Empire Axe vs Mini Gs (The 360-Guide)

Choosing a paintball gun does not only keep within one or two factors. You should actually go through a few things before you make the purchase. Empire axe and mini gs are the ones leading in the market. And it is kind of hard to choose one.

So, which one to choose between empire axe vs mini gs?

Empire Axe guns have a better shooting ability than that of Mini gs guns Moreover, these guns are better with the weight. However, mini gs guns are better than axe guns with their designs. In addition, mini guns accessories are convenient too. But the axe guns come in more reasonable price though.

This is what an overview of the answer to your concern looks like. You must continue reading to get a very detailed comparison.

So, get started now!

Empire Axe vs Mini Gs: A Quick Comparison

The first thing you need is a quick comparison of these two. So, here you go.

FeaturesEmpire AxeMini Gs
Shooting AbilityLarger RecoilSmall Recoil
AccessoriesLess AvailableAvailable
PriceAround $520Around $650

This gives you a heads-up to the main part.

Empire Axe vs Mini Gs: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you can move on to the detailed comparison. Take a look.

Shooting Ability

The shooting ability is something that you have to consider to buy a gun. This is one of the major things in it. So, here you go.

Empire Axe

The Empire axe paintball guns’ shooting performance is impressive. These weapons have a significant amount of recoil. 

That implies that while firing, this could gain greater power. And using these weapons while shooting seems really natural.

Remember that these paintball guns may fire shots pretty quickly as well. For example, these weapons can continue to fire at a paintball weapon’s typical rate of fire.

In other words, these have a top speed of 90 mph. These occasionally move even more quickly. So now you are aware of how quickly these paintball guns can fire!

Mini Gs

Mini gs paintball guns feature less recoil than Axe paintball guns. Therefore, there is less power in these guns.

Additionally, it moves almost as quickly as paintball axes. It may also move almost as quickly as paintball guns do when firing.

However, it often shoots at a speed of less than 90 mph. However, it still fires rounds at a respectable pace.

Winner: When you think of the shooting ability, Empire axe guns win. Because these have larger recoil and are faster in the shooting.


You must make sure you check the weight of the gun. Because you can not use the gun properly if the weight is not convenient for you.

Empire Axe

The Axe paintball guns weigh roughly 2.4 lbs. In other terms, this rifle weighs around 1.1 kg. You can see that these aren’t excessively light or hefty.

You feel comfortable lifting it up as a result. It would have felt like a toy gun if it had been too light. 

But having too many heavy weapons would be uncomfortable and feel like real weapons.

Therefore, carrying these weapons is relatively feasible despite their weight. Also keep in mind that handling these guns requires a little balance, which weight adds.

Mini Gs

The weight of the miniature paintball guns, however, is lower than that of the axe. These weapons only weigh around 2 lbs. That mass is even less than 1 kilogram.

This lightweight makes it feel something like a toy gun. After playing for a while, you might not feel like utilizing paintball guns anymore.

Keep in mind that a pistol that is overly heavy has a disadvantage that most people overlook. In other words, lighter firearms could be harder to control when shooting.

So when you use these light firearms, you could feel a little less in control.

Winner: In terms of gun weight, Empire axe wins too. Because these are a bit heavier which is required for the lifting convenience.


Now comes the design segment which is about the outlook of the gun.

Empire Axe

The series of axe paintball weapons don’t look much that different from one another. because these guns have a straightforward design.

If you select these weapons, you might only be able to count on a limited number of colours. The most common colours for these paintball pistols are black and brown.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect any changes to the appearance. The trigger is a microswitch and has a switch as far as components go. 

Additionally, it includes a feed neck clamp as well.

Mini Gs

On the other hand, little paintball weapons have an odd appearance. For example, you may expect variances in its appearance and colour.

If you’d like, you can select a colour from black, red, or brown. Green, yellow, grey, and numerous other colours are additionally available.

Do not overlook the microswitch trigger that is present on these weapons. Additionally, it includes a clamping feed neck similar to those of axe paintball guns.

The rubber grip, however, is what gives the design a competitive edge. These little paintball pistols have a rubberized grip.

Because of this, some grips appear exceptional or somewhat unique. Additionally, these provide a secure grip when holding the paintball gun.

Winner: In terms of the design, the mini gs wins! Because these guns have a design that is more convenient and kind of unique.


When you are planning to use a gun, you need to look at the accessories too. So, here you go with the comparison of feasibility between these two guns.

Empire axe

There are several extras for these weapons. Additionally, whenever necessary, the accessories can be readily changed or replaced.

In fact, you can change the triggers and foregrips as well. And there are plenty of accessories available on the market.

Therefore, you should not worry if you want to accomplish it that way. However, the accessories or any add-ons might not be that cheap.

So, if you are planning to get an add-on to it, you need a budget.

Mini Gs

Mini paintball guns are practical with accessories, like axe paintball guns. Like how the accessories on these weapons are simple to alter, swap out, or replace.

since it is easy to find these accessories in the markets. Furthermore, these attachments are significantly more readily available than any others.

Like, virtually any sports store nearby should have it. The cost of the accessories is likewise extremely affordable.

You should also be aware that there aren’t many attachments for these rifles. These paintball guns don’t require as many extras as the axe paintball guns.

This can therefore work in your favour.

Winner: So, when you look at the accessories, mini gs guns win. Because the accessories or any add-ons are not that much in number. And these are easy to find too.


Now comes the final part of the evaluation. You get to see which one is more reasonable and affordable to you.

Empire Axe

In the market, axe paintball guns is somewhat affordable. It costs about $520 to purchase one of them.

Therefore, it is clear why these weapons are comparatively less expensive and more reasonable. These typically have a large number of accessories.

But in our opinion, the cost of the accessories should have been even higher. To offset the cost of changing accessories, these are less expensive.

For instance, you would disregard the fact that updating the accessories is difficult or inconvenient.

Mini Gs

Mini paintball guns, on the other hand, cost a little bit more. When compared to the price of axe paintball guns, these are not so affordable.

You would have to spend roughly $650 to purchase one of these paintball guns. Therefore, if your budget is smaller, you should think about changing your mind.

Winner: In terms of the pricing, Empire axe guns win. Because these are actually way more reasonable than the other one.

Which One to Choose Now?

So, here you can make up your mind finally if you have not done it yet. 

For a better shooting ability and weight, you better choose Empire axe guns. In addition, you would get these guns at a reasonable price too.

However, the mini gs guns win when it comes to the convenience of accessories. Moreover, these guns have a better design too.

Finally, if you like to buy these, here you go.

Hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are axe 2.0 paintball guns waterproof or not?

Yes, axe 2.0 paintball guns are waterproof. These guys have been getting constant improvements for a long time. The axe 2.0 paintball guns now have a very advanced waterproof surface. They also have advanced triggers and trigger guards. These have a few competitive advantages that a consumer may like.

Can rain droplets disrupt the paintball guns?

There are a few paintball guns that might be affected by the rain droplets. However, the paintballs are mostly affected by the rain droplets. The balls would be slippery in the rain. And moreover, the balls may also be damaged if the rain is intense. Thus, it is better not to play this in the rain.

How long-lasting can the mini gs guns be?

The lifespan of the mini gs paintball guns would actually depend on your usage. That means it can be really long-lasting if you can use it properly. But if you don’t have ideas about how to use it, it may not last long. However, the average lifespan of these guns is at least about 5 years.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between empire axe vs mini gs! This detailed comparison is enough for you to clarify your concern.

Remember one thing whenever you are having alternatives. That is, you must consider a comparison in detail first. Once you come up with the better one, go for that. Looking out for a competitive advantage would be wiser.

All the best!

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