this happens. 

Winner: M2

Fire Mode

When it comes to fire modes the M2 is simply ahead. 

Because the M2 offers an additional fire mode. 


DSR comes in 4 fire modes. 

The firing modes of DSR are 

  • Semi-Auto: where one trigger pull means one shot. 
  •  NXL Ramp/ Millennium: Tracttable for Millennium series rules.
  • Burst: Tractable for PSP series rules.
  • Full Auto: Continuous fire with the trigger pressed after 3rd trigger pulls.


The M2 comes with 5 fire modes. 

The M2 can enable all the fire modes that the DSR can. However, it can also enable an additional fire mode. Which is the outlaw mode.

The outlaw mode enables you to customize the pulls to start, burst of ramp, and the PPS. 

Winner: M2


When it comes to the price it’s both are in a similar price range. But the DSR is a little cheaper than the M2. 


You’ll get your hands on a DSR for a little cheaper price range. Compared to the M2. 

A Dye DSR price is somewhere between $999.95 to $1099.95 approximately. 


You’ll find M2s in a similar price range to the DSR too. But there are some versions that cost a little more. 

A Dye M2’s price can start from  $999.95  and go up to $1499.95 approximately. 

Winner: DSR

Final Verdict

Well, you see both the guns are better than the other in different aspects. That’s why it is difficult to announce a clear winner. 

The ultimate decision depends on what you prefer as a user. 

If you’re looking for a better velocity adjustment gun the DSR is the one to go. Besides, the DSR will also give you a lighter feel. 

But if you’re looking for an extra barrel back option you can opt for the M2. Besides, the M2 has a superior operating system. Additionally, the M2 has a rechargeable battery. And lastly, it also has an additional fire mode. 

But finally, when all things are considered, the DSR is the cheaper alternative.


Here are some of the common questions people ask.

Does Dye M2 have trigger sensitivity?

Yes, the Dye M2 has trigger sensitivity. The time required to release the trigger before pulling the next trigger is the trigger sensitivity. The trigger sensitivity ranges from 1 to 20. The factory preset value of the trigger sensitivity is 3. This is the recommended value for trigger sensitivity.

Does the Dye DSR have training modes?

Yes, the Dye DSR has training modes. It has 2 training modes. The training modes are the Breakout Drill and the Snapshot Drill. These modes are programmed to improve your shooting skills.

You’ll find the training mode menu in the profile section. These training modes will help you hone your skills.

What is Dwell in Dye M2?

Dwell is the duration between each shot’s solenoid activation, measured in milliseconds. M2 has an adjustable Dwell range of 1-30. The factory preset value is 15. It must not be too high or too low. High Dwell decreases the air efficiency. And low dwell doesn’t allow the gun to cycle properly.  



By now, I think you get a clear idea about Dye DSR vs M2.

A bonus tip for you is to consider a good trigger as an accessory to your gun. 

That’ll be all from our side. Hope we catch you another time.

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