How Many Paintballs in a Case?

Buying paintballs in cases without knowing the actual amount could be problematic. Because you may get more or less than you actually need. And this can actually be time-consuming and costly as well to do without knowing it 

How Many Paintballs in a Case

So, how many paintballs in a case are there?

Well, paintball cases actually come in different sizes. Firstly, you can get a case of paintballs with 100 of these. And this is the smallest case you may get. However, you may also get cases of 200 and 500 balls. And at max, you can get a case of 2000 paintballs if you want.

This gives you an overview of what you want to know. But you must read along as we get here with all the details.

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How Many Paintballs Do I Get in A Case?

A paintball case may come in various quantities of it. You may not exactly find out that there is a fixed size for these cases. 

That means this is more like you can choose the case size as you like. So, now, you may wonder, what are the common paintball case sizes?

Well, the very first and the smallest case of paintballs start with 100 pieces. That means you would get 100 paintballs in the smallest case.

The next one you could buy is the one with 200 paintballs. After that, you may also buy the case with 500 pieces if you want.

So, this way, it goes up to 2000 pieces of paintballs. And this is the largest case of paintballs that you may expect to get

Now, you might be wondering, which paintball case is the most available and popular? Well, it is definitely the 200 and 2000 paintball cases. 

However, you would also get the other sizes available in the market. 

Now, trying to get paintballs for yourself? No, it is not that complex to choose one if you have an idea. But if you are still confused, here are our pickups to count on!

Hope this helps!

How to Use the Paintballs Multiple Times?

Lots of paintball gun users do not know that paintballs can be used multiple times. Even if some people know that, does not give any concern at all.

Because it is a misconception that using paintballs again might not be good. And even if someone wants to do so, paintballs are easily lost. 

So, how to use the paintballs multiple times? Well, the first thing is you need to have the will to use it again. 

You need to make sure that you do not hit the paintballs randomly. Because the paintballs could hit any hard surface if you shoot randomly.

As a result, the paintballs might be deformed if you hit them on hard surfaces. You may also want to keep your gun barrel clean. 

Because a dirty or dusty barrel may easily defect the paintballs. Remember that you need to ascertain one thing to use the paintballs multiple times. 

That is you can not have any children around you when you are playing with paintballs. Because children or kids can easily damage or lose them.

Remember that you can also store paintballs for future use if you want.

So, these are the simple things to follow to use paintballs multiple times. However, do not forget one thing about reusing the paintballs.

That is, you must not use the paintballs again and again for a very long time. Because the paintballs would not be effective as they usually are.

And you would not enjoy playing with those either. Do not forget that using too old paintballs may also affect your paintball gun negatively.

How Many Paintballs Is Common to Use in an Hour?

The number of paintballs to use actually depends from person to person. And it depends mainly on the skills of the player playing this game.

Let’s say you are an amateur or a beginner playing with paintballs. So, you naturally would need many balls. 

However, if you’ve been playing this for a long time, the case would be different. But if you want to have an average calculation, you can have that.

So, on average, paintballs used per hour are around 150 to 200. Do not forget that it is just a common or average calculation.

Thus, the number of balls used in an hour might be more or less though.

Does the Skill Level Affect the Number of Paintballs?

Yes, the skill level may affect the number of paintballs to be used. This is actually a pretty simple or general thing.

If you are a professional or skilled player, you would mostly shoot on target. As a result, the number of paintballs needed for a game you play is minimum.

On the other hand, a beginner or amateur would not be shooting on target. They would mostly shoot randomly or try to hit the target.

As a result, they have to spend more on ammunition. For that reason, they need paintballs per game.

So, you can say that the skill level can affect the number of paintballs needed.

What Is a Good Shooting Style to Save Paintballs?

You already know that a beginner or an amateur needs more paintballs. But if you can get to know a few tricks, you would improve it.

And that comes with the accuracy and the shooting style. Some players use a technique called spray and pray. This means they keep on shooting continuously.

Rather than setting up the target, they hope to hit it. This technique actually takes a lot of paintballs at a time. 

So, what you can do instead is set to shoot 3 balls at a time. This can save your paintballs. 

And this technique of shooting paintballs would also help you to get more accuracy. Thus, you better work on this!

Today, getting paintballs is not very difficult as in the early times. You can get these easily although it is not that available everywhere.

This means you need to look for this in the right place. Because this is still kind of a niche product for a few demographics.

So, where do I get good paintballs? Well, you can get paintballs around the online stores. You may look up several social sites for these.

There are also community groups where you may find all these supplies. If you are lucky enough then you may also have got stores of these around.

In that case, you would be able to buy paintballs very easily. You would also have a field to choose from a wide range. And negotiating could be a very good term in that case too.

So, that is how you can come up with buying these paintballs. Remember one thing if you are buying these for the first time.

If you know someone familiar with these then it is better to take help from them. It might be a friend of yours or anyone to take help from. Because they can actually help you out to get the ideal paintballs! So, that is how you go with your paintballs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I play with around 500 paintballs?

Well, you may be able to play for at least 3 hours with 500 paintballs. But do not forget that it can depend on your usage. Typically, it goes from at least 3 to 5 hours with 500 paintballs. If you do not have kids around, you can also use them for more time.

How much do I spend to buy a case of paintballs?

You may expect to get paintballs for around $10 to $35. And the case would contain 500 paintballs at this price. But if you go for more paintballs then the cost would become lesser. Because you would get a lower unit price when you buy more of these paintballs.

How many paintballs do I need to play for a day?

The number of paintballs you need actually depends on how long you want to play. Moreover, it also depends on how intense your game becomes. Like, if you want to play for 5 hours continuously then 500 paintballs would be fine. And you can set the number accordingly.

The Final Words

Now you know how many paintballs in a case should be loaded! We believe you have your confusion clear now.

However, here is another tip that would come in handy. That is, you may consider loading paintballs as long as it takes. Because this would exert extra pressure and the shot would be more speedy.

All the best!

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