MK18 vs M4 (Which One Should You Choose?)

Both MK14 and M4 have been popular when it comes to air rifles. They’re both reliable and great for training and having fun. But there are a lot of dissimilarities between them.

So, what are the differences between MK14 and M4?

The MK18 is priced in the $250 range as opposed to M4’s $200 range. The MK18 has two versions; full length and CQB. On the contrary, the M4 has only one version with a 14.5” barrel. The MK18 has almost the same velocity as the M4. But the MK18 CQB has significantly lower velocity.

Anyways that was just a short comparison between the two. There’s a lot more to talk about and compare them head to head.

Keep reading if you want to know more about MK18 and M4!

MK18 vs M4: Basic Differences


MK18 vs M4

Starting a detailed discussion may leave you with confusion if you’re new. Prior knowledge before head to head is always helpful.

For example, understanding the difference between Marauder 22 and 25 requires knowledge about PCP. Without that, it will leave you with confusion that you’ll have to deal with later.

Knowing basic differences also gives you a nice preview before you start comparing. It just makes things easier to understand.

That’s why we’ve listed the primary differences, especially for you-

After going through the table, which one are you liking more?

MK18 vs M4: Detailed Comparison

Have you reached a final decision yet? If you haven’t then no need to worry. We have discussed and compared each of those aspects in more detail.

Sit back, relax and go through all the steps one by one. You’ll surely reach a decision in no time.

Price Point

The first thing we need to talk about is the price point. Many gun owners like to stay within budget and get as much as they can.

Let’s begin with MK18 rifles. These rifles are designed to be a little shorter than the M4. But the longer version of MK18 is available as well.

Because of these reasons, MK18s are priced at around $250 in the market. It’s because of the additional modifications.

But you can’t install 3rd party sights like Eotech 553 or 512. But the guns come with a nice iron sight.

To save you some time, we’ve linked some of our most recommended sights-

You can now choose whichever you prefer more and get started!

On the other hand, the M4 is much cheaper than the MK18. The CQB MK18 is just a cut-down version of the M4.

Because of fewer modifications, M4 costs slightly less. They can be bought for $200. On sale, you can get it for about $180 or so.

Winner: The M4 wins this round because of its lower price point.

Length, Weight & Barrel Size

We’ve already mentioned that MK18 is a cutdown version of the M4. But let’s get more precise, shall we?

The MK18 has a length of 27.5 to 31 inches. It may vary due to stock length and rail sizes. It varies because of two different versions; full-length and CQB.

MK18 also weighs more than M4 at around 6 lbs. It has a 10.3” barrel for CQB operations. Because of the shorter barrel, it’s easier to handle close combat operations with MK18.

But the longer version has the 14.5” which is the same as the M4.

On the other hand, the M4 is longer and lighter. Because of the barrel size, it has an overall length of 34.50”. But there are 31.25” versions available on the market.

The M4 weighs only 4.3 lbs. This makes the M4 1.70 lbs lighter than the MK18. The M4 barrel is about 14.5” long and extendable to 16”.

Winner: No clear winner. Completely depends on your preference.

Both guns use similar magazines and have the same firing modes. To save you some time, we’ve listed some of our top picks-

These will help you choose one easily and you can order it right away!


When it comes to air rifles, velocity matters a lot. That’s why we’ve made it an independent section and compared both of them.

As we’ve already mentioned, the MK18 has two different versions. That’s why the MK18 has two different velocities. The CQB version of the MK18 has a velocity of 330 to 350 FPS.

But the longer version has a higher velocity. The longer MK18 has a velocity of 370 to 390 FPS. If you want more accuracy, this is what you should choose.

On the other hand, the M4 has a velocity of 370 to 400 FPS. That’s why the M4 is slightly more powerful than the MK18.

Winner: The M4 is clearly better than the MK18’s CQB version. But at the same barrel length, they’re the same.

Your overall costs don’t really end there. After buying a rifle, you’ll also have to maintain your rifle. That’s why you’ll need a good case to keep them pristine.

To help you out, we’ve taken our liberty and suggested our best picks-

You now easily pick one whichever impresses you more, and get started!

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. Do you like a shorter-barrel rifle? Then go for the MK18 CQB version.

But if you want to have that extra velocity and higher accuracy, then M4 is the option. You can also get a longer MK18 if you like that weapon in particular.

Both weapons are going to be great in close and mid-range target practice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the M4 an all-purpose rifle?

Answer: Yes, the M4 is an all-purpose rifle because of its extreme versatility. The M4 is more accurate in the mid-range shooting. That’s why it’s considered to be best at close to mid-range.

Question: Which is better for CQB operations the MK18 or M4?

Answer: When it comes to CQB operations, the MK18 excels better than M4. Because it’s designed to be operable in close range. The M4 barrel can be also modified and shortened.

Question: Do the special forces use the MK18?

Answer: Yes, since the MK18 is designed to be a CQB rifle. The actual versions of both guns are extremely reliable and easy to carry. But US soldiers often prefer MK18 more because of better handling.

Take Away

That was everything from us on MK18 vs M4. Hopefully, this information helped you clear some of your confusion.

One last bit of advice before you leave us. The best way to compare both of these guns is to try them out. Go to the nearest shooting range and see for yourself!

Finally, have a nice day!

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