Dye Rotor vs Halo Too (Which One To Choose)

Stuck at shooting in the middle of paintball gameplay? And, wondering if you should go buy a new one? But lack of knowledge might end you up buying the same!

Worry not, we have your answers! In this article, you will get to see everything!

So, what are the differences between Dye Rotor vs Halo Too?



In terms of ball feeding, DYE Rotor wins over Halo Too by providing 10-12 balls more. Water tests or regular usages indicate DYE Rotor as the more durable hopper. Meanwhile, Halo Too comes cheaper at $70-$80 while DYE demands $170-$200. Also, DYE Rotor delivers more specialized features than Halos. 

From the glimpse of these two above, DYE Rotor might seem the best suited for your paintball gaming. But is it really the best one indeed?

Let’s unravel their details with us.

Dye Rotor vs Halo Too: A Quick Glimpse

Things you might come across in a paintball game are equally crucial. Meanwhile, paintball hoppers play a big role in keeping your gaming pace and efficiency. 

We are going to dive deeper into this! But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the comparing factors.

Compared AspectsDye RotorHalo Too
Ball Feeding Rate30+ balls per secondNearly 20 balls per second
Ball Capacity200 to 260 paintballsAlmost 180 paintballs
Pricing Range$100 to $250$80 to $100
DurabilityMore DurableLess Durable


Picked up any of these? Worry not, here are our in-depth comparisons below to make things relevant!

Now, we bet you are curious to know more! 

Dye Rotor vs Halo Too: Detailed Comparison

Enough of discussing the tip of the iceberg! It’s time to look closer at these!

Feeding Rate And Ball Capacity

The feeding rate basically measures the speed of getting balls into guns from the hopper.

More specifically, balls come the way to the paintball hopper’s firing chamber. 

And, it is counted in balls per second or bps. Meanwhile, different hoppers bring out a variety of bps in action. The higher the loading mechanism a hopper contains, the more the feed rate it will produce. 

Interestingly, most basic hoppers provide not more than eight balls per second. This info is enough to indicate how accurate and efficient both hoppers are! 

In terms of perfection and better accuracy, picking up the DYE Rotor is the ideal decision. Relevantly, can you guess how hoppers become the core part of a paintball gun now? 

No matter how many better guns you have, a lack of feeding balls won’t be fun! As paintballs are stored inside the hoppers, only these can keep your ball coming.

DYE Rotor is able to feed the gun more than 32 balls per second. 

In the meantime, you will see not more than 20 balls are supplied by Halo Too. Now, it’s an easy guess which hopper can be the ideal match. 

You might explore the best loaders with the top ball feeding rates from our recommendation!

On a crucial note, these both are electrical paintballs. Consequently, these are not the best at providing extraordinary bps rates! Meanwhile, you would see gravity-feed hoppers accelerating balls up to 50 per second.

Wondering how the DYE Rotor can manage such a large number of paintballs to supply? Well, having its patented Rotor Force Fed Technology has made this possible. 

Meanwhile, you can insert almost 200 to 260 balls here which is impossible in Halo Too. The Halo Too hoppers mostly can manage to insert 180 paintballs.

Winner: DYE Rotor.



Let’s start measuring this by doing a simple test. To experiment with the water test, a big bowl poured with water is required first. 

Then, switch on both hoppers and drop them down into the bowl. Initially, you will find DYE Rotor floating with most of the parts. Now, try to release it apart with the button. 

Interestingly, there will be the inside motor actively ongoing at full speed. And, its outsider light will still be working. 

Later, you might see nothing really going to damage due to the water test. Generally, spinning the motor barrier-freely indicates the durability of a hooper. 

We gave it a more relatable name- sustainability. Meanwhile, the Halo Too will do the same as the DYE Rotor. 

However, floating with much power can be missed here. Along with that, you will see the motor of Halo somehow stop spinning. Let’s leave testing here!

Now, focus on their durability in regular or casual usages. While dropping them down, both can manage to survive somehow. However, Halo Too would leave some parts tearing down while hitting the surface. 

If you look at the weight of those, DYE Rotor pulls more gravitational force! Simply, hitting the ground might contain more dangerous impacts for heavier ones, don’t they? 

Apart from these, both paintball hoppers allow a limited warranty issued from the brands. 

Winner: DYE Rotor.


In terms of pricing, you might find a big gap between these two paintball loaders. However, digging deeper into these will tell you valid reasons behind their pricing ranges. 

DYE Rotor loaders usually come with bigger pricing along with more features. Meanwhile, you can grab this brand’s loaders for between $170 and $200. Meanwhile, Halo Too bringing $70 to $80 might sound much cheaper, right? 

But you might find this loader fragile in heavy tasks. In the long run, it might not serve you better. But if you are a budget user, then going for this brand is the only option. However, getting a DYE Rotor won’t be much tough. 

Keep your eyes on their websites! If luck pushes, you might be the first viewer while prices get dropped! On a discount rate, DYE Rotor can be the best option available ever!

Winner: DYE Rotor.

Specialized Features

DYE Rotor hoppers allow having a quick-release button. You might find this on the bottom part of this loader. 

Once you pull it up, the loader will be separated into two. Specifically, DYE Rotor R2 comes with all these.

And, that’s how cleaning inside parts of it has become easier and more convenient. 

On the other hand, there is no such button like this in Halo Too. So, no matter how much dirtier it inside is, you can’t have it going through. 

However, there might be some DIY process to get over this. Still, requiring a lot of time makes lessening user attention to this hopper specifically. 

Meanwhile, Halo Too comes with an effective low battery indicator. You will be notified within an hour to protect the battery shelf. And, its load power status is also user-friendly. 

Winner: DYE Rotor.   


Disassembling Flexibility

No hopper brands can give you the guarantee to run for the longest time. Meanwhile, there will be requiring cleaning and other replacement issues to focus on. 

However, these issues might not be a barrier while picking the DYE Rotor. It has different flexible buttons to make your disassembling process smoother. 

As a result, things can be done within less time. But Halo Too can make you suffer a bit. While it carries fewer functions, dissecting it can be much harder. 

Winner: DYE Rotor.

Final Verdict

If you still read this, well, you have come a long way. Now, you must deserve a verdict. In terms of every aspect, we have talked about here indicating DYE Rotor is the best. 

Well, you might claim Halo Too provides special features along with a decent price. Definitely, we agree on these! However, in terms of getting decent performance out of a loader, Halo Too might just lack. 

If you are really out of budget, then picking this one might be a great one. Unless we recommend having the DYE Rotor for the long race. We bet you won’t be struggling.

Winner: DYE Rotor.


Some of the regular queries regarding this topic are here to help you-

How Many Paintballs Can Be Suited In The Pod?

You will find more than 140 paintballs in the most commonly-sized pods. However, you will find various sizes too while 100 paintballs suit the rental sites.

Along with that, tubes carrying only 10 paintballs are there. These balls come as pods carrying smaller paintball pistols.

How Can I Do Factory Reset On The Spire 4?

While returning your settings to the factory default, you need to go to programming mode first. You need to hold the LED shell down for nearly ten seconds.

However, once the LED light turns white, you are all good now! And, a rainbow color pattern appearing there indicates returning to the default mode. 

Is The DYE LTR A Suitable One?

Obviously, it is! You’ll find this as the best ever paintball hopper experience with much flexibility. While having the patented Rotor technology, it can deliver smoothness and consistency.

And, you will find enough suitability here to play it along with any 0.68 calibers electronic paintball hopper. 

Final Words

That’s all from us regarding Dye Rotor vs Halo Too. Now you can decide which paintball hopper can be the best pick for you! 

If you still wonder about the pricing, don’t be! Their expenses are worth every penny! Let us know of your further queries.

Happy playing!

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