Tippmann 98 Custom Vs A5 (Which Is Better For You?)

In the market for a new airsoft gun but confused by the sheer amount of options available? There are two guns that confuse buyers the most. 

So confused by Tippmann 98 custom vs a5?

The Tippmann 98 custom and Tippmann a5 are very similar guns but they aren’t the same. The feature sets they offer are different. The 98 custom has a hinged elbow design, anti-chop system, inline bolt system, and the gun weighs less. The A5 has a cyclone feed system, 5 firing modes, and weighs more. 

There are many more nuances in comparing these guns. But fret not! This article has an in-depth comparison between the Tippmann 98 custom and A5.





The Tippmann 98 Custom and the Tippmann A5 are produced by the same company, Tippmann. The guns were released in the same year. They even have the same design. 

So the two guns, the 98 custom, and A5 are very similar to each other. But they are not the same. The difference between Tippmann 98 and a5 are

So we can clearly see that there are many points that need to be discussed. But fret not because below is an in-depth discussion on everything you need to know about these guns. 

In-depth Comparison

There are a lot of things we need to discuss the 98 custom and a5. So let’s just get into it.


Both the guns have their own unique features that set them apart from the rest. The unique features are the key attraction points of the guns

Let’s see what the key features of the 98 custom and the a5 are.

Tippmann 98 Custom   

The Tippmann 98 Custom is a favorite amongst beginners and even intermediates. So what features do the players like the most? Let’s see

Hinged Elbow Design

The Tippmann 98 Custom has a hinged elbow design. The design makes it easier to disassemble. This in turn helps make it more customizable and easier to maintain. 

The hinged elbow design lets you disassemble the marker easily. Even inexperienced users can do it with ease.

You may face any problem during a game regarding the marker or such. In that case, you can just quickly replace the marker and start playing again.

Anti-Chop System

Chopping is the problem of paintballs getting split in half before being fired. This happens because of the pressure. 

Anti-chop system deals with this exact problem. Tippmann put extra effort into solving the issue of chopping. The anti-chop feature hugely improves the problem of breaking paintballs. 

Inline Bolt System

The Tippmann 98 custom is very efficient at using air. That is thanks to the inline bolt system that the 98 custom houses. The system reduces the amount of air needed for firing a shot.

The inline bolt system reduces the need for CO2 or compressed air or whichever you use. Meaning you can get more games out of one fuel tank.

The inline bolt system also helps in reducing the pressure and in turn reducing chopping. So the system does two things in one go.

Customizable Design

The Tippmann 98 custom has ‘custom’ in the name. So you know it was designed with customization in mind. Everything from the barrel to the trigger of the Tippmann 98 custom can be customized. 

The heavy customizability makes it a good choice for intermediate users as well. Anybody can customize the Tippmann  98 custom using Tippmann’s own line of accessories. Or even accessories from other brands. 

The customizability gives the user the ability to make a gun that is unique to them. The pressure and the marker all can be tuned to the user’s preference.

Tippmann A5       

What unique features does the Tippmann A5 offer that makes the gun so popular? Let’s see. 

Cyclone Feed System

The Tippmann A5 has a cyclone feed system. The system is an air-powered hopper. The system lets the A5 fire up to 15 rounds per second.

The number of paintballs you are going to be shooting will differ based on you pulling the trigger. But having the luxury of a faster shooting gun than others is a good thing to have. 

The best part about the cyclone feed system is that it does not need any batteries. It uses the air in such an efficient manner that it is able to shoot paintballs consistently. 

The cyclone feed also reduces the inconsistency and pressure of the air inside the gun. Making paintball chopping less frequent.

External Switch Selector and Five Firing Modes

The Tippmann A5 has an external switch that lets you select from five firing modes. The variety of firing modes can come in handy during games. 

The external switch makes switching modes really simple. The small implementation of the switch makes the gun more user-friendly.

More importantly, the switch is very discrete. So it never becomes a nuisance during games. 

8.5-Inch Barrel

Tippmann A5 Barrel is considered to be of the ideal size by many. The shorter size of the barrel makes it much easier to control. Newer players can feel more confident with these sized barrels as well.

The barrel of the Tippmann A5 is best suited for woodball games. 


The Tippmann A5 is an easily customizable gun. You can change or upgrade different parts of the A5 easily. 

Changing the marker or the barrel is really easy with the Tippmann A5. Something might not be to your preference, or if you just want an upgrade. Tippmann has got you covered as it lets you customize from a wide range of selections. 

Winner: Both of the guns have excellent feature sets. Which feature set is better will depend on the user’s preference. But our choice is the Tippmann A5 because it does almost everything the Tippmann 98 custom does. And can do even more.


Range decides how far you can shoot from. Customizing the guns will let you increase or decrease the range. But we will focus on the standard shooting range of the guns.

Tippmann 98 Custom  

The Tippmann 98 custom has an effective range of 150 feet. The 8-inch, 0.68 caliber barrel offers accurate shots up to 150 feet. Any further and you may start missing some shots.

Tippmann A5           

The Tippmann A5 has an effective range of 150 feet as well. Though the barrel is slightly larger at 8.5 inches, it is still 0.68 caliber. And the effective shooting range is also 150 feet, any further and shots will start to miss.

Winner: Both of the guns have the same effective range of 150 feet. So it is a draw. 

Air Gun Power

This section will discuss which kind of fuel the guns require. Having the choice of more fuel options gives better user-friendliness. Refueling becomes much easier.

Tippmann 98 Custom

The Tippmann 98 custom can be used with CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen. The variety of options makes it easier to refuel the tank. And the inline bolt system makes it more fuel-efficient as well.

Tippmann A5

The Tippmann A5 too can be used with CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen. The variety of options makes it easier to refuel the tank before a game.

Winner: Though both the guns use the same three types of fuel, the Tippmann 98 custom wins due to its efficiency.


The heavier the gun, the more hardship you have to endure while playing. Heavier guns will tire you out faster. The weight of paintballs can make heavy guns heavier. 

So let’s see which of the guns is lighter. 

Tippmann 98 Custom

The weight of the base model of Tippmann 98 Custom is 2.8 lbs. Customizing it will make it heavier or lighter. But 2.8 lbs for the base model is plenty light. 

Users have complimented the weight of the Tippmann 98 custom. It is very easy to play with.

Tippmann A5

The weight of the base model of Tippmann 98 Custom is 3.1 lbs. Customizing it will make it heavier or lighter.

3.1 lbs is the standard weight for any airgun. Using it should not negatively affect your performance at all.

Winner: the winner of this section, by slight margins, is Tippmann 98 Custom. It is a little lighter than the Tippmann A5.


The price of guns is a very important factor. Let’s see which of the guns is more budget-friendly.

Tippmann 98 Custom       

The price of the Tippmann 98 customs is around $150. But if you are lucky enough you may find better deals on the gun. It is often sold in bundles with other accessories, making the price more lucrative.

Tippmann A5           

The price of the Tippmann A5 is around $250. But this gun can also be found for sale or in a bundle with other accessories. Tippmann A5 upgrades are cheaper as well.

Winner: The winner is the Tippmann 98 Custom due to its cheaper price.

Which One is the Winner?

Both the Tippmann 98 Custom and the Tippmann A5 are excellent guns and you cannot go wrong with any of them. 

But if we had to make a choice we would suggest the Tippmann 98 Custom. The 98 Custom is lighter, cheaper, and more fuel-efficient. The feature set is also quite solid. 

But again, you cannot go wrong with the Tippmann A5. It has an excellent feature set and the gun can be easily upgraded. 


Is Tippmann A5 accurate?

The Tippmann A5 is plenty accurate. The effective range of the gun is up to 150 feet, shooting further will drop the accuracy. But upgrading the barrel and the scope can increase the accuracy and effective range of the gun even further. 

How do I make my Tippman?

n a5 more accurate? There are some ways to make the Tippmann A5 more accurate. You can use better paintballs. Upgrading the scope and the barrel also helps in increasing the accuracy.

Cleaning dirt and broken paint from the barrel will also improve accuracy.

Is a longer barrel better for paintball?

A longer barrel is not necessarily better for paintball. A longer barrel has higher accuracy. Simply because it is easier to aim.

But too long of a barrel is harder to control. Barrels sized between 12 to 16 inches are considered to be ideal. 


With that, we know so much more about Tippmann 98 custom vs a5. Both are excellent choices and you cannot go wrong with any of them. 

Consider all the aspects we discussed carefully before you select which gun you want.

Good luck!

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