Nerf Stampede Ecs Not Working (Reasons + Solutions)

We know it is hard to resist the adrenaline of shooting a nerf stampede ecs. However, when the gun fails to work, it can be a major mood killer.

But in reality, the issues for the stampede ecs not working can be easily resolved!

So, why are your nerf stampede ecs not working?

If the stampede is not powering on or shooting, check for bad motors and pistons. Run the motor and pistons and check efficiency. If it’s not shooting, check the dart gate spring & dart compatibility. Wrong darts and corroded springs need to be changed with new and compatible ones.

Alongside this information, you will need proper instructions to revive the stampede from not working. And that is exactly what I have provided in this article below.

Got some spare time? Let’s get to fixing your favorite nerf gun!

3 Quick Fixes


Nerf Stampede Ecs Not Working

There could be several reasons behind your stampede ecs not working. But, let’s first check for some quick fixes before going to the bigger problems.

1. Check Battery

Are the stampede ecs getting no power? This issue can be caused by malfunctioning or worn-out batteries. Replace them with new ones if this is the case.

The nerf stampede needs 6 “D” batteries in total. If you’re facing a problem replacing “D” batteries, here’s a guide for “D” batteries. It’ll help you out!

For your convenience. I have listed some cheap and efficient D batteries in the market:

These D batteries will ensure the smooth operation of your nerf gun. They also last longer than other batteries in the market.

2. Check Wiring

Disconnected wires can ruin the whole operation of the nerf stampede ECS. You have to make sure everything is connected.

Look inside your nerf gun to see what’s going on with the wiring. Check to see if anything is unplugged or disconnected. If necessary, rewire everything.

3. Check Clip

This is one of the simplest fixes. Believe it or not, you may leave the clip empty and try to fire it. This is a very common and noob mistake. Just fill the clip up with your preferred darts!

Why Your Nerf Stampede ECS Not Working

The quick fixes aren’t fixing the gun? Try the 3 solutions below. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix your nerf gun!

Reason 1: Bad Motor and Pistons

A dysfunctional motor or bad pistons can prevent a stampede from powering on and shooting. Well, don’t worry; check the solutions for it below.


Well, don’t worry. I’ve explained this here through a step-by-step process.

Step 1: Check Motor Functionality

Check if the motor is working or not. If the motor might not give proper output or is damaged. In that case, you can go for a motor change.

To help you, I have suggested 3 high-capacity motors for the nerf mega mastodon:

Replacing the motor with any of these should fix the issue.

Step 2: Check the Pistons of the Gun

Sometimes the pistons get old and rusty. The pistons sometimes also stop functioning which causes the dart to not come out. In this case, you will have to replace the pistons with new ones.

There are a lot of pistons out there in the market. For instance, rifle piston, nitro piston, etc.

If you’re picking the nitro pistons, a comparison between nitro pistons will aid you greatly.

Reason 2: Wrong Dart Size and Dart Gate

Sometimes the motors work but the guns fail to shoot out darts. There could be a variety of causes for the stampede’s failure to fire. Don’t worry, though. Check the fixes below.


Here, I’ve explained the solution in simple steps. Have a look!

Step 1: Check the Spring of Dart Gate

It is quite possible for the gun to have a dart gate issue when it is not firing. For this, you have to disassemble your nerf gun.

Check the spring for the dart gate. It is a very small spring, similar to the springs present in pens.

See if the spring has corrosion or it is not performing well. If that’s the case, simply replace it with a pen spring.

Step 2: Check the Dart You Are Using

Off-brand bullets/darts can create problems in the nerf gun. The sizes may mismatch; resulting in the nerf gun not shooting.

There exists a lot of off-brand darts for nerf. For example, little valentine darts, NextX blaster darts, dart zone Sureshot waffle-tip darts, etc. Although, all of them aren’t compatible with the nerf gun.

The compatibility of dart zone darts, little valentine darts, and the rest should be verified before use.

If you want, you may use other branded darts for your nerf gun. Take an idea here.

Hope this helped you out. These are some great alternatives if you’re having difficulties finding nerf darts.

Find out which reason is similar to yours. We have provided the solutions above, just follow them and fix your gun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the NERF Stampede a fully automatic weapon?

Answer: Yes, the NERF Stampede is fully automatic. It can hold up to 18 clips. You can easily pop out the used magazines and load new ones. This gun has a bipod in the front, which you can utilize as a handle. You can use it as a handle. The NERF stampede also has a staggering 30-foot fire range.

Question: Are motorized NERF guns good?

Answer: Motorized nerf guns are the best NERF guns out there! They are better than regular NERF guns. The motors are fueled with cells/batteries, and they fire rapidly. The motorized guns also have a bigger dart capacity. Additionally, they are more stable than any other lineup of NERF.

Question: What NERF gun holds the most bullets?

Answer: The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can hold the most bullets among the NERF guns. It can hold up to 144 bullets in total! There can be a maximum of 8 clips inside the gun. Each clip can hold 18 bullets. This gun provides semi-auto gunfire with the pulling of the trigger.


You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, you’ll be able to solve the problems when your nerf stampede ecs not working.

Do follow the instructions precisely. Additionally, try to pinpoint the problem with your gun. That will solve the issues more effectively.

Best of luck fixing your nerf gun!

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