What Does Hi-Capa Mean In Airsoft Guns (Features & Samples)

Nowadays, Hi-Capa airsoft guns are becoming popular. This is becoming people’s first choice because of its high capacity with almost real-life experience but with a replica version. 

It’s thought that they earned their term from their double-stacked magazines, offering high-capacity. However, Tokyo Marui M1911, WE/Armourer Works, and Western Arms are among the major manufacturers of these products.

Are you interested in knowing what does Hi-Capa mean In Airsoft Guns and its Features with Samples?

“Hi-Capa” or High-capacity refers to 1911 or 2011 types in the Airsoft industry. Most often, this name refers to Tokyo Marui 1911 airsoft guns. These pistols have high-capacity magazines and sturdy construction with great performance and customization. These are intended for shooting contests.

If you want to attend shooting competitions or if you want to play with Hi-Capa airsoft guns. But you are confused about which one to buy and the details of Hi-Capa guns. Continue reading because we have answered everything.

What Does Hi-Capa Mean?

Hi-Capa means “High capacity”. If we are talking about Hi-Capa in airsoft, we are usually talking about 1911 or 2011 pistols with a large capacity. Tokyo Marui, a Japanese company that specializes in airsoft, took the initiative for the Airsoft Hi-Capa.

High-capacity replicas of the 1911 handgun have a larger grip than standard 1911s do. This is because they are designed to hold magazines of the “double stack” type. Well, the 1911 and the Hi-Capa airsoft parts are comparable in terms of their BB capacity. However, the Hi-gas CAPA’s reservoir is more than twice as large as the 1911’s. 

The skirmisher has a significant advantage over the other competitors as a result of the Hi-increased CAPA’s gas capacity. 

This is because it ensures greater dependability, faster cycling, and improved performance in both low-temperature environments and high-intensity action situations

Some Hi-Capa Airsoft Guns With Features

As we are on the page of knowing Hi-Capa in airsoft guns, let’s see some examples and features of this category to get a clear idea about this type of airsoft gun.

WE 1911 ‘Hi-Capa Mag.’ Gas Blowback Pistol

This is a clone of the Hi-Capa line of Custom M1911 handguns. This is broader than standard 1911 pistols and has a dual-stack magazine to allow for twice the strength of a standard 1911 magazine.

Well, a person subject at 50 meters would be no match for this pistol’s accuracy. The shot grouping is excellent, and the overall consistency of the pistol’s firepower is excellent for its price and size.

However, the metal body makes the weapon seem quite heavy and authentic, and the blowback action is crisp and clean. Thus, this handgun is able to take a slide from another model since High Capa’s are cross-compatibility.

Furthermore, its hop-up is fixed and the fire mode is double action. Its body material is metal excluding the grips. Moreover, this handgun has a high capacity, which also implies that it may be fitted with a silencer.

Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 GBB

Tokyo Marui’s airsoft clones are well-known for their high build quality, as well as the Hi Capa wins hands down. Despite some minor variations, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa looks much like the classic actual steel Hi-Capa, which it is meant to replace.

Compared to the 1911 and the Para Ordinance, the replica is just a tenth of an inch longer than the original steel version. To provide steady performance even when running on Duster gas, the gas system in the 5.1 is rock-solid.

Key Features 

Toyo Marui’s new 5.1 The Hi Capa GBB is a good example of the company’s attention to detail. Since it is constructed entirely of durable ABS plastic, it can be easily carried about, is rather solid, and is exceptionally well-made.

ABS plastic makes it half as heavy when empty as metal (530g vs 1.1KG or 1.17 lb vs. 2.43 lb). 5.1 also delivered amazing sound and fast action while firing cleanly and easily with a good trigger.

Many of the Hi Capa 5.1-compatible airsoft pistols are popular choices. Additionally, there are several aftermarket parts and components that may be used to improve the gun’s performance and longevity.

In addition to the standard Hi-Capa P14-45 model, Tokyo Marui has incorporated a few more features and enhancements that were not accessible on the basic model.

For example, it has movable rear sights instead of the fixed low mounts that most P14-45s ship with as usual.  Additionally, Tokyo Marui’s beavertail safety makes it safer and simpler for lefties to operate, as well as having better grips and adaptable thumb safety.

However, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1, a popular model, is highly customizable and capable of a wide range of aftermarket accessories, offering its owners complete control over the way it looks and performs.

Lastly, Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 GBP may be a fantastic addition to the armory of any airsoft enthusiast. But, it’s very costly than a standard airsoft pistol, even if it performs better.

WE Europe Hi-Capa 5.1 R GBB Pistol

The traditional 1911-type slide is combined in the WE Europe Hi-Capa 5.1R with an adjustable rear sight that features a flat rear face. This also includes an elevated front sight to facilitate the acquisition of targets more quickly.

Furthermore, the Full Metal, semi-auto WE Hi-Capa 5.1 R includes a metallic slide, a metal frame, and a toned polymer grip.

It includes a 20mm rail on the dust cover, and the adaptable two-piece Hi-CAPA frame has a polymer pistol grip with a mild texture. There is an aperture for a suppressor, so it has a more tactical appearance, although the barrel has a 12-millimeter female thread.

It is basically a double-stacked 1911 – the breakdown and the function stay nearly the same as the ordinary 1911. The functioning grip safety and versatile slide safety guarantee safety for all users. The rear sight is customizable for increased accuracy and personal taste.

Compared to other high-capacity handguns, this one’s expanded magazine well is significantly less intrusive. This keeps the handgun looking like a classic 1911 while also making reloading easier. 

For those who want the look of a 1911-style pistol but want a larger magazine capacity and better gas economy than a 1911 replica, this is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, this pistol is perfect for all levels of Airsoft gun users, from beginners to experts.

VORSK Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Slide GBB Pistol w/ BDS Red Dot Sight

The Pistol is made of a combination of high-quality Polymers and Alloys, including HIPS and Aluminum. The sights and Barrel are made of Alloy; the Grip is Polymer; the Flared Magazine Well as well as Inner Parts are made of Polymer. 

However, with its split slide design, the Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Slide with BDS has a quick trigger response and good gas efficiency, allowing us to get more use out of the gas and reduce total cycle time. 

It includes a hop-up unit that can be adjusted for both range and accuracy. Plus, it comes equipped with a narrow bore barrel that measures 6.03 millimeters and is designed to produce more precise rounds and tighter groups.

Well, it features a broad grip, a slide lock, a beavertail safety, and the excellent Hi-Capa construction users have come to expect, but it also comes with enhancements above a standard model

Furthermore, using gloves or damp hands is made simpler with the pistol’s special textured grip, and the Flared Mag Well supports magazine insertion by directing the magazine into position. 

Plus, it has a 20mm rail on the front of the pistol, which can be used to connect a variety of accessories, including torches, lasers, and even launchers. Well, the Pistol comes in a bewildering array of colors, making it perfect for every player. 

If you’re in need of an impressive and powerful Gas Airsoft Pistol with an integrated Red Dot Sight as well as a wicked Trigger Response, the Vorsk Hi-Capa 5.1 Split Slide w/ BDS is your best option.


Is Hi Capa An Actual Gun?

No, Hi-CAPA is not real,  it’s an airsoft gun that is manufactured as a replica and it gives the users an actual feel of shooting. High capacity 1911 or 2011 pistols are referred to as Hi-Capa in the airsoft industry.

What Distinguishes 2011 from 1911?

Well, revolver management has been improved with the 2011’s modular structure. There is a general perception that the 2011 handgun is smoother and more user-friendly than a conventional 1911 pistol. As compared to 1911, 2011 often has the ability to adjust the whole grip.

How Good is Hi Capa 5.1?

If you’re considering the Hi-Capa 5.1, you can count on it having excellent range and accuracy. In most cases, the Hi-Capa outperforms 1911 unless you have really small hands.


As promised, we have covered everything you were looking for on what does Hi-Capa mean In Airsoft Guns hopefully. For those who wish to experiment with target shooting, this is a fantastic option. 

Furthermore, it might provide a unique opportunity for you in terms of experience, skills, and abilities. Plus, a Hi-Capa may also be a nice choice if you’re seeking something to customize. So, don’t miss out on the experience with Hi-Capa guns.

Good luck with your Hi-Capa experience in airsoft guns.

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