Umarex Octane vs Benjamin Trail NP2 (Head to Head Comparison)

Break barrel air rifles are often regarded as the OGs by air-gunning veterans. The Chinese-made Umarex Octane and the American-made Benjamin Trail NP2 are great break-barrel rifles. But, you might have a very hard time choosing between them.

So, what to choose between Umarex octane vs Benjamin trail np2?

In terms of performance, the Umarex Octane is regarded as the better choice. That’s because of its superior Pellet velocity and power. The Umarex is also much more accurate and has a satisfying trigger system. The Benjamin Trail NP2, on the other hand, is much more affordable and has a better build.

But this barely clears things out. If you wish to know more about the products and how they compare, read along. I’ve made a detailed analysis covering all the comparable factors head-to-head.

Now, let’s find out which suits you the best. Let’s start!

Umarex Octane vs Benjamin Trail NP2-At a Glance


Umarex Octane vs Benjamin Trail NP2

American and Chinese products are always fierce competitors in the markets. Such is also the case in the air gun industry with these two air rifles.

Manufactured in China, the Umarex Octane provides excellent accuracy and shot power. The American-made Benjamin Trail NP2 also provides decent performance while maintaining affordability.

Let’s take a quick look at their different specifications side by side.

That pretty much covers a quick analogy between the two air rifles. By now, we have a general idea of the two break barrels.

Straight off the bat, we can observe that the Umarex octane offers a higher velocity.

However, it is heavier than its American counterpart and also slightly longer. The Benjamin Trail however has a longer barrel and is generally quieter.

The Benjamin Trail uses the Nitro Piston technology. There are a few differences when comparing the Nitro piston 1 and 2.

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Now, let’s put these two head-to-head in a more detailed analysis.

Comparing The Umarex Octane and The Benjamin Trail Np2

We’ve established that both these rifles have a lot to offer, be it performance or affordability. Now let’s put these rivals up to the test, by comparing them head to head.

Design and Build

The Umarex Octane does great in this sphere it has a very grippy texture in the forend. This makes it easier to grasp when shooting. But, the grip has been reported to be slightly narrow. This makes it a deal-breaker for people with larger palms.

The gun seems to be perfect when shooting scoped. But that’s not the case when shooting with the iron sight.

The cheek pad seems to sit a little high making iron-sight shooting slightly uncomfortable.

Moving on, the NP2’s pistol grip has a larger profile. It also comes with sling mounts which would massively please hunters.

The only drawback is its smooth texture. This can make it really difficult to shoot if you have sweaty palms.

Lastly, the Benjamin NP2 has a very modern look, giving it the edge over the Umarex.

Winner: The Benjamin Trail NP2 takes the first win in this test. The Trail NP2 offers a more comfortable grip and sling mount which outweighs the Octane’s texture.

In terms of design, the NP2 also excels by providing a much more well-rounded frame.


Let me break the good news first! None of these rifles have a plastic trigger. That should be a big relief for so many air rifle enthusiasts out there.

Both these rifles have a metal trigger. But wait, we can’t call a tie on them just yet.

Now, the benjamin NP2 features an enhanced two-stage trigger. This is called the ‘clean break trigger’. While this trigger is a huge improvement from the NP1 series, it still isn’t perfect.

The first stage of the trigger feels slightly spongy, but the second stage feels quite crisp. It breaks at 6 lbs 11 ounces on the pull gauge. Safe to say, this isn’t the lightest trigger out there.

The Umarex Octane also boasts a two-stage trigger. The first stage is easy to pull as it is light and short. In the second stage, you can feel a definite ‘wall’ which makes it very satisfying to shoot.

There are a couple of differences between the two-stage and one-stage triggers. But the two-stage triggers provide a much more fulfilling feel.

It breaks at around 3 lbs 13 ounces on the trigger gauge. This, in our opinion, is very decent.

Winner: I would gladly, give this round to the Umarex Octane. This is pure because of the excellent shooting experience it provides. The first stage feels light to the touch, the second stage is pure satisfaction.

Sound Reduction

Both of these guns are extremely silent. So it’s safe to assume you won’t receive many complaints.

Both these rifles are suppressed. The Umarex Octane has a ‘Silencair Sound Suppressor’ fitted to its barrel. This gives it a huge advantage in terms of noise moderation.

On the other hand, Benjamin also has a Silencing Barrel Device (SBD) similar to the Umarex. This coupled with its Nitro Piston technology makes it a very quiet gun.

Let’s look at how they perform in sound tests. Using a sound meter to determine their sound production usually yields almost similar results.

Shooting the Umarex Octane normally reads 65 dB on the sound meter. On the other hand, the Benjamin Trail NP2 sound test ranges from 63 to 65 dB.

Winner: This round goes to the Benjamin Trail NP2 by a very slight margin. Both of them are great guns in terms of sound suppression.


In order to test the accuracy, we will assess the grouping of the pellets. For the Umarex Octane, we will use the JSb 25 grain pellets. As for the Benjamin Trail, we are using the Crossman Premier 14 grain pellets.

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These pellets are perfect for recreational hunting as they provide incredible accuracy.

At 50 yards, the Umarex had a 5 shot group of 1.9”. The Umarex showed commendable accuracy hitting a bullseye in the third shot.

At the same distance, the Benjamin managed a 5-shot group of 3.2”.

Winner: The Umarex Octane clearly dominates in terms of accuracy with a packed grouping of pellets.


The last test involves assessing the power of the pellet shot. For this test, the 14 grain Crossman Premier pellets are used for both rifles. A Pro-Digital Chronograph is used to mark the prowess of the shots.

10 bullets were fired by each rifle to get a proper estimation. The Umarex Octane averages a whopping 775 FPS while the Trail NP2 averaged 705 FPS.

Winner: The Umarex Octane wins again pulling off 70-80 more FPS than its competitor.


The Umarex Octane and The Benjamin Trail NP2 are both great air rifles. However, choosing what’s best for you is often a matter of perspective.

From the tests, it’s clear that the Umarex Octane boasts superior shooting performance. It provides significantly higher accuracy, velocity, and power when shooting.

Not to mention, the shooting itself is satisfying thanks to its trigger system.

But, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Benjamin Trail NP2 is perfect! In fact, many users have reviewed the Trail NP2 as the best value for your money.

Sure, its shooting performance might not be on par with the Umarex, but you save 50-60$. Plus, you get a decent rifle build and a quieter suppression.

Similar differences can also be observed when comparing the Hatsan 95 and the 125.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do these rifles come with an included scope?

Answer: Fortunately, yes! Both these rifles usually come 3-9×40 AO scope. This is a very well recommended scope, especially for beginners. Down the line, you can choose to upgrade to other scopes.

Question: Are these rifles backyard friendly?

Answer: Yes of course! In fact, the intended purpose of these rifles is backyard target practice or hunting. Both these rifles are adequately suppressed. So, you can ameliorate your aim without worrying about receiving neighbor complaints.

Question: Is the Benjamin Trail NP2 worth its price?

Answer: The Benjamin Trail NP2 definitely provides value for money. It goes for around 170$ and provides decent accuracy, velocity, and handling. Rifles of their caliber usually do not sell for under 220$. Although the NP2 can improve its scope, it still is definitely worth the buy

Final thoughts

With that, we’ve reached the end of our discussion. That’s all we have on Umarex octane vs Benjamin trail Np2? We hope this article has helped you determine which air gun is best for you.

If you’ve found this article interesting, feel free to scour look through the others.

Until then, take care of yourself!

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