Tiberius T15 vs Milsig M17 (The Superior Marker)

In the world of paintball markers, there’s no one who hasn’t heard of the Milsig M17. but out came the Tiberius T15, and the M17 got a rival. And ever since people have been pretty confused between the two. So-

Which one’s the superior marker between Tiberius T15 vs Milsig M17?

To compare these two, the first major thing is that the T15 doesn’t come with a manual. Whereas, the M17 does. The M17 comes with 2 Allen keys and the T15 doesn’t come with any. But T15 comes with 2 mags whereas M17 comes with 1. The T15 also comes and it’s lighter in weight but it has rust problems.

This was pretty much the summary of the main comparison between these two markers. We’ve gone into further details in the article down below.

Interested in knowing about them? Then let’s just scroll down and read the article!

Tiberius T15 vs Milsig M17: Key Comparisons

Before we compare the products head-on, we figured you should see the notable differences. These differences will give you better insight.

They’ll also help you get a better understanding of what we go into below. So, let’s not wait for any further and see the notable differences-

Feature Tiberius T15Milsig M17
Comes with a ManualNo Yes
Allen KeyNone Two
Magazine 2 19-round magazine1 18-round magazine
Comes with a false magazineNo Yes
Comes with a shroudYes No
Weight Lighter Heavier
Possibility of rustYes No
PriceMore Expensive


It’s just a quick overview. In the next segment, you’ll find more detailed information.

Tiberius T15 vs Milsig M17: Detailed Differences

If you’re reading this section then you must’ve already checked out the key comparisons. It’s fine if you haven’t though.

But we’d still recommend you to scheme through them first. Anyways, let’s move on and see the detailed differences now-


Packaging is a vital part of any product. If the packaging isn’t good, people will lose interest from the start.

But, if the packaging is good, they’ll be more interested to know what’s inside. So let’s see what both of these paintball markers have to offer-

Milsig M17

The Milsig M17 is packaged quite well. The box itself is made of cardboard and there’s a holder on top. That will allow you to carry the box like a bag instead of a box.

Upon opening the box you’ll see foam everywhere. They cover everything with their foam to ensure no damage is done to the product. At least not while it’s on delivery.

There’s a removable foam on top that covers everything inside. Remove that foam and you’ll see everything placed carefully inside.

Then there’s the parts kit. You’ll find quite a few things inside. Like, as an A5 threaded barrel, a barrel plug, and a bottle of oil.

There’s also a Hopper feed adapter, two Allen keys, and two extra O-rings. And along with them came an 18-round First Strike magazine and a false magazine.

Aside from all that, there’s also a 13 CI tank cover.

Tiberius T15

Now let’s see how the packaging of one of the most advanced paintball markers is. The T15 comes in a carry case. And the case looks very fancy from the outside with a premium look.

But if your model’s after 2020, there’s a chance you might not get the case.

Inside the case, the first thing we’ll talk about is the T15 itself. Upon taking it out, you’ll notice that the marker is already built.

You don’t have to spend hours on the marker and build it yourself part by part. With the T15, there’s a 13 CI tank and a tank cover. In some cases, they’ll already be attached to the marker.

There are two magazines, an on/off ASA adapter, and a shroud. There’s also a barrel sleeve and a set of flip sights.

Lastly, the case comes with a strap for carrying the case. This is to help you carry the case.

Winner: Now, if we’re going to choose a winner, it’ll be the Tiberius T15. But if your model is after 2020, then it’s a tie.

Because they stopped providing the case after 2020. And T15 only won here because of their premium packaging.


Magazines or mags for short should be a topic of discussion. The reason is they have two different types of mags.

Now, if you’re planning on going with a hopper feeder then you have no business here. But it doesn’t hurt to know things. So, stick by and read.

The M17 comes with only one 18-round magazine. But the unique feature is they also come with a false magazine.

You’ll need a false magazine if you’re planning on mounting a hopper feeder. It’ll stop the paintballs from falling.

Now, the T15 on the other hand comes with two 19-round magazines. That’s one more than M17 and that too with a round more.

But it doesn’t come with a false mag like M17. So, this section will be a tie. Both markers have their merits here.

Winner: It’s a tie.

Allen Keys

By reading the title you might think that this is pretty insignificant. But it’s significant in this case.

And even though there are multiple uses for an Allen key, T15 doesn’t come with one. Whereas, M17 comes with two of them.

It’s not like Allen keys need to be there. But they should still come with them.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem because people usually have Allen’s keys at home. But what about people who don’t have Allen keys at home?

Besides, a beginner won’t have any Allen keys either. So, T15 losses in this section. The winner is M17.

Winner: Milsig M17

User Manual

The user manual is very important for paintball markers. If you’re a beginner then you should definitely go through the manuals.

And if you’re not a beginner, you should still go through the manual. You never know what will be new for you.

The manual will teach you how to use the marker properly. It’ll also teach you how to maintain the marker so that it can last a long time.

Things such as paintball markers should never come without using manuals. But the thing is, T15 doesn’t come with a manual.

You’ll find the user manual online but that’s not how it’s supposed to be. M17 on the other hand comes with a manual.

So, the Milsig M17 edges ahead in this section.

Winner: Milsig M17


Sights aren’t always necessary for paintball markers. But still makes the markers look closer to a real gun if you have them.

Both the markers here come with flip sights. But there’s a cool feature with the T15 sights. They glow in the dark paint on them.

So, when they’re flipped down, they glow in the dark. A small sad news though, First Strike has removed the flip sights on the newer models.

They’re normal plain sights now. So, normally we’d say that it’s a tie here. But for old time’s sake, T15 is the winner here. Thanks to their cool sights.

Winner: Tiberius T15

Durability & Corrosion

The M17 is made completely out of metal. There’s no polymer used in the making. This makes it extremely durable.

And at the same time, it also makes the marker very heavy. Running around might impose a problem for some people with it.

As for the T15, it’s built with lightweight aluminum and other metals. This is equally as durable as M17 but much lighter in comparison.

But there’s a downside of the T15. There’s been a huge number of reports that it catches rust quite easily.

You can use it in light rain for around half an hour and it’ll rust. The M17 however, doesn’t have this problem.

Winner: Milsig M17


When it comes down to the price the Milsig M17 is the cheaper alternative.

The price for the Tiberius T15 ranges from $499.95-$599.95 approximately.

On the other hand, the price range for Milsig M17 is approximately $373.95-$373.95.

Winner: Milsig M17

Final Verdict

Well, the final decision depends on your choice.

When you consider the packaging then the Tiberius T15 surely edges ahead. It’s also the same when it comes to the sight feature.

But it’s different when it comes to Allen keys, user manual, and durability and corrosion. In this case, the winner is the Milsig M17.

Lastly, when it comes to the price the M17 is the cheaper alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What paintballs hurt the most?

The .68 caliber paintballs hurt the most. The paintballs that don’t break on contact easily and the high-caliber ones. They hurt the most. The greater the caliber the more hurtful it will become. Hence the .68 caliber hurts so much without protective gears.

What paintballs hurt the least?

The .50 caliber paintballs hurt the least. These are low-impact paintballs. The lower the caliber the less hurtful it will become. The .50 caliber is much smaller and it hurts much less. These .50 caliber paintballs are most widely used.

Can you use paintball guns for self-defense?

Yes, you can use paintball guns for self-defense. But it might not work every time. If the attacker wears heavy clothing such as in winter it’ll be of no use. Besides, you may not have the access to the gun when you need it in time. Hence, it’s best to not rely on it.


This is just about everything you need to know about Tiberius T15 vs Milsig M17. We gave our decision, but you can decide something else from the given information.

If you have any further queries, let us know in the comments.

Good Luck!

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