What Caliber is a Nerf Dart? (All About Calibers)

Nerf Darts are fun to play with. But when it comes to buying or replacing, this can be confusing. And the major confusion is about the caliber. It is okay if you are unaware of the term at first.

But, it’s not that complicated. With proper guidelines, it’ll seem very simple. Already interested right? Well, of course, you are. Let’s get to the next question.

So, the question lies what caliber is a nerf dart?

The caliber can be determined by the diameter and the barrel. The caliber name changes with the type of the nerf darts. These may include sharpshooter, mega dart, micro dart, whistlers, sonic ones, and many more. Also, have a collectible version too that varies in size.

These, even if they are toys, sound very interesting. Want to know more about it? Well, don’t rake your brain. I’ve got your back!

So, let’s look into it.

Why Do We Need to Know About Nerf Dart Caliber?


What Caliber is a Nerf Dart

Calibers are actually used to identify the features of Nerf Darts and Guns. The name of the calibers is used for the diameter of the bullets and the barrel. But the diameter does not indicate the velocity and the impact of these nerf darts.

These calibers are mainly pointed out when buying darts or barrels. This is very important when preferring to buy new nerf guns or using new nerf darts. That’s why you should know about what caliber is a nerf dart.

Different Kinds of Caliber in Nerf Darts

The different kinds of Nerf-caliber darts are mainly based on people’s preferences. So now, let’s look into such kinds of Nerf Dart Calibers.

Sharpshooter Dart

The Nerf Sharpshooter was the first blaster to fire darts other than nerfing balls. It was released in 1992. That initial dart was appropriately named the Sharpshooter dart.

The length of the dart is 3.6 inches and the diameter is 0.6 inches. So based on diameter the caliber will measure 0.6 inches.

The darts were not sold individually and came packed with the blaster. This meant you had to take care of your darts or you’d have to buy a new Sharpshooter blaster.

If that interests you, then you can look at the suggestion of the 3 best Sharpshooter blasters.

I hope, these will help you with your desired performance. Using the suggested blasters, I hope you are contented.

Mega Dart

Nerf continues to produce different dart kinds once proved to be successful ammo. The Mega dart was the next Nerf dart, debuted in 1993.

The mega dart in length is 3.6 inches and its radius is 0.3 inches.

The Mega dart is also to be known as the Sucker dart. Well, it had a suction cup. And that allowed it to attach to windows and walls. Mega darts from the first generation were brilliant red and black in hue.

However, mega darts don’t always perform well. If you’re using nerf mega mastodon, these can force you to go through mastodon troubleshooting. So, not highly recommended.

Micro Dart

The Micro dart was comparatively smaller than the Mega dart. It consists of a suction cup-like a mega dart. It lasted longer than the Mega dart. And it became one of the most popular darts very quickly.

In 2003, the Micro dart was replaced by the N-Strike Micro dart. This happened ten years after its initial debut. The length of the micro dart is 3.25 inches and the diameter is 0.5 inches.

Whistler Dart

The Whistler dart was released in 2003. It was essentially a Micro dart with a small aperture in the front.

This created a whistle when shot. So, the length is 3.1 inches and 0.5 inches as diameters.

Sonic Micro Dart

The Sonic Micro dart also came out in 2003. It was another variant of the Micro dart. But it had a small aperture in the head that created a whistle.

The Sonic Micro was said to be a little more durable than the Whistler. But also a little less precise. The length stands at 3.1 inches and the diameter is 0.5 inches.

N-Strike Micro Dart

The N-Strike Micro dart was once said to be the successor of the popular Micro dart. And it was released the same year as the N-Strike blaster series.

The suction cup was still present on the N-Strike Micro dart. The length and diameter are 3.25 inches and 0.5 inches.

Tagger Micro Dart

The Dart Tag series includes the Tagger Micro dart, or simply Tagger dart. These were produced in 2004.

As they featured a velcro head, they were dubbed Tagger darts. Because they stuck to vests and other sorts of apparel. The length and diameter are pretty much the same as the N-strike Macro Dart.

Streamline Dart

Streamline darts, also named Clip System darts, were debuted in 2006. It was launched as a part of Nerf’s renowned N-Strike blaster series.

The Streamline dart was first released as the ammunition type for the brand new type of Longshot CS-6. This was the very first Nerf blaster to employ a clip. The length is 2.8 inches and the diameter is 0.4 inches.

Tagger Micro Whistler Dart

The Tagger Micro Whistler dart was an update of the Tagger Micro Dart. The Tagger Micro Whistler was released in 2011.

This one had a velcro head, but it had been modified to make a whistle when fired. The length and diameter stand at 3.25 inches and 0.5 inches.

Now, the calibers may vary for guns and darts. So before using these instead of micro ones, check on things. That is if you can use all sorts of darts in nerf guns.

Elite Dart

The well-known Elite dart is maybe the most revolutionary. And it is the most impactful Nerf dart in history. The diameter is 0.5 inches and the length is 2.75 inches.

The Elite dart was discovered in 2012 as part of the brand new N-Strike Elite series. This effectively rendered the Micro dart obsolete. In terms of firing range and precision, the Elite dart was a huge step forward.

Collectible Dart

Now, collectible darts can come in various forms. For example, we have Rebelle darts,
Zombie Strike Dart, N-Strike Mega Dart, Suction Dart. These also include Doomlands Dart, GlowStrike Dart, AccuStrike Mega Dart, and Ultra Dart.

I would recommend these collector darts for you to look into. These are well-designed and also fun to use.
Also, these include game-related darts like Fortnite Dart and Fortnite Mega Dart. Also Elite 2.0 Dart, and Mega XL Dart. They also come in different sizes. So, the calibers also vary for having varying diameters.

Since we are talking about darts, let’s see some recommendations. These are available in different forms for your nerf guns.

Let’s see if you can actually use this. Otherwise, you can try out some dart zone darts for nerf guns as alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Nerf Dart is the most accurate?

Answer: Due to increased airflow and weight distribution, NERF’s AccuStrike darts are most promising. It has a more precise targeting for NERF fighters looking for improved accuracy.

Question: What are the different types of Nerf bullets?

Answer: Nerf Dart Tag blasters, Elite blasters, Nerf Mega blasters, and N-Strike blasters are mainly four primary types. Each Nerf blaster accepts a different kind of dart or bullet.

Question: What is the most powerful among the Nerf dart?

Answer: The N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster is one of the best current Nerf models. It’s a powerful double-barrel blaster with a tripod that may be removed. It can hit from a range of up to 90 feet.


So when you are thinking about what caliber is a nerf dart, do one thing. You first choose the type of caliber. Then determine what kind of darts you are using or want to use.

Then this will help you to actually choose which one you prefer more.

So now, there is nothing to worry about anymore. Best of luck!

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