lv1 vs geo 3.5(Ultimate Fight of Paintball Gun)

You spend a good amount of time on the paintball field and become a beginner to intermediate. You understand that the old paintball gun is not giving you the best shots.

Now you want to switch between Planet eclipse LV1 or Geo 3.5. But you got confused between these guns as they perform overwhelmingly well.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

LV1 is a poppet valve gun, and Geo 3.5 is a spool valve gun, which is the key difference between these guns. Hence LV1 gives better shot efficiency and fewer o-rings. On the other hand, for comfortable, softer shots and less vibration, Geo 3.5 is the winner. The price of these guns is almost near.

We will not take any more time. Let’s jump into the comparison.

Quick Review: Geo 3.5 vs Lv 1

There are no such user differences between these guns except the function. But we try to provide a brief overview of these guns.

Features LV1 GEO3.5
TypePoppet Valve Spool Valve
Grip Ergonomics Ergonomics
ASA Facilities YesYes
Shooting Sound Depends on the airflow system Smoothing
Adjustable Firing ModesYes Yes
User Control LCD Backlight LCD Backlight
Barrel 14.5″ Shaft4 Barrel with 0.689″ BackShaft4 Barrel 14.5″/0.689″
Toolless bolt removal systemYes Yes
Dual Trigger Return MechanismYes Yes
E-portal CompatibleYesYes
DimensionWeight – 936g/2.06lb (inc Barrel, Battery, Feed, POPS)
Length – 555mm (inc Barrel)
Height – 210mm
Width – 27mm
Weight 918g/2.02lb (inc Barrel, Battery, Feed, POPS)
Length 540mm (inc Barrel)
Height 202mm
Width 31mm


Detailed Overview

Already get confused, by looking at the charts! Don’t fear! We are going to give a detailed comparison between these two guns. But there will be no geo 3.5 review and Lv1 review.

Poppet vs Spool Valve System 

The main and core differences between these guns are LV 1 is a poppet valve system, and Geo 3.5 is a spool valve system. 

The Spool valve markers use a bolt that goes ahead, sends a bullet down into the hole, and then glides back. The air is discharged via the bolt as it moves forward.

Due to the absence of a ram or hammer striking the poppet, nothing is struck by the bolt. Instead of a traditional valve, they contain an air reservoir released when the bolt advances.

Now let’s come to the function of the poppet valve.

The bolt of a poppet valve paintball gun functions as a hammer, sliding forward until it collides with a pin at the end. When the hammer strikes the plug on the valve, the valve opens, and the air is released.

Poppet valve markers rely on two metal plates colliding to open the valve. That’s why they usually have a tiny kickback.

Have a look at poppet vs spool valve gun to know more about the differences. 


Air Efficiency is the most vital part of the paint gun. 

The increased air efficiency has been one of 3.5’s substantial advantages. In formal tests, the weapon gets roughly 1500-1600 rounds per tank using a 68ci 4500 tank.

Regarding Ego LV1, we found two types of airflow systems: LPR and HPR.

Generally, HPR stands for High-Pressure Regulator. It reduces tank pressure to the actual level of force required to release a paintball at the chosen FPS. The LPR stands for Low-Pressure Regulator, resulting in a smoother feeling shot.

The LPR operates between 65 and 80 psi. The high-pressure regulator HPR provides 120-135psi air to the valve body.

User Control 

Modern guns focus on user experience.

The LV1 has electronic features and a super-fast processor. Backlit, LCD, E-portal, custom profile, and perfect eye logic make the gun powerful. 

Engineers’ newest technologies are used both internally and externally in Geo3.5. With an on-backlit LCD panel and a UI that ultimately controls the electronics.

 If you wish, you may link the Geo3.5 to your notebook or home PC using the optional ePortal kit to alter parameters, get the latest firmware updates, or personalize the visuals on display.


The trigger is an essential part of the gun. Many guns provide multiple features when it comes to triggering.

The bolt’s velocity is internally adjustable, like with all previous Geo3 models, through a dial on the trigger guard. A slower bolt speed decreases shot profile and recoil, giving in a soft, silent shot, yet a faster bolt speed allows for tremendous rates of fire. 

Geo3.5 provides magnetic and leaf spring trigger recovery mechanisms, along with micro switch and optical trigger detecting circuits.

LV1 Trigger is also an Opto sensor and micro switch. It also incorporates with magnetic and leaf spring return mechanism. It has a new POPS system with existing features. This whole function makes the gun more reliable. 

AT (Air Transfer) Pipe

Both guns use AT(Air Transfer) Pipe. It allows for maintaining air efficiently and makes the gun lighter and smoother. But their operation is almost as same. 

The AT  Pipe system is also unique to the Ego LV1 paintball gun. The AT Pipe design eliminates the large line and fittings present in conventional paintball guns.

The redesigned design maintains the Ego LV1’s total height to a low, smaller, lighter paintball pistol. It also brings the trigger hand nearer to the muzzle axis and optimizes circulation.

The Geo3.5 builds on the AT Pipe system’s history. Initially designed and executed on the EgoLV1, it was eventually transferred to the Geo series on Geo3.1.

Instead, the air is routed from the structure to the new SL4 inline valve through the AT Pipe, allowing the marker to be disassembled, cleaned, and serviced fast and simply.


Both guns are very much smoothing in terms of comfortability. But there are differences in height, weight, and dimensions; there are differences.

The LV1 is 2.06 lb in weight, including battery, feed, and POPS. Its length, height, and width are as follows,555mm, 210mm, and 27 mm.

On the other hand, the length, height, and width of The Geo 3.5 are respectively 540mm, 202mm, and 31mm. And the weight is slightly lower than LV! Which is 2.02 lb.

So if you have smaller hands, then LV 1 would be the best option. But again, the comfortability depends on yourself. Many people prefer larger guns in terms of comfort.


Both guns use ergonomics .hence it is very suitable and easy-going with hands.

The GEO3.5 has a fantastic experience in the hands because of its highly pleasant frame design and completely contoured grips. The sticky rubber and contoured shape provide outstanding grip in all circumstances.

The Ego LV1 has undergone several adjustments to make it as comfy and sturdy as possible. Not only does the frame have a new grip, but a curved ergonomic rubber grip wraps around the HPR.

The distance between these two grips has also been adjusted to provide a more sturdy firing platform.


When you play with guns on the field, dirt goes inside your gun. Hence the shooting efficiency is going to reduce day by day. 

In both guns, without turning a screw, the exhaust valve, inline regulator, and valve can easily be removed from the parts. 

The spool valve gun like Geo 3.5 is easy to maintain. Pool the valve outward to yourself. Spare the parts. Use some lubricants, and Voila. It’s done!

But it has some backward. As the gun has many o rings, it takes some time to clean it. Besides, a lot of lubricants need. The oils may be wasted due to using so much. 

On the other hand, it is very efficient in grease used in poppet guns like LV1. It has fewer o-rings which means the lubricants will be needed less.  The fear of wasted lubricants is much lesser compared to 3.5. 




Final Verdict

To be honest, it doesn’t matter which types of guns you are playing with. If you can play well with Poppet valve guns, you will also play well with spool valve guns and vice versa. 

In major tournaments, players play with both types of guns. Planet eclipse geo 3.5 price and planet eclipse Lv1 price almost nearby. So choose the one which gives you the best comfort.

But the poppet gun is suitable for cold weather as it has high sounds and vibrates. Furthermore, the efficiency, lighter, and fewer lubricants make this gun a perfect fit.  

On the other hand, if you don’t like high sound and vibration, then Geo 3.5 is an easy winner. But one drawback is that it consumes a lot of lubricants. 


Is LV 1.6 the updated version of LV 1?

Yes, LV1.6 is the updated version of LV1. Lv 1 has many versions like Lv 1.1, LVR, 1.5, and 1.6.

The key features of LV1.6 are a cure 5 bolt and a new custom SMC solenoid valve. Besides,135 psi operating pressure, and e portal 2 compatibility are also important features.

Between LV 1 and Geo 3.5 which gun generates more vibrates and sounds?

LV 1 produces more vibrates and sounds. Because it has a rammer system. The rammer collides with the pin to open a valve. And that’s why it vibrates more than the spool valve.

Should I worry about using too many lubricants in parts?

No, you should not. But it does not mean using too much will give high efficiency. Lubricants help the o-rings to perform smoothly. Use it in the proper way to get the best performance and experience. 


We try to include everything in this article. Hope you like it.

So what is your decision at last? Which gun are you choosing between lv1 vs geo 3.5? Poppet or Spool – Which types of system do you prefer most?

And what information do we miss to include in this article? Do let us know in the comment section.

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