KWA ATP Problems (4 Problems + Solutions)

An ATP alternatively called an adaptive training pistol is the predecessor of an actual gun. This is basically for the forces to practice to get used to the real pistols. The KWA ATP is one of the best ones currently. But this still may have problems at times.

What are the kwa atp problems and solutions?

There are 4 main problems that are likely to be observed in a KWA ATP. First of all, you may experience the issues of firing properly. Secondly, you can also face problems while feeding. And finally, you can come up with the issue of extracting. However, you can resolve all of them by yourself!

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KWA ATP Problems and Their Solutions?


KWA ATP Problems

KWA ATPs are generally top-rated for their quality and performance. However, these can still get issues at times.

To know about these issues, get into the part given below. We have got the solutions too! So, get started now.

Problem 1: Not Being Able to Fire

Shooters might not always encounter this problem very often these days. Because the round quality has increased to a certain extent.

Misfires are nearly unheard of these days. This is something that rimfire shooters may come upon every now and then. Because that type of primer isn’t quite as reliable as the standard centerfire primer.

But remember that this is a common issue of pistols like cz09.

A pistol shooter who encounters a dud round, on the other hand, must proceed with caution.


The solution to it is quite simple. First, for a minimum of 1 minute, hold the gun aimed downrange.

There would be little chance of the malfunctioning cartridge accidentally firing once a couple of seconds pass. Pull the round from the barrel and discharge your pistol fully.

To figure out what’s wrong, look at the primer on the faulty or “unfired” cartridge. If the primer has a well-defined indentation, it is frequently a sign of a bad round.

The pistol is most likely unclean if the primer has a deep mark on it. Carbon buildup may also be affecting the trigger mechanism.

Deep cleaning would almost certainly assist in resolving the issue. And basic airsoft maintenance is actually easier than it sounds.

You might be needing some cleaner to maintain your airsoft pistol. So, take an idea here.

Hope this helps!

We suppose that you can definitely do it yourself if you are not nervous. However, if you are still not confident enough, it’s fine. Just call an expert to clean your ATP.

And this would fix the problem of misfiring.

Problem 2: Firing Direction Changes

This problem can be really dangerous if anyone faces it. The bullet going in the wrong direction and changing in the air is deadly.

This happens when the bullet deviates while firing. The main issue of this problem is the debris stored at the gunpoint.

The dust or anything getting clogged can deviate the bullet while firing. As a result, this can create deadly consequences.


When you face this type of issue, take the action to resolve it right away. To begin, take a cloth and wipe off the tip of your pistol.

Do not use any chemicals for it. Make sure nothing is clogged at gun point. This simple thing would be enough to resolve this issue.

Problem 3: Failure to Feed

The term “failure to feed” refers to when a round does not entirely seat inside a chamber. You can face this issue while trying to shoot 22 bullets with a pellet gun as well.

Difficulty with feeding can occur with semi-automatic rifles for a variety of causes. The initial causes are broken magazines and poor magazine springs.

The collection of dust or grime in or around the chamber is also a factor. Incorrectly placed magazines or damaged, malfunctioning cartridges, can all play a role too.


To resolve it, take off the magazine from the rifle if you have this problem. Then thoroughly empty the chamber.

When you use your pistol again, you’ll probably need to cleanse it. But you may also reload and try once more.

Now, see if the problem still exists after cleaning and lubricating your pistol. And if you see it still exists, then it is something else.

And to troubleshoot that, you must contact a professional mechanic. You should not take any steps that you are not well aware of.

If you wonder what would be ideal to lubricate your pistol, get an idea here.

Hope this helps!

Problem 4: Unable to Extract

User mistake is frequently the cause of this problem. It is difficult for the firearm to remove the expended cartridge out of the chamber.

And the double feeding of a second-round on the magazine after that. This is a major flaw that could quickly turn into a dangerous situation.


First of all, take off the magazine from the rifle immediately. Then, by directing the pistol in a safe position, you can clear it. Remember to rack the slide at least 2 to 3 times.

This would aid in clearing the chamber fully. Examine the chamber and magazine well using a flashlight.

Thinking about a new flashlight for this? Well, get a few suggestions.

Hope this helps!

This would make it easier to make sure the pistol is empty. After that, you can reload and try once more.

So, these are the common problems of KWA ATP. And you can resolve them successfully following our instructions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it using the KWA ATP?

Yes, ATP is quite effective when used for specific purposes. The design of this pistol is good-looking with a balanced weight.

It has 2 changeable palm swells that you can use. It has all the common features just as the other pistols. But in addition, you can get a few additional features too.

What does the term SSG indicate in the airsoft?

A sector gear is found on most airsoft guns, and it rotates and pulls the spring rearward. This can free it up, allowing it to force the BBs out of the barrel.

Because it only has teeth on an end, people refer to it as SSG (single sector gear). If you want to know more about it, you can look it up to the internet.

Is it hard operating a KWA ATP?

The KWA ATP has many features that a user can enjoy. So, if you think you are not fine with multiple controls, you’re wrong.

Because this might be hard for you. But if you think you are good at controls then this would be ideal for you! So, it is not hard to operate and control a KWA ATP.

The Final Words

Now you know about the kwa atp problems! And more importantly, also the respective solutions too.

We hope it was worth it reading through the whole article.

All the best!

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