S-Hop Vs R-Hop (Which One Should You Buy?)

Airsofters become confused when choosing one between s-hop & r-hop. Are you one of them too?

It’s quite confusing to prefer one of them. Because people don’t know the basic differences between them. They think they’re almost alike. But they’re not!

So, which one is better between s-hop and r-hop?

Well, we can compare them by many features of them. Like, the main difference between them is the filler material on the window of the barrel. We can also compare them by their durability, installation, accuracy, range, etc. Cost is also an important factor and longevity too.

Wait, that’s not all. To know more about s-hop vs r-hop, go through the article.

S-Hop Vs R-Hop: 5 Basic Differences!


S-Hop Vs R-Hop

Both s-hop and r-hop are very good. They’ve become quite famous among airsofters.

Both of them can provide you with good accuracy and range. But there are some differences between them. In some features, s-hop’s better, and in some other features, r-hop’s better.

So, choosing between them is quite a tough task. Let’s take a look at the basic differences between them:

Still, confused about what to choose? Don’t get stressed. I’ve given a 5-step detailed comparison guideline of them. Run your eyes over them to know more.

S-Hop Vs R-Hop: Detailed Comparison

Now, you know the basic differences between them. Let’s find out the differences in a more detailed way. So that you can decide which one to go for.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get turned on.

Filler Material

In both cases, you need to fill the tiny window of the barrel. The basic difference between s-hop and r-hop is the filler material of the window of the barrel.

For s-hop, the material’s Sugru. So, you might wonder what sugru is for s-hop.

Sugru’s silicone rubber is a moldable and clay-type element. It’s very soft, simple to use, and available in the market. Besides, there are other uses of sugru too.

Now let’s talk about r-hop airsoft. For r-hop, you’ll use harder rubber patch stuff for this. Airsofters use silicon rubber patches. You can find them in the market. Besides, you can make DIY r-hop patches at home too.

Here are some top-picked airsoft r-hop kits for you.


The filler material of S-Hop is softer than r-hop.

Installation process

The main part of the installation is to fill the window of the barrel.

For s-hop, you’ll use sugru which’s very easy to apply. Fill the sugru in the window in an airtight way. Remove the excess through a Teflon tube.

Now pause for 24-48 hours for the proper addition with the barrel.

Do you know how to install r-hop? Let me tell you how.

Use a silicon rubber patch to fill the window in an accurate way. For this, Teflon tape may help you.

Now attach the rubber with glue. For drying, it’ll take 24-48 hours. At first, it’ll be tough to do. But after some use, it’ll be easier.


The installation method of s-hop is easier and quicker. However, the drying time of both of them is nearly the same.


Let’s discuss the longevity of s-hop and r-hop.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, for s-hop, sugru is used. And sugru is a very soft and light element. That’s why it wears out very soon. So, after around 10K to 15K shots, you’ll have to fill the window again.

Let’s take a look at r-hop. Here a silicon rubber patch is harder than sugru. Hence it doesn’t wear out and stays for a long time. You need to change the rubber here after about 50K to 100K shots.


From the above conversation, we can tell that r-hop is more long-lasting than s-hop.

Accuracy & Range

You’ve already got that sugru is lighter and silicon rubber patch is heavier.

Let’s see how they function.

Both of them protrude into the barrel. In this way, they apply friction which results in backspin. As a result, they don’t lose their speed much and can glide in a quite smooth way. This’ll provide you with a good range and accuracy.

The lighter the filler material of the window is, the better the backspin. So, the accuracy and range are also better.


As sugru is lighter, the shots will be more accurate and give better range. So, in s-hop, you’ll get better accuracy than in r-hop.

Along with all that, the accuracy is similarly dependent on the weight of airsoft bbs.

Here are some top-picked airsoft bbs for you.

BBs’re light-weighted. But should you use airsoft bbs in a bb gun, which is heavier than airsoft?


Sugru’s cheap. You can buy a lot of them for around $20. And they’re reusable too.

But they aren’t long-lasting. So you’ve to buy them again.

You can find 3-5 rubber patches within the $20 r-hop kit. They’re expensive but long-lasting enough.


R-Hop is more cost-effective than S-Hop.

Final Verdict

Both of them are good in different factors.

S-Hop’s less cost-effective but it gives better accuracy and better range. The installation process is easy. So if you don’t have any problem with the budget, then choose s-hop.

Now let’s know if is r-hop worth it or not?

The installation process of R-Hop’s difficult. But it provides a good range and accuracy with longevity. So if you give more importance to longevity, then you should choose R-Hop.

So you should consider all the differences between them before choosing anyone.

However, do you know the length of the barrel and hop-up buckings are important too?

Sometimes you need to cut barrels to have the proper length. You can use Dremel machines to cut brass barrels. Hop-up buckings are important too. Here are some top-picked hop-up buckings for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are airsoft guns illegal?

Answer: In the United States and Canada, they’re not illegal as they’re replica guns. People love to play with them.

Question: What are the barrel-cutting tools?

Answer: There are many cutting tools by which we can cut barrels. Like, Dremel, bandsaw, hacksaw, etc.

Question: What’s bucking in airsoft guns?

Answer: Bucking’s a rubber material that maintains the temperature of the backspin. They’re available in the market.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you don’t need to struggle anymore while choosing between s-hop and r-hop. With this detailed comparison guide, you can decide which one’s better for you.

There’s one more thing for you to know. Both hops aren’t compatible with all guns. So, remember to check before buying.

That’s all buddy. Share with us which you’ve chosen for your gun in the comment section and how it’s benefited you.

Until next time, have a good day!

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