What to Do With Empty CO2 Cartridges?[Creative Ideas]

Co2 cartridges seem useless after they’re empty. Either we store them on our shelves or throw them away. But there are uses for this so-called useless cartridge.

So, what to do with empty co2 cartridges?

Empty Co2 cartridges can be used to make custom survival containers, that can keep your valuable stuff safe. If you want to get more creative, you can also make yourself a toy gun. An empty CO2 cartridge can be turned into an emergency whistle if you need one. All you need is a little bit of creativity.

Excited to try these out? Find step by step walkthrough for all these ideas in our article. Anyone can do these with a little guidance. So stay tuned and read along!

How to Make Survival Containers from Empty CO2 Cartridges?

A survival container is a small box where you can keep your emergency items. It may be medicines, an emergency 100-dollar note. As long as it’s small, it’s safe inside the container.

Let’s go through the process of making this amazing container.

Step 1: Polish the Empty CO2 Cartridge

Take your empty CO2 cartridge and scrub off all the labels on it. Use a metal scrubber or sandpaper and remove all the writings. Wash your empty CO2 cartridge inside and out so that no chemical is left on it. Just using regular soap and water will do the trick.

You can attach it to the front of your drilling machine and spin it. Hold sandpaper on the cartridge and run it back and forth till it’s evenly sanded. Continue spinning holding a sponge with shining oil and repeat to polish the cartridge evenly.

Step 2: Cut off the Upper Part of The CO2 Cartridge

Fix your polished cartridge On a holder. Wrap it with a tissue or a piece of cloth. So that it doesn’t scratch the cartridge. Now it’s time to get your Jigsaw out. Leave one to two centimeters on the top of the cartridge and make a mark.

Use the jigsaw and carefully cut along the mark through the cartridge. This might take a while but keep your patience. Carefully cut off the whole portion of the cartage.

After you’re done cutting, carefully remove the cartridge from the holder. Don’t throw the extra portion of the cartridge yet. We will need that later. Sand the new pieces with sandpaper or a polishing cloth.

Step 3: Attach a Toothpaste Tube Neck

Cut off the cap and the neck part of a toothpaste tube. Glue the cap on the tip of the smaller part of the cartridge that we cut off. Attach the neck to the bigger part of the cartridge in the same manner.

Now you should be able to twist the cap on the cartridge to attach it like a bottle cap. After you’re done, sand the edges again to give it a premium finish.

There you have your own survival container ready to use! If you still want to buy one, here are the options.
These are premium containers for survival that will keep whatever you put in them safely.

How to Make Toy Riffel From CO2 Cartridge?

The materials which are needed to make a co2 cartridge CO2 Cartridge Toy Riffel are very easy to find.

For example-

  • Broom, we can use the metal broomstick handle,
  • Ammunition which is empty co2 cartridges,
  • A 14-millimeter socket,
  • A matching nut and bolt that goes inside the socket,
  • A 14-millimeter wrench,
  • Some drill bits countersinks,
  • A little pin or a thin metal rod will work as well.

Besides these, we will need a vernier and a few other common tools. We can make a co2 cartridge rocket launcher by following these four simple steps.

Step 1: Make the Barrel With a Broomstick Handle

Firstly, we have to make the barrel of our launcher for which we can use the broomstick handle. A hollow broomstick handle will be a perfect choice. If we pop off the cap, the key is that the inner diameter is about the same as the empty co2 cartridges.

If it is too big, it will wobble too much and if it is too small it will not fit through it. We can go with around a two-foot barrel or maybe we can put it in half.

So once we have it blank, we can just go ahead and use a hacksaw and cut it down. Once we finish cutting our barrel, we can put the little end cap back on the broom.

Step 2: Make The Firing Pin System

Before making the firing pin system, we should know how it’s going to work.
Basically, the socket we have taken is a 14-millimeter 3/8 drive. Which is not an important socket and it should fit right at the end of the barrel of the tube.

Then we can go ahead and weld it in there. As a result, when we will grab our empty co2 cartridge and place it down the barrel. Then we will see the very tip of it. And when that is punctured, It will act like a rocket ship propelling itself through the air.

Now let’s start working on it.

To puncture the seal, we can use a nut and bolt. And we will have to keep welding this nut inside the socket. We will be able to screw it in. Also, it will slowly protrude until the very sharp nut pierces the end of the empty co2 cartridge.

But to prevent the cartridges just from being pushed up the barrel, we have to figure out where the tip of it is. And drill a hole sideways through the tube.
Then by using the pin, we will be able to slide the pin in to tighten up the bolt.

And once we remove this pin, they will go flying through the tube. We have to be careful while welding it in there.

So it doesn’t get a little too hot and burn through one of the socket walls.

Step 3: Weld the Nut and Make The Tip of The Bolt

The last thing to weld is the nut so we can get some threads in that socket. We will need to file or down a little bit because of the welding.

But it will essentially go in the end. And once we hammer it in then we can weld the nut in. Finally using a grinder we can make the tip on the bolt.

Step 4: Assemble all the parts

After getting the final product of the barrel and the firing pin screw, we have to screw the screw into the end of the barrel. We are going to be placing the screw-style, firing pin for a pellet coming out of the gun. We have to tape the barrels together using the connector, some tape, and some glue.

Now you should have your toy gun ready. Always wear safety glasses to prevent unwanted accidents from happening.

How to Make Emergency Whistle using a CO2 Cartridge?

Whistles are necessary for various types of tasks. Be it controlling a game of football or the traffic.

Here we’ll show you how you can make your whistle using an empty CO2 cartridge.

Step 1: Cut off the Bottom of the Cartridge

Take a hacksaw and simply cut off the bottom of the cartridge. Sand off the edges using sandpaper for a smooth finish.

Step 2: Carve the Whistle Hole

Simply take the hacksaw and cut the CO2 cartridge at an angle only a few centimeters deep. Then cut it straight in the end to carve that part of the cartridge out. You should have a triangular hole.

Step 3: Find Something to Close The End of The Whistle

Find something that fits inside the cartridge. You can take a marker or a fat pencil. Cut 1 inch from the pencil. Cut one side of it so it’s flat and put it in the open end of the cartridge. Glue it to fix the position.

Now you should have a small hole because of flattening the pencil piece. Blow Through that hole hard and see how well your whistle does!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I dispose of leftover CO2 cartridges?

Do not dispose of your little CO2 cartridge if it still contains gas and you are unable to properly release it. Instead, reuse it. For free disposal, bring it to the home toxic waste facility.

Can CO2 cylinders that are empty explode?

That CO2 cartridge tucked up beneath your saddle may explode into a little hand grenade. Due to the potential for explosion when exposed to sunlight and temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. Users or onlookers may be struck by metal or cartridge shards from a possible explosion.

What is the lifespan of CO2 cartridges?

The CO2 cartridge will survive 24 hours or 21 rounds after being punctured on the initial trigger stroke. It depends on the brand and type of the cylinder.


Now you have ideas on What to Do With Empty CO2 Cartridges. The detailed step-by-step guide should help you to finish your project without confusion.

Last but not least, make sure the cartridges are empty before you cut or puncture them.

Till next time, best of luck!

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