How many times can you pump a daisy powerline 880?

Have you bought a Daisy Powerline 880 but are struggling with the pumping? This is a very common problem that has bothered many. I understand if you are struggling with the same issue. Well, don’t worry. I have all the information you need.

So, how many times can you pump a daisy powerline 880 in general?

The Daisy Powerline 880 generally takes 3-10 pumps to be working properly. The number of pumps depends on your desired purpose. Higher pumps increase the velocity and power of the shot. But you shouldn’t be pumping it more than the optimal range. The number of pumps varies due to the distance too.

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What is a Daisy Powerline 880?

Daisy is an airgun manufacturer based in the United States of America. Daisy Powerline 880 is their best-selling multi-pump pneumatic rifle. It has a molded Monte Carlo stock and forearm with woodgrain.

It fires a spherical steel ball known as ‘BB’. It’s important to know if your BB is compatible with your gun. People are frequently perplexed as to whether they can use airsoft BBs in a BB gun.

We’ve put together a list of high-quality BB bullets just for you:

Hopefully, you will find these suggestions useful!

Or you can also choose any .177 caliber pellets you prefer, for single-loads. We are suggesting some of the best pallets here for you:

We believe the quality of these products is top-notch.

You should put your finger away from the trigger if you aren’t ready. Make sure not to overload the gun with too many bbs. It is important to know if the gun can sustain the certain caliber of bbs that you are loading.

What’s the Average Number of Pumps We Need?


How many times can you pump a daisy powerline 880

Pumping is an important part of the daisy powerline 880 manual operations. To pump the gun, we recommend keeping the bolt open while pumping for added safety. We also recommend that you only close the bolt when the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.

Now, muzzle the gun in a safe direction and pump it according to your need. The more the power, the higher risk of major injury.

This table is a decent representation of the different airguns that require pumps to operate.
From the table, we can understand the range of pumps is between 3-10. You need to understand that the number of pumps varies according to the circumstances.

For indoor target practice, you should pump the gun three times. Pump up to ten times for max velocity if you are going for outdoor shooting. Ten pumps are also optimal for pest control.

For hunting, adjust your pump count based on the distance and what you are shooting at. Generally, to hunt small animals like rats, squirrels, and birds, you should pump around 7-8 times.

Distance also plays a major role.

So does the condition of the gun. And that’s why you should keep your airgun clean. You also need to lubricate it sometimes to keep it functioning properly.

Here are some of the best lubricants for your Daisy Powerline 880:
We really hope that these suggestions work for you too-

Why Does Daisy Powerline 880 Require Multiple Pumps?

The compressed air is generated in several ways by single pump and multiple pump air guns. The projectile must be propelled by air.

Using a grip on the gun, you can directly pump air into a chamber. That handle is usually a part of the grip. However, it may appear to be something you’re supposed to grasp at times.

Each consecutive pump gradually pressurizes the gun. And when you pull the trigger, you release the potential energy you pushed into it.

The 880 is a pneumatic multi-pump with a short pump stroke. As a result, pumping up to the maximum of 10 pump strokes is pretty simple. Pumps with a practical range of 3 to 10 strokes are the most useful.

The 880’s rifled steel barrel can fire both steel BBs and lead pellets. Daisy rates the weapon at 715 fps with lead pellets. It rates the weapon at 750 fps with steel BBs at 10 pumps.

What Happens If You Pump It More than 10 Times?

The number of pumps varies with both distance and object. If you pump it below 3 times, it is harmless. But the shot won’t be powerful.

However, if you pump it more than 10 times, you risk your own safety. The gun could very well burst in your hands. Or, it could simply hurt someone since it won’t be very powerful but inaccurate.

If you are lucky, the pumping spring would jam or daisy powerline 880 won’t pump up and disable the gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daisy 880 a good gun?

The Daisy 880 is definitely a good gun. Quality-wise, Daisy 880 has a 5/5 rating by reviewers. It is silent and accurate, which attracts most admirers. With the optimal number of pumps, it gains decent FPS. The Daisy 880 is cheap but at the same time durable. Hence, it is liked by many.

How much FPS can hurt someone?

The range of FPS that penetrates human skin is usually between 300 and 400. It is commonly believed only capable of limited harm below 350 feet per second. And 350 fps is regarded as extremely dangerous or fatal. It is believed incapable of inflicting major harm at speeds below 200 fps.

Is BB or pellet gun stronger?

BB guns can only shoot BBs, whereas pellet guns can fire both types of projectiles. Both firearms are appropriate for novices. BB guns are less powerful than pellet guns in a lot of aspects. So it is safe to assume that pallet guns are much stronger.


Hope this article helped you understand how many times can you pump a daisy powerline 880.

The Daisy Powerline 880 is very popular among BB gun enthusiasts. Hence, you should know how to operate it properly.

Make sure you follow the user manual properly to avoid any kind of risk.

Until next time, adios!

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