How to Turn an Airsoft Gun into a Real Gun?

Airsoft guns may or may not look like the real deal. But they might be used as a practice tool or just for show. But you want to go a step further.

So that comes into the question, How can you convert an airsoft gun into a real gun?

The average person can’t do it. Even if you can it’s still too risky. What you can do is convert it to a master replica of the real deal. Or that you can turn a nonautomatic one into a semi-automatic one. There is a reason why this information is not available on google. Stick to real guns if legal

Our article will deal with master replicas as well as some tips on converting them into semi-automatic rifles.

Can You Convert an Airsoft Gun Into a Real Gun?

Yes, you can with the proper knowledge. No, you should not. It is definitely not worth the risk. Firstly, it might be highly illegal in your area.

Even apart from that, it’s actually very difficult to make the gun itself. It might result in possible defects in the gun.

The gun itself is not made to handle such firepower and will wear out after only a few rounds. You can kiss over a grand bye-bye in such cases.

Plus due to the inherent mechanisms of the gun, the probability of an accident happening is very high.

Forget about shooting up a school if you end up shooting yourself. That too even with the possibility of you being experienced enough with such projects.

Your bullet may just stay in the gun creating a mini-explosion and not leave the gun at all. It’s best to stay away from this project, especially since its financials will buy you significantly better guns.

Please keep these in your mind before you attempt to make the gun. The number of possible modifications in and of itself may take over a hundred hours.

But as a fun project which may possibly kill you, here are the steps that you can follow to make the gun. Let us dive into it starting with what are the things that you will be needing.

Things That You Will Need

For this project, you will be needing a few things. Let us look at what they are:

  • An ideal airsoft gun
  • A Saw( ideally a jeweler’s one)
  • A Precision knife with adjustable blade types and sizes
  • A Heavy Duty Dremmel
  • A ruler or a set of calipers
  • Files
  • A filler (plastic, epoxy putty, etc)
  • Sandpaper

Turn an Airsoft Gun Into a Real Gun: 5 Ways

Now that you have everything to make the machine gun, you will have to follow the following steps to convert your toy gun into a proper replica. You can use these as practice tools for a full-fledged machine gun.

Step 1: Pick the Right Gun

We’ll be covering how you can convert general toy guns into replicas that function properly. That is to say that they will be turned into rifles or machine gun replicas.

The usage needs may vary for different people. Different models may have different uses. Let us dive into a few plausible airsoft candidates for the job.

There are many models out there even in the airsoft catalog. A few good candidates for the job may include ones from the gas rifle section.

The metal-bodied M4 might be a good fit for the job.

Let us look at a few other candidates:

These are a few possible options that you may opt for. We hope that this was useful for you.

So it’s best to check what the price is as they are subjected to fluctuations based on time and location. There is another key issue that is to be looked at here

What is absolutely necessary is to look at its hopped-up unit. A proper fit for the job should have one that is ‘T’ styled. The hop-up unit is what has an inner barrel in it.

Guns that have this are suitable to be converted to a semi-automatic rifle replica

Step-Optional: Make a Source for Gas

This is an optional step that you might want to take if you are to use it as a machine gun replica. This will be the case in case your gun doesn’t already have an air source with it.

For this, firstly, gut your gun. Only the essential parts should be left in. We have to create a source of air that gets released when the valve is pushed down.

You can do this by attaching a cap to the end of a PVC pipe. Other options may include co2 cartridges and whatnot.

Now you will have to attach this to the hop-up. The seal has to be airtight. So a good glue(eg: from a glue gun) could be used in this case.

Don’t obstruct the opening of the magazine. This will allow the fake bullets to pass.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Mag Well

Firstly you will have to find out where the flat surface of the mag-well is. Now comes the part of the rulers or the calipers.

Measure the mag and trace its outline. The thumb grooves that are on the side of the mag are optional. If you want to still opt for the option then measure how far are they from the trigger guard.

Now you will want to start cutting the mag-well. You should use the Dremel and something similar to a shart knife or a mini saw. A leatherman saw might be a good option here.

The Dremmel might end up melting the plastic so be mindful of that.

Now we will have to make the thumb grooves if you choose to go down this route. Use a sanding wheel on a Dremel to cut them.

After that, you’d want to file and sand down the lines. Optimum epoxy will happen if the insides aren’t too smooth. Use a precision knife to make it look better. Of course, this option is still optional.

Step 3: Fill up the thumb grooves

You’ll have to use filler in this case. Ideally epoxy putty might be a good option here.

Insert the putty into the grooves. In order to smoothen the inside, you can use the film can. Ensure that it does not get into the mag-well.

After the epoxy hardens, you will have to sand the exposed parts. This will ensure a smooth surface.

You might have to work with your fingers in a few of the cases. Epoxy putty is user-friendly which is why we’ve suggested it.

Step 4: Replace the Mag

The task asks for a new and better version of a mag. You should be able to get a good one for around $20.

Remove the tool that acts as the follower-pusher and remove the springs that come along with it.

Fit the mag in. You may have to use a Dremel to take a chunk out to fit it in. It should be stuck in a static position with no wiggle room.

You could add a small metal tag to its back. This will make it look more lifelike.

Step 5: Paint and Finish

The gun probably looks extremely unaesthetic at this point. So it’s time to start the denting and painting process.

You’ll have to dismantle the gun and sand the body before starting. Seal any moving parts with masking tape.

You will then have to use a duracoat degreaser before adding any paint to it.

A rifle will need around an ounce of paint. Ideally, the thickness should be around a millimeter. The perfect color for this will probably be matte black.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn a bb gun into a real gun?

Yes, you can. But it’s also very hard, expensive, time-consuming, and not worth it. Plus the information is not publicly available. Stick to regular guns.

Can you turn a paintball gun into a real gun?

No, you can’t make a paintball gun into a real gun. Unless you have extensive knowledge of firearms or something. But you can turn them into guns having the same utility as airsoft guns

Can you make airsoft guns shoot real bullets?

Yes, you can make airsoft guns shoot real bullets. But it’s not worth it and the airsoft gun will have to be modified. Even after that, the likeliness of the gun functioning after a few rounds of real ammunition is nonexistent.


How do you make an airsoft gun into a real gun? Well, the answer is that the information is not available outside the dark web. Even then it’s best to just not do it.

But you can make a regular model work in a similar way to a semi-automatic.

Happy second amendment!

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