Empire Axe vs Etha (Which Marker Gun Brings The Best?)

Wondering what tools did affect your paintball gameplay? Searched a lot but found nothing except focusing on marker guns. 

Then, you are on the right path. All you need is to get along with us and find the answers. In this article, you will discover which marker guns you should go for!

So, what are the differences between Empire Axe vs Etha?

In terms of pricing, Planet Eclipse Etha comes cheaper. While it demands $300-$450, Axe is available at $400-$550. Etha marker guns come with great unboxing. Meanwhile, Etha provides several special tools. Besides, you won’t find these on Axe. However, gripping facilities are top-notch at Axe.

That’s not all! We have literally prepared in-depth sections about them just for you!

So, let’s get going!

Empire Axe vs Etha: A Quick Glimpse

Things being played in the paintball game are all crucial. But particularly, the gun is most important indeed. 

Before it’s too late to buy, we want you notified about vital aspects of guns here. Here you will see a quick overlook of the discussed aspects. 

Compared FactorsEmpire AxeEtha
UnboxingBrings fewer toolsMore
Pricing Range$400 to $550$300 to $450
Special FeaturesLessMany

Picked up any of these in your mind? Don’t worry, you will find our in-depth comparisons in the following section!

Now, we bet you are interested in knowing things more!

Empire Axe vs Etha: Detailed Comparison

Got the tip of the iceberg on the table? Well, we still require the full picture to get things understood! Now, let’s compare things more closely!


Unboxing is considered the first impression of any product. Meanwhile, the tools that a gun carries are quite vital in this circumstance. So, let’s look at that!

First of all, you can find manual guides coming with the Empire Axe. You will also find a CD there. Then you have the amazing gun of your preferred variant. 

Now, lift up the cute foam and here you go! There is a tool kit carrying space for additional tools too. Along with that, a barrel cover is there for protection. 

And, getting the Empire driver 2-piece barrel is another exciting news. Now, it’s time to assemble everything you have got! 

On the other hand, the Planet Eclipse Etha also brings out manual guides first. Then, you will discover having a barrel bag with the necessary tools. 

Along with that, a dedicated medium-sized grease tube is there. And, here you have the Allen keys too. Meanwhile, Axe lacks this grease tube and keys. 

Furthermore, new bolts, bolt-faced o-rings, screws, and additional springs also come along with it. And then, of course, you find the extreme marker gun from Eclipse Etha. 

Lastly, we consider Planet Eclipse Etha to be the better one among these two. Well, wondering how we draw this line out of the unboxing. Mostly, Etha’s heavy-duty carry box attracts us. 

Also, it carries very crucial tools like grease or even Allen keys. These might sound smaller to you somehow. But at the end of the day, you can realize their importance indeed. 

Winner: Planet Eclipse Etha.

Pricing Range

In terms of pricing, Empire Axe comes expensive any day. More than $400 to $550 is required to buy this marker gun. 

Meanwhile, Planet Eclipse Etha demands almost $200 shorter compared to the Axe. However, getting this gun at $350 to $450 is still not praiseworthy. 

You might see a clear difference between them in the pricing range. It gives you a clear hint that Etha is cheaper. And, doubting the quality is a common thing here. 

However, we think the Etha can be the best deal at such a cost-effective price. Meanwhile, it doesn’t ignore providing users with the top and unique features too. As a result, you can have the extreme gun- Planet Eclipse Etha

Winner: Planet Eclipse Etha.


Gripping Facility

Things such as hand grips might sound less important in the paintball game. But as soon as you need faster gameplay, you might require full control over the gun. 

Meanwhile, paintball guns carry a certain weight. As a result, carrying this is not that easy. Coming with a hand grip helps find your comfort. 

Or even bad gripping might end up in disappointing game results. Both paintball marker guns carry certain types of hand grips. 

Empire Axe comes with a lesser-weight foregrip. Remodeling this might have lessened almost 10% weight than earlier times. 

And, you will find here a modified feed neck also. This vertical forward grip brings a micro-texture. 

As a result, users get extra facilities while getting splattered by paint. And, it becomes possible due to its solid gripping technology. 

Evolving from new designs creates a strong connection between the foregrip and the body. Changing the foregrip material has also made this marker gun a weatherproof one. 

Meanwhile, you can explore the best marker guns carrying exceptional hand-gripping.

On the other hand, Eclipse Etha comes with an exciting interlocking grip. 

Its integrated pushing button console makes the gripping more effective. Along with that, you will find a display lens too. 

Having such a non-slippy rubberized vertical forward grip is a plus while having a marker gun. Also, its battery cover is top-notch and ensures higher durability. 

However, grips coming as default might not be great. And, in cases like excessive usage or getting older, you can go for buying new grips. 

Winner: Empire Axe.     

Specialized Features

The Empire Axe comes with higher durability. In terms of maintaining it, you might not face much trouble. 

And, this reliable paintball marker gun has got a longer range of shooting. This good firing range puts it in the top list among users’ picks. 

Along with that, one of the quickest firings is produced from this one. And, what shall we say about its accuracy? An Absolute top-notch indeed!

However, facing drawbacks such as gas leaking issues are also there. Along with that, the chances of having faulty regulators might put bad images on the gun. 

Meanwhile, you might find a brand new design here along with higher flexibility. So, firing comfortably from various positions is possible with it. 

And, a toolless push-button disposal system brings clarity to maintenance. As a result, you can do it within an easy-to-go DIY process.

Along with these, having an internal gas line prevents crossing wires when swapping hands. As long as this gun carries an Empire Relay regulator, you are in your comfort zone. 

This regulator brings out the on and off switch. As a result, the removal of the tank becomes easier than expected. 

Planet Eclipse Etha comes with a spring return bolt system. And, it plays a vital role in the firing mechanism which is lacking in other guns. 

Utilizing the pull poppet spool is much more convenient here. As a result, no issues take place while releasing air from the fire chamber. Meanwhile, a brand new super-robust high-pressure solenoid is the core of this chamber.

A dual-stage acceleration of Etha indicates versatility in picking balls. Initially, it can pick balls at a lower speed. And then, it can force the ball to drive into the barrel. 

Bolts contain a ramped rubber section here. Along with that, the expanded rubber parts are detachable and replaceable. 

You can also find here a lever-operated clamping feed tube, eye protectors, and so on. Specifically, the Etha 2 Pal marker brings out more tools than you expected!

Overall, Etha has a lot more to offer other than the Empire Axe indeed. 

Winner: Planet Eclipse Etha.

Final Verdict

From the unboxing phase to the pricing range, Planet Eclipse Etha comes topper of the list. Or even if you count the specialized features or traits inside them, Etha brings the highest. 

However, gripping facilities or durability might suit the Empire Axe. But we recommend Etha overall.

Winner: Planet Eclipse Etha. 


What Do Paintball Barrels Accomplish?

Paintball barrels are the place from where the paint will discharge. However, there are several types of barrels available.

While having a longer barrel, it will require more airflow to shoot the paintball. As a result, your gun might get less effective. You might get a barrel by your preference. 

Why Are There So Many Holes Or Ports In My Paintball Barrel?

These holes contained in a paintball barrel reduce the sound of the gun firing. It allows airflow to slowly flee from the barrel rather than single load bursting.

As a result, the more holes, the quieter the barrels are. However, getting more holes might lower your paintball gun efficiency.

Can I Wrap My Paintball Gun?

Yes! Through a vinyl wrap, you can expect services long-going. However, guns coming with better manufacturing are ideal for wrapping. By a budget-friendly paintball gun, you might not expect this.

 So, a versatile gun is required for this. That’s how you wrap various gears, guns, and paintballs. 

Final Words

That’s all from us regarding Empire Axe vs Etha. We are hopeful that you can now differentiate aspects between them.

The next time you go purchasing, you will have the best paintball marker gun indeed!

Still, wondering if we have left anything to discuss. Let us know!

Happy paintball journey!

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