Gtek Vs Etek 5 (Which One to Choose Between These Two)

Today, the demand for paintball guns is increasing at a growing rate. As a result, many companies are trying to enter the market of it. But not all guns are worth it. But there are a few like gtek and etek 5 that you may count on.

So, which one to choose between gtek vs etek 5?

The speed of gtek is more than that of the etek 5 paintball guns. However, the accuracy of etek 5 is better than gtek. On the other hand, gtek weighs lighter than etek 5. But the look of etek 5 is different. And finally, it costs lower than the gtek paintball gun too.

This has been a good overview of what you are looking forward to. But reading along, you get here all the detailed comparisons we covered here.

So, get started now!

Gtek Vs Etek 5: A Head-to-Head Battle

Before you go for a detailed comparison, a quick comparison is what you need. So, here you go.

FeaturesGtekEtek 5
Speed90 m/s80 m/s
AccuracyAverageAbove average
PriceAround $400Around $385

This table helps you to have a basic idea about their features.

Gtek Vs Etek 5: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you are good to get started with the detailed comparison. Because once you have the basic idea, you then need details. So, here you go.

Speed of The Gun

The paintball guns have their different speeds of shooting. And the speed actually depends significantly on choosing the right one.

Gtek Paintball Guns

The shooting speed of gtek paintball guns is something that you would definitely like. Because it is as fast as you can expect of a paintball gun.

The average shooting speed of a gtek paintball gun is around 90 meters per second. And it can even go at a greater speed at times. 

In fact, it is very smooth to shoot with a gtek paintball gun. You can gently pull the trigger with minimal force. And the paintball gun would shoot up.

Thus, it is very easy to operate the gtek paintball guns in terms of speed.

Etek 5 Paintball Gun

On the other hand, the etek 5 paintball guns are not exactly the same. The first thing it differentiates is its shooting speed.

This gun has a usual shooting speed of around 80 meters per second. However, it can go more than that at times too.

In terms of the smoothness, it is okay with it. Like, it is not as smooth as the gtek paintball guns are. However, you can not underestimate its smoothness either.

Winner: In terms of the speed of paintball guns, gtek wins over the etek 5. This is because it is faster in shooting than that of etek 5 ones.

Accuracy of The Gun

When you are choosing a paintball gun, you must look at its aim and accuracy. So, here you go.

Gtek Paintball Guns

The gtek paintball guns are generally okay at accuracy. These are not below or above the general or average accuracy of the guns.

As a result, you would not be unsatisfied with using these paintball guns. However, you may not look for any specialized aiming accuracy on these paintball guns.

So, it is a paintball gun with average aiming. And remember that it is not that hard to aim with it. 

Etek 5 Paintball Guns

In contrast to the accuracy of gtek, etek 5 paintball guns have better accuracy. The accuracy of these paintball guns is above the average line.

Remember that aiming with these paintball guns is also comparatively easy. Because these guns have a barrel that is more upgraded than a lot of guns.

Thus, you get a competitive edge on aim and accuracy using these paintball guns.

Winner: In terms of accuracy, etek 5 paintball guns win over the gtek. Because etek 5 paintball guns have better accuracy with an upgraded barrel.

Weight of The Gun

The weight of the paintball guns is something that you need to think of. Because you need to handle the weight of it all the time you are using it.

Gtek Paintball Guns

The gtek paintball guns are not that heavy at all. These guns are quite easy to lift up. The approximate weight of these guns is 860 grams.

In pounds, these guns weigh like 1.90lb. And moreover, this is the weight of the gun including its barrel of it. So, you can understand how light is it to carry this gun.

As a result of this, these paintball guns can be carried very easily. For this reason, you are also able to hold the gun much more steadily!

Etek 5 Paintball Guns

Rebounding the weight of etek 5 paintball guns, these are a bit heavier in weight. However, the difference between their weights is not that significant actually.

So, these paintball guns weigh approximately around 900 grams. And that is neither that heavy to lift. So, you also get convenience while using these guns.

However, these are not as easy as the gtek paintball guns to lift up.

Winner: When we would talk about the weight of the gun, gtek would come first. Because these paintball guns are actually lighter than the etek 5 ones. 

As a result, these are easier to lift.

Looks of The Gun

Although the looks of these gun do not matter to everyone, it still adds value. And you may be one of them who would a have a quick look at the appearance too.

Gtek Paintball Guns

The gtek paintball guns are not limited to only one color. It has multiple colors that you may choose from. 

However, the texture and other appearances are almost the same as that of other guns. You get nothing less or nothing new in terms of appearance.

Etek 5 Paintball Guns

Just like the gtek paintball guns, etek 5 paintball guns also have multiple colors. They offer you colors like red, yellow, black, white and many others.

The texture is almost the same as any other paintball gun. However, the etek 5 paintball guns are made a bit different. 

Like, the manufacturers tried to bring a pointy shape to it. This is perhaps to make it look classier than the rest of the paintball guns.

Winner: In terms of looks, the etek 5 ones come first. Because they actually look a bit classier than the rest.

Price of The Gun

Finally, you come to the point where you are almost at the decision point. And that is when you think of the price of the product.

Gtek Paintball Guns

The price of gtek paintball guns are not something that everyone may consider. Because it may not lie in a reasonable range to buy.

If you want to buy one of these, you would have to spend around $400. So, this is not a very low budget to set.

Etek 5 Paintball Guns

On the other hand, etek 5 guns are a bit lower in price. You can get these guns at around $385. You can see that these are not as cheaper as gtek guns.

However, these still have a lower range. And this range may be within the affordability of some people.

Winner: If you think about the price, etek 5 paintball guns win. Because you are getting these at a lower price with similar features!

Which One Do I Choose Now?

Now, you have come along with the entire article with all the details. However, you may still have a bit of confusion about the final move. Well, that’s fine. Have a look here!

If you are looking for better speed and lighter weight, go for gtek. And if your priorities are accuracy, looks, and cost, go for etek 5.

Now, if you want to get these, here you go.

Hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it actually hurt to get hit by a paintball gun?

No, it does not hurt at all when someone is hit by a paintball gun. You may notice that players are often hit by paintball guns. But they do not even recon that they are hit. Because the pain is really mild and it goes off just in a few seconds. 

Will there be any successors of the etek 5?

Yes, there may be a successor of the etek 5 paintball gun. However, it is not properly finalized yet. Because the corporation has already made a partnership with Planet Eclipse. As a result, they may have to go through a few changes, if needed. If they launch the new one, it would be within months.

Are paintball guns fast?

Yes, these paintball guns are actually faster than they are expected to be. They are much underrated as they are called paintball guns. However, these guns are not as fast as the real guns used by forces. The speed of these paintball guns is about 90 meters per second or 300 feet per second.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between gtek vs etek 5! We believe the insights that we covered are enough for you to differentiate these two.

And always remember one thing about the comparison. It is vital to go through a detailed comparison of things sparing some time. Because details would always give you a clear vision of it.

All the best!

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