Hatsan 95 vs 125 (Which One is Better Hatsan)

We, gun owners, know how hard it is to choose from two similar guns. There’s always something better in the other gun right? Well, that can certainly be the case for you if you’re choosing between hatsan 95 and 125.

So, which one is better from hatsan 95 vs 125?

Both of these guns are spring-piston rifles. In terms of price, hatsan 95 is way cheaper than 125. The 125 however, is more powerful than the hatsan 95. It also has a better scope than the 95. Both guns are easy to use but the hatsan 125 is slightly heavier than the 95.

Still uncertain on which option to choose? Don’t be worried. I have a complete article dedicated to explaining everything in depth.

So, what do you have to lose? Let’s get this party started.

Hatsan 95 vs 125: Basic Differences

Most of us had toy guns when we were kids. However, the two guns we’re going to talk about in this article are no children’s toys.

But we don’t have to tell you this, do we? You probably have quite a lot of experience with guns.

However, it’s hard to differentiate when two guns are so similar. Whether it’s a comparison between hatsan 95 and 125 or EOTech 553 and 512, you’ll have a hard time.

That is why we have this article. We’ll start off by comparing the basic differences between hatsan 95 and 125.

Specifications Hatsan 95Hatsan 125
Price $155-$129$250-$270
Gun typeSpring-piston air rifleSpring powered air rifle
FPSLess fpsMore fps
Easy to use EasyModerate

Now we’ve covered all the basic differences between these two. Let’s get to the meat of the matter.

Hatsan 95 vs 125: Detailed Overview


Hatsan 95 vs 125

Basic differences might be good enough for experienced gun owners. However, to understand two products completely, you’ll need more than that.

You’ll need to know everything down to the last detail. That is what we have for you. A head-to-head comparison between hatsan 95 and 125.

So, how long are you going to be waiting? Let’s get this party started, shall we?

1. Price

In terms of price, hatsan 95 is the clear winner. Hatsan 95 costs between $129-$155, whereas the hatsan 125 costs between $250 to $270.

So you can see there is over a 100 dollars difference here.

Winner: Since there’s over a 100 dollars difference in price, the hatsan 95 is the winner.

However, with more price comes a lot of better functions. So don’t judge a gun by its price only.

Let’s check out the other categories.

2. Gun type

Both hatsan 95 and 125 are spring-piston air rifles. Spring guns are inexpensive, precise, easy to operate and maintain.

Hatsan 95 comes in three different calibers: .177, 22, and .25, allowing you to pick the caliber that best suits your needs.

The outward appearance of both calibers is identical. The Hatsan 125 is also available in three calibers. However, the power generated from these is not the same.

Both of these rifles are single shots. Single-shot rifles help you become a better shooter. Because you only have one single opportunity to strike the aim before reloading.

This way you know you have to make your bullets stick. You also have command over the ammo you’ll use.

On that subject, we have some recommendations if you’re seeking high-quality bullets.

Feel free to use any one of them you like.

Moving on, For simple cocking, the Hatsan 95 has a big muzzle brake.

Hatsan’s Shock Absorber System is installed on the Sniper 125 model (SAS). As a consequence, noise is considerably decreased. The muzzle has an incorporated noise moderator, which acts as a sound blocker.

Winner: Both guns are almost identical. So we can call it a tie.

3. Power and Velocity

Hatsan 95’s reported velocity in.177, .22, and .25 calibers is 1000, 800, and 650 feet per second, respectively.

Even if FPS rates appear to be the same from one manufacturer to the next, this is not necessarily the case.

To flatten the velocity, most rivals employ lightweight metal pellets. Hatsan 95, on the other hand, is known for being careful with its velocity estimates.

However, hatsan 125’s stated velocity is in 177, .22 and .25 calibers are 1250 FPS, 1000 FPS 750 FPS.

Winner: Hatsan 125 is the winner since it is more powerful and also has better velocity.

4. Scope

The exciting portion of these two air rifles begins now: First, let’s take a peek at the open sight.

Hatsan 95 As the front sight, a red TruGlo fiber-optic sight is used.

The rear sight is a green-colored TruGlo fiber-optic sight. 0.035″ is the diameter. It has a full range of elevation adjustments.

The rear sight of the hatsan 125 is a 0.35′′ green Truglo fiber optic. The front sight is a 0.60-inch red Truglo fiber optic.

Winner: The hatsan 125 is the winner because it has a slightly better fiber optic.

To keep the scopes as good as new you should find a good gun cover. We have some recommendations for you.

All of these are excellent suggestions. You are free to utilize any of them. You should also do proper cleaning of gun scopes. This way they will stay as good as new.

5. Easy to Use

Both of these guns are heavy. However hatsan 125 is slightly larger than the 95. As you may have guessed, the 125 is slightly heavier.

The triggers on both guns are Quattro triggers and very easy to use. You will feel the triggers might be slightly harder to pull in the initial stage. However, after a couple of times, you use them, the triggers will be easy to pull.

They are also automatic guns. So, you can guess how easy they are to use.

Both of these guns require top maintenance. So, make sure you have enough gun oil to properly take care of them.

Winner: Although both guns are easy to use, the hatsan 95 is slightly easier to use.

We have some options for you if you can’t locate decent-quality gun oil.

You can choose any one of them you like from here.

So, if you read this article this far you probably made up your mind. We would still like to give some of our thoughts on this matter. This might help you make your decision even easier.

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

When you try to decide between two guns, each gun will have its ups and downs. Whether you’re choosing between z87.1 and z87+ or hatsan 95 and 125, you’ll see some differences.

If you’re looking for a cheap air rifle, then go for the hatsan 95. They are good for training, shooting practices, and shooting games.

However, if you can be an experienced hunter and want the best. If that’s the case, the Hatsan 125 should be your first choice.

In terms of power, scope, and velocity, the hatsan 125 is way better than the 95. So, go for it if you have deep pockets and you’re really interested in air rifles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hatsan 125 a reliable gun?

Hatsan 125 is well known for its reliability and is considered pretty accurate. So, you can be sure to hit a target if you get your aim right.

Is Hatsan 95 a decent gun?

At this pricing point, this is one of the best spring-piston air rifles. The Hatsan Model 95 air rifle’s stunning Turkish walnut stock makes a strong first impact. And shooting the Mod 95 will just add to that first impression.

Where do Hatsan guns come from?

Hatsan weapons are built in the Turkish city of Izmir. They are one of the few weapons manufacturers that manage all of their production in-house.

Final Word

So, Hatsan 95 vs 125, which one sounds better to you? You should have your replies ready by now.

Reading about it and putting it into practice, on the other hand, may be completely different. So we strongly suggest you try each of them out before purchasing one.

Good luck!

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    You left out the most important thing, accuracy! Accuracy achieved by both rifles at 25 and 50 yards. How pellet picky the rifles are?

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