Tippmann Model 98 vs 98 Custom (Comparison)

Buying a Tippmann paintball gun will finally allow you bragging rights with friends. But the dilemma between their trademark markers, the 98 and the 98 custom, is big.

So, what should you prefer between Tippmann 98 vs 98 custom?

The difference between the two is that you can upgrade the 98 custom. It comes with built-in holes for aftermarket upgrades. But, the basic model 98 has to be sent to the manufacturer for the same upgrades. The 98 custom is available on Tippmann’s website, but the base 98 is out of production.

But this barely summarizes the broader concept. I’ve made a detailed analysis covering all the comparable factors head-to-head.

Now, let’s find out which suits you the best. Let’s start!

Tippmann Model 98 vs 98 Custom: Quick Overview

The base and the custom versions for the Tippmann model 98 should feel the same when shooting.

This is because they have almost identical specifications. The only difference is, that the 98 custom can readily install aftermarket upgrades.

Let’s look at the different specifications at a quick glance to get an idea.

As you can tell, there are a few noticeable differences causing the dilemma between them. Such a tough decision also appears when comparing z87.1 and z87+.

Tippmann Model 98 vs 98 Custom: Detailed Overview


Tippmann Model 98 vs 98 Custom

Many professional teams in airsoft competitions have trusted Tippmann as the brand of their choice.

Tippmann Airsoft guns have high durability, and longevity and are designed following ergonomic standards.

So whether you buy the model 98 or the 98 custom, you’ll always be the winner. Having said so, if you want to know which model is more suited to you, read long.

We will now compare each and every factor of comparison. This includes how it fires, its price, comfort, upgradability, and more. So, let’s take a look!

1. Firing

Starting off, you might wonder if the shooting or performance difference between the two. Unfortunately, no. The Model 98 and 98 custom are virtually the same in terms of shooting.

Let’s look at the shooting mode. Both the Model 98 and the 98 custom has semi-auto shooting mode.

In terms of shooting, both models have commendable prowess. They have a fire rate of a decent 8 BPS and provide high accuracy.

One downside to the models is that they have slightly high recoil. That can be a little uncomfortable for newer players. But, several experienced players have reported winning tournaments with these models.

Winner: Because of the near-identical shooting performance, no clear winner can be declared here.

Since both of these models shoot paintballs, check out our recommendations for buying paintballs.

These are brilliant .68 caliber paintballs. They are of vibrant colors and excellent for recreational play.

2. Design and Comfort

From the exterior view, the two models are moderately similar. But, they have several differences internally, which serve modification purposes.

Such a similar design is also a problem when comparing EOTech 553 and 512.

The original model 98 can be recognized by its identifiable grills. This was later removed in the custom versions for a more sleek look.

The 98 custom also has more comfortable grips that fit right into your palms. This makes for a more satisfying experience when handling.

The newer platinum series 98 customs also have a Picatinny rail system on top. This isn’t available with the plain m98.

Winner: Attributing to the more comfortable grip, the sleek look, and the rail, the custom wins. The original model 98 can be said to have an outdated look.

3. Durability and Reliability

The model 98 and the 98 custom are easily one of the best-selling paintball guns ever. And this is largely attributed to its jaw-dropping durability. This applies to both models.

If you throw them in your trunk and take them out after 6 months, they’ll still work. In the paintball field, you might drop it a million times, but it’ll still come through.

Tippmann model 98 and the custom 98 are regarded as ‘the workhorse of the industry. This is only because of durable and reliable they are.

Winner: As both, models are equally designed for durability and performance, there’s no clear winner.

4. Upgradability and Modifications

We’ve reached the most crucial difference between the two, upgradability and modifications. The 98 custom is more favored in the community because it can take drop-in upgrades.

The custom 98 is known for its customizability. The custom 98 was basically milled to be able to add more aftermarket upgrades. It has milling for the RT-trigger and a removable panel for the e-trigger upgrade.

Newer custom models also have the facility to add the e-grip as a drop-in upgrade.

This removes the mechanism for firing with the mechanical trigger. Besides the 98 customs has a removable trigger guard. So you can install the double trigger.

The plain model 98 can also have the same upgrades, but it has to be altered. For example, you will need to drill holes for the upgrades.

You may need to send it to the manufacturers for milling the holes. This can be a hassle.

Both Tippmann models run on aluminum compressed air tanks. Take a look at what we recommend when buying these tanks.
These tanks provide excellent performance at a low price and come with gauges.

Winner: In terms of upgradability and modifications, the 98 custom is the clear winner.

5. Pricing

The Tippmann M98 originals are obviously priced lower than the customs.

The originals can range from 70-100$, while the customs are priced at 90-130$. The prices vary based on conditions if you’re buying second-handed ones.

But, the 98 customs can be bought from the Tippmann website starting at 149$.

Winner: Due to lower prices, Tippmann M98 original wins this one. But, do note, they can almost only be bought second-handed as they’re out of production.

6. Market Availability

Okay, so we’ve covered pricing. But what good is the pricing if one of the models is barely available? That’s exactly the case with the original Tippmann model 98.

Tippmann has discontinued its production of model 98. This means that only second-handed model 98s can be purchased now from the internet.

These products are generally used, some even have scratches and distress marks.

Check the descriptions carefully before buying used model 98 paintball guns. They can be bought from several online platforms like Amazon and eBay.

These lots are the best ones among the rest that can be bought online. So, feel free to grab your preferred one.

Instead, Tippmann chose to focus on the model 98 custom. Due to its upgradability, the 98 custom has earned the people’s favor.

Tippmann has made several editions to the 98 custom. This includes the platinum series, the pro series, etc.

The 98 customs can be readily bought fresh off of the Tippmann website. You can also purchase them from local retailers. The platinum series is still in production to this day and is high in demand.

Winner: Due to its ongoing production and high availability in the market, the 98c takes this one.

Final Verdict

From the detailed analysis made above, we can conclude that Tippmann 98 is the winner. There’s actually no reason to pick the plain 98 other than affordability.

If you’re running on a budget, make no mistake the 98 is a great gun. But if you’re looking for customizability, a sleek design, and comfortable grips, opt for the 98 custom.

The customs have the option to upgrade milled for you and a wide range of upgrades. They are also easy to buy, and don’t forget they look modern too!

Here’s what we recommend when buying the Tippmann model 98 and the 98 custom.

These should work perfectly to satiate your air gun shooting desire. These products will provide decent and accurate shooting at competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sized paintballs should I use for these models?

For these models, .68 caliber paintballs should be used.

What are the differences between an A-5 and 98 custom?

There are quite a few differences between the two. For started the A-5 has a wider grip than the 98c. This makes it more comfortable for larger palms. The a-5 also has a quieter shooting sound. This can be advantageous in the field.

What does the package include?

Apart from the gun, the package includes most essentials. You can find the manuals, the warranty cards, and the necessary wiring. However, do not expect to find upgrades in the box. They are sold individually.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our discussion. That’s all we have on Tippmann 98 vs 98 custom? We hope this article has helped you determine which paintball gun is best for you.

If you’ve found this article interesting, feel free to look through the others.

Until then, take care of yourself!

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