Etha 2 vs Axe 2.0? (Which One To Choose)

It is never wise to choose things without assessing the alternatives. Today, we have many alternatives to paintball guns. There are many of these like etha 2 and axe 2.0. And choosing one wisely might be tough.

So, which one to choose between etha 2 vs axe 2.0?

Etha 2 has two hand grips whereas axe 2.0 has only one. But axe 2.0 has a greater shooting speed than that of etha 2. On the other hand, etha 2 has easy servicing but axe 2.0 does not. The looks of etha 2 are typical whereas axe 2.0 is exceptional. Finally, etha 2 costs lower than axe 2.0.

You have come through a brief comparison of these two. But you can get a very detailed comparison in our article if you read along.

So, get started now!

Etha 2 vs Axe 2.0: A Brief Comparison

Before you go to the details of the comparison, you need a quick one. So, here you go with the quick comparison between Etha 2 and Axe 2.0.

FeaturesEtha 2Axe 2.0
Hand grip2 grips
1 grip
Shooting SpeedAbout 85m/sAbout 90m/s
Looks TypicalExceptional
CostAround $485Around $520

This gives you a heads up on the detailed comparison coming up.

Etha 2 vs Axe 2.0: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you have got the heads up to their features. So, you can get started with the detailed comparison of Etha 2 vs Axe 2.0.

Hand Grip

The hand of a paintball guns is something very important. You must have a good hand grip. Or else, you would not be able to aim the target properly. So, here you go with the hand grip comparison.

Etha 2 Paintball Guns

The hand grip of etha 2 paintball guns is basically similar to typical gun grips. However, the grip feels better than the usual ones. 

An etha 2 paintball gun has 2 hnd grip. One is at the front and the other is with the trigger. The trigger hand grip of etha 2 is basically like a loose ring. 

You can get a spacious hole to pull your trigger properly. And the ring or your finger is grasped by the border of the ring.

So, that you feel comfortable and protected when you are pulling the trigger. And you feel more like using a toy gun. 

As a result, the user is not afraid the first time he is using it. Because it seems familiar as he may have already played with toy guns.

And do not forget that it has a front hand grip too. As a result, you get even better grip holding the gun with your two hands. It helps to keep your gun steady while you are shooting!

Axe 2.0 Paintball Guns

Now, coming to the hand grip of axe 2.0, these are also good. However, the hand grip of an axe 2.0 is not like that of an etha 2.

An axe 2.0 gun has only one grip with the trigger. The hand grip of the axe 2 is more like an open box. Like it is open and rectangular in shape but not like a ring.

The hand grip is kind of connected to the front bar of the gun. It may feel like the front or second-hand grip of the gun. 

But it leaves much less space to hold properly unless your hands are really tiny. As a result, you get only one grip with these paintball guns.

Winner: In terms of the hand grip of the paintball guns, etha 2 comes over axe 2.0. Because it has 2 hand grips making the paintball gun more study in hands!

Shooting Speed

Shooting time is another important thing to consider in paintball guns. So, here you go.

Etha 2 Paintball Guns

The shooting speed of an etha 2 paintball gun is average. Like it can go around 85 meters per second. 

In other words, the shooting speed of these guns is about 280 feet per second. So, these are almost speedy as the average speed.

But then again these guns have a bit lower speed than the average one. 

However, these are actually good for beginners. Because the beginners do not seem to go on the target. 

And due to a lower shooting speed, they find it more convenient. As a result, they may find it easier to go to the target.

Axe 2.0 Paintball Guns

On the other hand, the shooting speed of an axe 2.0 is recommendable. The shooting speed of these paintball guns can exceed the average shooting speed.

On average of its shooting speed, it goes about 90 meters per second. Or, you can also say that it has a shooting speed of about 300 feet per second.

As a result, you can understand how fast these paintball guns shoot.

Winner: When it comes to the shooting speed of the paintball guns, axe 2.0 wins. Because these paintball guns have got more speed in the shooting.


You have to think of the consequences of servicing your paintball guns. Because you may need to once after a while.

Etha 2 Paintball Guns

Etha 2 paintball guns generally do not need any kind of maintenance or servicing. In terms of this, these paintball guns have been very constant.

However, you may still think your etha 2 paintball guns need any kind of service. And that is fine. You can take it to an expert for any kind of servicing for it.

And remember that servicing or assessing anything of etha 2 paintball guns is very easy.

Axe 2.0 Paintball Guns

Just like the etha 2 paintball guns, axe 2.0 ones are almost maintenance-free too. Like neither of these guns do need that much servicing very often.

However, if an axe 2.0 needs any servicing, it might be a bit tough. Because you can find any servicing agent for these guns easily.

And the cost to assess these paintball guns is generally significant.

Winner: If you want to consider servicing guns, etha 2 comes over axe 2.0. Because etha 2 paintball guns are easier to get services with.


You can not overlook the fact of looks when you buy these paintball guns.

Etha 2 Paintball Guns

In terms of looks, etha 2 paintball guns do not have much variation. Because these guns are basic in their looks. 

You may expect only a specific number of colours when you choose these guns. The available colours of these paintball guns could be black and brown mostly.

So, you may not expect any kind of variation in terms of its looks.

Axe 2.0 Paintball Guns

On the other hand, axe 2.0 paintball guns are not typical in looks. Like, you may expect a variation in its looks and color.

If you want to choose a color, you can do it from black, red or brown. Moreover, there are colors available like green, yellow, grey and many more.

Winner: In terms of looks, axe 2.0 comes over etha 2. Because their looks have variations and are not typical.


Cost is the final thing that would help you to make the decision.

Etha 2 Paintball Guns

The cost of etha 2 paintball guns is generally reasonable in the market. To get one of these, you only need to spend about $485.

And you can say that this is one of the cheapest paintball guns on the market. Having all the useful features, this one has got to be very reasonable.

Axe 2.0 Paintball Guns

On the other hand, axe 2.0 paintball guns are not that cheap. However, these are not that expensive as well.

To get one of these, you would have to spend around $525. 

Winner: When it comes to pricing, etha 2 wins. Because these are way more reasonable than axe 2.0.

Which One to Choose Now?

If you are still confused about your decision, that is okay. This is where you can make up your mind.

In terms of hand grip and servicing, it would be better to go with etha 2. Moreover, these guns would be worth considering due to their cost.

However, if you go for shooting speed and look, axe 2.0 would be better.

Now, if you are trying to get these, here are our pickups. Have a look at that.

Hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are axe 2.0 paintball guns waterproof or not?

Yes, axe 2.0 paintball guns are waterproof. These guns have been getting constant improvements for a long time. The axe 2.0 paintball guns now have a very advanced waterproof surface. They also have advanced triggers and trigger guards. These have a few competitive advantages that a consumer may like.

Can rain droplets disrupt the paintball guns?

There are a few paintball guns that might be affected by the rain droplets. However, the paintballs are mostly affected by the rain droplets. The balls would be slippery in the rain. And moreover, the balls may also be damaged if the rain is intense. Thus, it is better not to play this in the rain.

How long-lasting can the Etha 2 guns be?

The lifespan of the Etha 2 paintball guns would actually depend on your usage. That means it can be really long-lasting if you can use it properly. But if you don’t have ideas about how to use it, it may not last long. However, the average lifespan of these guns is at least about 5 years.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between etha 2 vs axe 2.0! We believe you are now left with no more confusion.

But remember one thing when you are making a purchase. That is, make sure there is a quick evaluation of the alternatives of what you are buying. Once you reckon the best one, go for it!

All the best!

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