Benjamin Marauder 22 vs 25 (Which One Is the Best)

When it comes to PCP rifles, the name Benjamin Marauder can’t be ignored. But there are different types of Marauder rifles. Choosing between them can be a little tricky. Especially, if you don’t know what to expect from an air rifle.

So, what are the differences between Benjamin Marauder 22 vs 25?

The Marauder .22 is slightly cheaper than the Marauder .25. Despite having similar accuracy, the Marauder .25 has higher stopping power. But the .22 caliber is quieter. For target practice and small games, the marauder .22 is best. But the .25 caliber is great for hunting medium-sized games.

Anyways, that was just a summary of the whole comparison. Clearly, this isn’t enough to showcase the differences properly.

That’s why we’ve elaborated on each of these aspects and compared them directly.

Benjamin Marauder .22 vs .25 Air Rifle: Basic Differences


Benjamin Marauder 22 vs 25

Let’s get a brief look at the differences between both rifles. This will help you understand key factors and why they seem different.

Having an overview prior to the comparison is always helpful. For example, understanding the difference between Hatsan 95 and 125 is difficult without basics.

That’s why we’ve brought everything under one chart and compared them head to head-

AspectsBenjamin Marauder .22Benjamin Marauder .25
Price Point Slightly CheaperQuite Expensive
AccuracyHighSlightly Less
Stopping PowerSatisfactory2x More Powerful
Noise OutputQuieterLouder
Proper Hunting TargetSquirrels, Rabbits & PestsSquirrels, Raccoons, Turkeys & Coyote
Long Distance HuntingNot Good EnoughGreat
Ammunition CostCheaperExpensive
Availability AvailableHard to manage
Primary UsageTarget PracticeMedium Game Hunting

Benjamin Marauder .22 vs .25 Air Rifle: Detailed Discussion

After going through the table, have you reached a conclusion? If you haven’t, that’s totally fine. Because we’ve compared both rifles head to head in different aspects one by one.

Simply sit back, relax and go through all of them. In the end, you’ll be able to make your own decision!

Price Point

The price point is the biggest concern for anyone who’s trying to get a new benjamin air rifle. That’s why we’ve made it the first priority.

The pricing of these two guns is pretty similar. We can see this while comparing MK18 and M4 as well. They’re also extremely close in this category.

When it comes to prices Marauder .22 air guns are quite cheaper. It’s because .22 air guns are widely available and the ammunition is cheaper.

We’ll talk about more on that later.

On the other hand, Marauder .25 is a powerful air gun. Usually, Marauder .25 air guns cost significantly more than .22 air guns.

Overall, you’re looking at a difference of $100 or so.

Winner: Benjamin Marauder .22 wins the round due to being cheaper.

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Accuracy and Stopping Power

After the price point, it’s time to talk about the accuracy and stopping power. You’ll be surprised how different these two guns are when it comes to this topic.

When it comes to benjamin marauder accuracy, the Marauder .22 is a perfect choice. It has impressive accuracy. In 60-100 yards, marauder .22 provides everything for you.

But Marauder .22 lacks impressive stopping power. But it’s nothing less than satisfactory. It can kill a squirrel without breaking a sweat.

On the contrary, Marauder .25’s accuracy is almost the same as the marauder .22. But in long-distance shooting, it has slightly less accuracy.

The lackings of marauder .25 in accuracy is covered up with its superior stopping power. It has extremely high stopping power. This makes the Marauder .25 2x more powerful than the .22 version.

Winner: Marauder .25 takes this round.

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Noise Output

Noise output can also be a concern depending on where you live. That’s why many gun owners may prefer a quieter weapon.

The Marauder .22 makes significantly less noise. It’s because of the lighter pellet. This makes it excellent for both training and hunting.

But the Marauder .25 is really loud; like really loud! We’ve already mentioned that it has extremely high stopping power. So, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Winner: The Marauder .22 wins because of being quieter.

Hunting and Training

So far we’ve talked about the air guns themselves. It’s now time to talk about the usage and how they perform in different applications.

Let’s start with the Benjamin Marauder .22. This is more of an all-purpose rifle because of its versatility.

The best usage scenario for this rifle is training and target practice. Its high accuracy will help you learn faster.

But don’t think it’s bad for hunting. It has enough stopping power to instantly kill a squirrel or a rabbit.

But are you looking for an air gun for hunting purposes only? Then you should pick the Marauder .25.

With this airgun, you’ll be able to take down any medium-sized game. This includes turkeys, raccoons, and even coyotes.

Winner: The Marauder .22 is better at training and hunting small games. The Marauder .25 is good for hunting medium-sized games.

Hunting also depends on the pellets. Without good pellets, it’s hard to hunt effectively.

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Maintenance is also important when it comes to long-term usage. But by properly maintaining your air gun, you can keep the gun brand new.

Final Verdict

The ultimate decision comes down to the difference of application. We’ve already mentioned that Marauder .22 is great for target practice.

Definitely get that rifle if you want to get better at accuracy. This gun is super accurate and will help you a lot.

But if you want to hunt some middle-sized game, get the Marauder 25. The ammo is more expensive and less available. But the joy of hunting is worth the extra hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do .25 pellets cost more than .22 pellets?

Yes! If you’re planning to use a .25 air gun, you’ll need .25 pellets. Unfortunately, they aren’t widely available. Because of that, they’re comparatively more expensive.

How effective is Marauder 22 in long-distance hunting?

The Marauder 22 is comparatively weak in long distances. For long-distance hunting, you’ll need something with more power. That’s why the Marauder .25 air gun is a better choice.

Does the performance of air guns depend on the pellets?

Yes, the performance of air guns depends on the pellets. Heavier pellets will drop faster and travel less distance. But they’re great for hunting. Lighter pellets are good for hunting small animals like rabbits.

Take Away

That was all from us on Marauder 22 vs 25. Hopefully, we were able to keep you intrigued and the confusion has been cleared.

If you really want to see the differences for yourself, you’ll have to use them. Go to the nearest shooting range if you can. Try both of them and you’ll immediately realize which one you want to get.

Last but not least, have a nice day!

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