EOTech 553 vs 512 (Comparative Analysis)

Planning to buy an EOTech holographic sight to step up your accuracy? Well, it can be difficult to choose to own the top-notch sights produced by EOTech. More specifically, you might be drawn towards their trademark 553 and the 512.

So, what should you choose between EOTech 553 vs 512?

Based on design, features, and performance, the EOTech 553 is the better holographic sight. The EOTech 553 has a night-vision mode and a longer runtime. It is also more water-resistant than the 512. But its high price may convince people to go for the 512 which also provides decent performance.

But, this is a mere summary of the bigger picture. If you wish to know how they fare against each other, read along. I’ve made a detailed analysis covering all the comparable factors head-to-head.

So, without wasting any time, let’s determine what’s best for you!

EOTech 553 vs 512- At A Glance


EOTech 553 vs 512

Before getting into the head-to-head comparison, let’s take a quick look at their specifications. This will grant us a general idea of what each holographic sight has to offer.

FactorsModel 512Model 553
WaterproofYes, Submersible to 10’Yes, Submersible to 66’
ReticleMO68 A Ring, 1 MOA Dot Reticle (Red)65 MOA Ring, 1 MOA Dot Reticle (Red)
Reticle Adjustment
20 Intensity Level
30 Intensity Levels
Window Dimensions1.20 x 0.85"1.20 x 0.85"
Weight11.5 oz12.3 oz
Battery 2xAA Batteries2x123 Lithium Batteries
Optics SurfaceAnti-reflection CoatingAnti-glare Coating

This table should cover most of the differences out of the box. As you can tell the 553 is actually more submersible than its competitor. It also has 10 more adjustable reticle intensity levels than the 512. But the 553 is relatively heavier than its counterpart.

Apart from that, the 512 uses a more common battery making it easier to use. It also has a different optical coating than the 553. Everything else is very similar between the two.

You can use these sights on weapons like the m4. The m4 compared with the mk18 is very similar. So make your choice wisely.

EOTech 512 vs 553-The Head to Head Analysis

Now that we have an idea of both from the specifications, let’s look into the details. The holographic sights are compared head to head on 4 key factors. They will be compared based on their design, features, performance, and price.


The EOTech 512 is on the longer end of the spectrum. It also has a relatively slender body. Its dimensions are 5.6×2.0x2.5 inches.

This sight weighs 11.5 oz. It has two color variations, namely black and camo. The 512 is also waterproof. It can be submerged to about 10 ft.

As for the 553, the design is a little rugged. This actually appeals to military enthusiasts. It’s more compact compared to the 512 as it’s shorter in length.

Its dimensions are 4.9×2.2×2.8 inches. Because of the bulkiness of the 553, it weighs more than its competitor. The 553 weighs 12.3 oz.

It is also water-proof but to a greater extent. The 553 is submersible to 66 ft underwater. This is more than 6 times the water resistance capability of the 512.

Lastly, the 553 also comes with a quick-release dual lever system. This makes it very fast and easy to install the site onto a Picatinny rail.

Winner: The EOTech 553 wins this one attributed to its rugged design and user-friendliness.


The EOTech 512 is very versatile when it comes to features. This holographic sight can work with so many different types of power sources. It can run on AA batteries which are widely available in every grocery store.

You can use alkaline or lithium batteries to your preference. Even rechargeable batteries can be used in this regard.

The EOTech 512 has 20 adjustable levels of brightness, making it adapt to weather conditions. But the base EOTech 512 model does not support night vision.

EOTech 553 on the other hand does support night vision. It also has 20 levels of brightness adjustment. But, you have 10 additional levels to adjust the Gen I-III night vision modes.

Here are some holographic night visions that you can attach to your 553.
Two 123 Lithium batteries are used to power an EOTech 553. This can be harder to find.

Here are our recommendations for buying 123 lithium batteries.

These batteries will most definitely ensure your EOTech 553 performs optimally.

They also have slightly different reticles. Speaking of reticles you might also like in 30/30 reticles.

Winner: Battery Availability isn’t enough to give the 512 the lead. We’re going to have to give this one to the 553 because of its night vision feature.


With Lithium batteries, the 512 can run for 1000 hours without pause. On the other hand, the 553 can last 1100 hours of continuous usage. With alkaline AA batteries, the 512 can run 600 hours at a stretch.

Alkaline AA batteries are widely available online as well. But it’s important to buy batteries from certified vendors.

Check out our recommendations for buying AA batteries.

These batteries will provide a very reliable performance which is designed to last

Other than that the performance of the two sights is very similar. They are both great for close-range firing, they both have battery check indicators.

Winner: This one goes to 553 by a very short margin. This is mainly based on a higher runtime.


The EOTech 512 is sold at around 450$ to 550$ on the EOTech website. On the other hand, the EOTech 553 is sold for nearly a whopping 850-900$.

Winner: Due to its cheaper rate, the EOTech 512 clearly wins this round. It’s more affordable compared to its competitor.


If money isn’t an issue, the EOTech 553 is the way to go in my opinion. It offers a wider range of options and performs better as well.

However, some might argue that the 553 has an offensively high price tag. If price is an issue, make no mistake, the 512 is a great option as well.

If you are not likely to shoot in darker atmospheres or very deep underwater, the 512 will also serve well.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you want performance, longer runtimes, go for the 553. If you want more affordable with decent features, go for the 512.

These should add a new sense of versatility to your rifle and offer decent performance. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is MOA?

Answer: MOA basically stands for ‘Minutes of Angle’. This concept is very important in order to understand how to use holographic sights. 1 MOA normally depicts an inch at 100 years. A center dot is normally 1 MOA in standard reticles.

Question: How do you mount the sights?

Answer: The sights are normally mounted to weaver or Picatinny rails. The holographic sights have a mounting platform that connects to the aforementioned rails. But do ensure that the battery compartment faces away from the operator. It should face the muzzle.

Question: Do the EOTech sights handle hard recoil well?

Answer: Yes, fortunately, it can. These holographic sights have been designed to handle punishing recoil. These sights can handle military-grade machine guns like the M2.5 BMG. They also take the reverse recoils from air guns well.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our discussion. That’s all we have on EOTech 553 vs 512? We hope this article has helped you determine which holographic sight is best for you.

If you’ve found this article interesting, feel free to look through the others.

Until then, take care of yourself!

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