Invert Mini vs Axe (Best Mid-Range Gun Explained)

Invert Mini and Axe are the most popular paintball guns. You could be baffled if you had to choose between these two.

There is no need to be concerned about selecting a paintball pistol. Because we are here to assist you.

We will not take any more patience between Invert Mini vs Axe.

Paintball gun Axe, popular at Empire Axe, is the most versatile gun in the market.  Rubberized grip, less weight, magnetic bearing trigger, and ASA facilities make it superior in the market. Invert Mini doesn’t have those facilities. But, if the price comes first, go with Invert Mini. 

Read the whole to know more about these guns! Go through each section and read it carefully to the last.

Axe vs Invert Mini: Quick Overview

There is a significant difference between Invert Mini and Empire Axe. The short overview is 

Features Invert Mini Empire Axe
Weight3.55 pounds 2.25 Pounds
Grip AluminumExtended frame with unique grip shape
Assemble FacilitiesMultiple Allen keys Push button bolt removal system
Bearing TriggerSensored triggerMagnetic
ASA Facilities No relay regulator equipped with Off/On Asa empire with relay regulator equipped with On/Off lever
Shooting SoundLouder Much Quieter
Adjustable Firing ModesPSP ramping, Semi, NXLPSP ramping, Millennium Ramping, NXL, Semi
Comfortable Not so comfortableVery comfortable
Barrel Aluminum Aluminum
External or internal Hoses NoNo
DurabilityLow Long Lasting
Price $250 – $400$400-$550


Detailed Overview of Invert Mini and Axe Mid Range Gun

There is a significant difference between Empire Axe and Invert Mini. We hope you are interested in learning more about those guns.

However, both goods have advantages and disadvantages.  All of the distinctions will be discussed in depth here. We will make sure that you select the appropriate solution for yourself.


1. Weight 

The weight of the paint gun is very crucial. Because when you play, you have to run with it and hold it for an extended period. 

If the gun’s weight is too much, your hands will get tired. You would not be able to enjoy it properly. The lighter the gun is, the better it is to carry forward and hold longer. 

The weight of the invert mini is 3.55 pounds. It is an older model. As a result, it uses an aluminum grip, increasing the gun’s importance.

On the contrary, 2.25 pounds is the weight of the empire axe. It is much lighter to carry. You will be so much more comfortable using it.

You may get confused about how much the 1.30 could affect the match. But believe me, your hands will get numbed after playing for a short time.

2. Grip Performance 

Imagine that you are playing with a paint gun, but after some time, you find that the handle becomes so greasy and oily. 

Besides, many people have sweat problems at hand. If the handle becomes oily, then it will slip through your hands.

Invert Mini grips are made from aluminum. When sweat or oil touches the part, then it becomes so greasy. You would not feel too comfortable. It will slip through your hands when you try to shoot down the enemy. 

On the other hand, if we look at the empire Axe paint gun, we can find that it has a very different and unique shape. The grip is made from rubber, making it easier to hold the gun.

Furthermore, the rubber creates friction. And friction helps anything to stick with the object. Because of this, if your hands become too oily, They will not fall through the fingers.

Many people are mainly concerned about the ease of the holding grip. So I hope you can easily guess which one is the real winner here. 

3. Assemble Facilities 

PSP ramping, Millennium Ramping, NXL, and Semi are some of the modes of a paint gun. Most guns have those features. If you want to change the method, open it up and assemble it again. 

Now, this process could be time-consuming because of the special opening features b of the gun. 

The Empire Axe now boasts a toolless nut removal mechanism, making it one of the easiest firearms to build and dismantle. You may even have easy accessibility to the Empire Axe paintball gun’s bolt with a quick twist and pull.

But Invert Mini uses multiple Allen keys. The problem with the Allen keys is it is very much time-consuming. If you want to switch the mode, it will take a reasonable amount of time.

4. ASA Facilities 

The Relay ASA does an excellent job of remaining out of the way while enabling simple access to replace the tank when required securely.

The On/Off Controller was one of the Empire Axe paintball gun’s first vital modifications.

 Amongst the most common complaints about the Invert Mini was the unavailability of an On/Off switch on the ASA. The Empire Axe has addressed this issue with a simple flip handle regulator.

But in invert mini parts, there was something else. There is no relay regulator equipped with Off/On. It is difficult to replace the tank safely. 

5. Bearing Trigger 

When you’re out on the pitch and in the heart of the action, you need your marker to be versatile and easy to use. 

In Invert Mini, the censored trigger is used in bearing facilities. It moves many crucial times. Hence, many times you could miss the target without your fault. 

The Empire Axe paintball gun trigger is smooth and does not shift side to side. This is likely due to the gun’s securely set micro-switch, magnetic return, and roller bearings. 

It makes the trigger feel lovely. Furthermore, it enables exceptionally smooth shooting action.

6. Trigger Comfortability 

You will be pressing one thing consistently in the paint gun which is the trigger. So comfortability in triggers is essential. 

The simple way to identify a good trigger is “feel it.” If you feel this goes with me and I am super comfortable with it, then go for it. 

In  Invert mini, aluminum is used there. It may not feel very comfortable. Besides, you would not be able to customize it according to your convenience. 

In Empire Axe, The trigger was comfortable straight out of the box with the factory settings. However, it is 3-point customizable if you want to tweak it for your convenience and responsiveness.

 Empire identified the issue and upgraded to a micro-switch trigger. This enhanced the overall feel and effectiveness.

Since it is a closed trigger frame, some people are concerned about pulling the trigger. However, the space surrounding the trigger chassis is remarkably excellent. But There was plenty of room to work.

7. Durability 

This paintball marker is well-made with high-quality elements.

Every component has been meticulously constructed and built to resist all types of strain during the game.

The durability of the Invert Mini is also much higher. 

However, you should be careful when playing the game. Any kind of accident could cause the barrel to break off. 

8. Consistency 

This paintball gun should provide continuous performance and exceptional velocity, which you can trust.

Its lightweight aluminum muzzle, the anti-chop sights, and the incorporated brake beam system enable the target’s precision striking.

The aluminum nut has been upgraded such that the back chamber and housing are somewhat bigger, allowing more air to pass through. This characteristic contributes to its even more amazing smooth and steady shot.

Furthermore, this cannon has a unique, exclusive solenoid powerslide system and low-pressure operating system for quicker yet gentler shooting. With a field limit of 275, this paintball pistol’s accuracy is astounding.

The Inverted mini also uses an aluminum barrel. But it has less airflow. Hence, air could not pass freely. Thus the consistency and range could be much less.

That’s all the detailed overview of those guns. 

Remember, don’t get confused over empire mini gs and invert mini. Those are completely two different guns.

Final Thoughts

It is time for the ultimate verdict! And the winner is your “Comfortability and usability”. 

Now, let’s come to the invert mini price and empire axe price.

If you are a beginner, we suggest using Invert Mini because the price range is between $180 and $250. 

However, If you want to shift from beginner to advanced, choose Empire Axe. It has some ultras facilities like ergonomics shape, Push button bolt removal system, magnetic bearing bolt and many more.  Besides, you can also use it in professional tournaments. 

The Empire Axe is essentially a next-generation paint gun. As a result, it will likely have more functionality than Invert mini.


Does Invert Mini have any updated version?

Yes, it has. It is called the Empire Mini. The main features of empire mini are rubber foregrip, On/Off ASA, and microswitch trigger action. Besides, only two Allen keys are there which is the biggest upgrade.  

Should I go First with Empire Axe as a beginner?

If you have already practiced with other guns, you may go. It is better to have good experience in the field. Hence, remember the price of the Empire Axe.

Can I assemble the gun after reading the manual?

Yes, you can easily assemble the gun by reading the manual. The manual is very user-friendly. It gives every specification and guideline for making the gun. Therefore, you can easily make your paint gun from scratch.


So, what are your thoughts after reading the article? We try to include all the necessary details here. 

Do let us know which gun you choose between invert mini vs axe.

Make sure that you check properly before buying the paintball gun. Read the manual of the gun carefully. You will be clear about everything. 

Wish you the best of luck!

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