What to wear for airsoft: the most necessary things

Recently, active recreation has become in great demand. Many companies have begun to sign up for airsoft services. This is great entertainment for a company whose members prefer fun and extreme sports. You can read more about what to wear for airsoft in this article.

what to wear for airsoft

Airsoft concept

Before proceeding to the study of the issue, of what to wear for airsoft, you should consider the features of the sport. The concept of airsoft is a sport in which participants are armed with weapons and shoot at the enemy with special balls. During an airsoft game, participants who are hit by bullets are eliminated.

The first airsoft game was held in the 70s of the last century. With the development of modern technologies, various entertaining videos with airsoft games began to appear on the sites.

The game in question is often used in military training.

The difference between airsoft and paintball is that in the first case, the players are more honest. In paintball, bullets with colored paint are used, so the “wounded” player is immediately visible.

Playing airsoft is more difficult because the player himself must report that he was hit. At the same time, equipment and weapons are realistic.

Varieties of airsoft games

The airsoft game is represented by several varieties, as well as scenarios.

The most popular

The most popular airsoft games include:

  1. Deadly team fight. This variety is the most popular. Participants are divided into teams and try to destroy more opponents.
  2. Capture the flag. The essence of the game is that you need to find the enemy’s flag and capture it. After it needs to be added to its base.
  3. Lord of the mountain. This version of the airsoft game is a bit like a siege. That is, the teams must break through the opponent’s defenses and win.

There are other variations of airsoft games where hostages are rescued or the participants dress up as zombies. There is also a quick game, which is held in an indoor arena. Teams fight for up to 5 minutes.

Many people enjoy playing MilSim. It is a simulation that is often used by the armed forces to hone their melee and ranged tactics.

Variants of used ammunition

Before proceeding to the study of the issue, of what to wear for airsoft, you should familiarize yourself with the weapons of the participants. Airsoft pellets have a diameter of 6 millimeters. Almost always, airsoft pellets are made of plastic so that players are less injured.

On average, airsoft pellets weigh no more than 0.2 grams. However, if the participants use sniper rifles during the game, then the weight is slightly more. The airsoft gun can be felt by the players, or they can be completely painless. It all depends on how far the shot was fired.

Pistols that are used during airball games have a bright orange tip. This is the main difference from real weapons.

For airsoft pellets to fly out, a system with springs and gas is provided. Some options run on compressed air and are supplemented with a battery.

All variants of airsoft guns have different ranges. There are differences in the speed of work, as well as the power of airsoft guns. Virtually all airsoft arenas in the US operate with airsoft guns capable of firing at 350 feet per second.

If you prefer to play airsoft as military training then the weapon fires at 600 fps. This applies to gas-operated rifles.

The importance of choosing the right clothes

If you are wondering what to wear for airsoft, then you must understand the importance of choosing protective equipment.

Given that the game is quite intense and active, the wrong choice of protective equipment causes severe discomfort. The blows received from the balls are strong and very painful.

Protective gear also helps prevent irritation. Additionally, it allows the skin to breathe, so the players do not be hot. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right protective equipment if you want to play in comfort.

A basic list of things

Some people refuse to sign up for airsoft games because they think that they have to spend money on professional equipment.

However, you don’t have to shop at military bases to look like a real Marine. If necessary, you can rent airsoft clothing at most playgrounds.

If you like your first game of airsoft, then in the future you can gradually collect your own airsoft clothes.

The main thing is to do everything gradually so that the purchases do not hit your wallet hard.

Eye and face protection

Particular attention should be paid to eye protection. After all, your eyesight depends on it. While playing airsoft, you do not need to cover your entire face, as is required for paintball. It is enough to provide several positions for eye protection. You should bring shooting glasses with you.

Many people are aware of the need for mandatory eye protection. Especially if you suffer from mucosal hypersensitivity and your eyes often dry out. After all, if you do not wear eye protection, at the slightest hit of dust, your eyes start to water, and you risk losing.

If an airsoft ball gets into your eyes at all, you risk losing your eyesight. Almost all playgrounds that host such games do not allow players who do not have eye protection to enter the arena.

After all, in the future, no contractor wants to be responsible for your injury.

When you choose eye protection, you should not save on goods. Choose options with durable glass that retains its shape and integrity, even with a strong impact.

Choose products from well-known manufacturers, as they try to test their products before releasing them for sale.

It is important to make sure that the glasses match your size. If they are small or large, it is uncomfortable for you to play. Additionally, it is recommended to purchase a special protective face mask. Choose mesh models that protect your face and do not block oxygen.

If you combine a mask with goggles, you do not only protect your face. Such tactical gear makes you look cool. A mask that covers the entire face looks spectacular. If you choose this option, you do not have to additionally look for other protective items for the face.

However, the disadvantage of this design is that it does not allow full air circulation. Therefore, you sweat a lot.

If you are going to play airsoft with your friends, then you can not spend a lot on buying tactical gear. A bandana or scarf is enough to cover your face.

You must have your jawline protected as well as your neck. After all, during the airsoft game, players often get neck injuries or even lose their teeth. If you are prone to severe pain, it is better to provide effective protection.

Airsoft outerwear

It is very important not to leave areas with skin exposed during the airsoft game.

That is why short sleeve shirts do not be appropriate. All areas of the skin must be protected. This helps avoid injury and bruising.

Try to choose airsoft clothing that you don’t mind throwing away later. It is important to consider what the weather is like outside. Multi-layering would be the best solution. This allows you to regulate your body temperature. As soon as you get hot, you can take off some airsoft clothes to make it easier.

Many people like to go to airsoft games in a long sleeve t-shirt.

It would be nice to wear clothes in the form of a sweatshirt, complemented by a hood. It makes sense to choose airsoft apparel with long sleeves. This protects you from bullets.

Many people like to go to the airsoft field in tactical shirts. Especially if you choose the military simulation type of game.

Additionally, you should take body armor with you. In the manufacture of tactical shirts, the sleeves are made more durable.

The main part of the product is made of high-quality fabric that allows the skin to breathe.

Even if you put on a tactical vest on top, it is comfortable to play. If you plan to play in cold weather, you should choose fleece clothing. It is appropriate to wear a tactical vest that protects you from the cold and makes the game comfortable.

It is not necessary to choose baggy airsoft clothing. You can stop at tight-fitting models. However, clothing that is not tight to the body slightly reduces the force of impact from the bullet.

Many players think about whether it is necessary to choose wear for airsoft that resembles camouflage or military attire. This is an optional requirement.

However, it is better to opt for muted and dark shades. This allows you to disguise yourself and hide from opponents.

What to wear underneath?


Often, players think about what to wear for airsoft on the bottom. Many beginners prefer jeans. These are quite durable models that protect the skin from impacts. The main thing is that you do not feel sorry about it after saying goodbye if you tear or stain them.

It is appropriate to choose cargo pants that are comfortable and practical. If it is not possible to find tactical pants, you can bring regular sweatpants with you.

However, it is always better to have tactical pants on hand, especially if you prefer professional competition.

You can go to a travel store and look for hiking pants. They are made from quality materials, so you do not feel hot. It is better to choose options that are complemented by numerous pockets.

This allows you to place all the essential gear. The pockets should be supplemented with valves.

Shorts should be discarded because they have restrictive protection. Therefore, most of the exposed skin is exposed to impacts. Preference should be given to durable structures that help you stick to the chosen tactics of the game and allow you to be mobile.

Features of the choice of gloves

If you go to airsoft games, be sure to bring tactical gloves with you. They help protect against impacts and bullets.

If you use tactical gloves, then it is easier for you to handle the weapon and reload the magazine with bullets.

That being said, a good pair of tactical gloves keep your hands warm. This is the best solution if you are planning an airsoft game in cold weather. Give preference to comfortable models and light.

The main thing is to have a good grip so that you can protect yourself from blows.

  Shoe selection

It is important to choose the right shoes for the airsoft game. The best solution would be hiking boots. They provide proper grip, so the chance of injury is reduced. Hiking boots help protect you from dirt and other hazards that are on the field for airsoft.

It is important to pay attention to the weather in which the game is planned.

If the game is played outdoors, tactical boots should be found. It is believed that tactical boots prevent damage from stones and thorns. If you’re playing in an indoor arena, normal hiking boots suffice.

Many people like to play airsoft while wearing combat boots. They have a high top, so the ankle is protected from shock and dislocation. Indoors, instead of military boots, you can put on sneakers. Flip-flops are best left at home as they won’t provide enough protection.

How to protect your head?

People who are actively involved in airsoft games try to pay special attention to the selection of protective equipment for the head. It is better to stay on airsoft helmets. They create effective head protection so that you do not get hurt by branches or bullets.

If this is your first time playing airsoft, then an airsoft helmet would be an unjustified purchase.

It makes no sense to spend huge amounts of money on something that you rarely use. It is very important to have strong plastic protection. These can be ordinary helmets that are sold at affordable prices in specialty stores.

A baseball cap is an impractical and risky option. The material of the headgear is too soft, so your head does not be protected. A baseball cap, scarf, or bandana can be worn under a helmet for added protection.

You can take a shemagh with you. This is a special headgear that helps protect against sand, sunlight, and dust. Often this wardrobe item is found in people who prefer the military style. In this case, you can control body temperature, as well as sweating.

Protective gear

It is important to choose the right protective gear. In addition to gloves, a mask, and goggles, it makes sense to prepare knee and elbow pads for adequate protection.

This allows you to protect yourself from impacts on the surface, as well as when falling. First, check if your type of game requires special protective headphones.

Many experienced players advise taking care of the preparation of the combat belt, as well as the holder for the plates.

You can find a good bib that fits grenades and magazines. The choice of protective gear depends on which type of game you have chosen.

Players who prefer military simulation tend to opt for rugged suits complemented by breastplates and body armor. A simple game involves the use of light equipment that does not hinder movement.

Additional inventory for girls’

Girls plan to play airsoft, they need to find a sports top that has a soft lining. If this is not possible, then you can refuse more protection of the chest.

Additional equipment for guys

During the airsoft game, guys often injure their genitals. Therefore, it is better to provide a special protective cup. However, in most cases, tactical trousers suffice and provide reliable protection.

If you are planning to play a fast version of airsoft, then it is better to provide protective cups.

Be prepared to be uncomfortable at first. Therefore, it is better to practice wearing such protection at home so that you do not experience discomfort during the game. It is also better to prescribe the rules in advance so that it is impossible to shoot at the genitals.

List of prohibited items

There is a certain list of things that are inappropriate for playing airsoft.

Main things

This list includes:

  • Shirts that have short sleeves as well as shorts. Yes, they are comfortable clothes. However, it is not practical, and does not protect against shock and injury;
  • Poor quality goggles and mask. Choose models recommended by the American Standards Institute. It is important that the equipment fits snugly against the face, and does not form gaps;
  • Sneakers without socks. You run the risk of injuring your legs, as well as encountering blisters;
  • Restrictive clothing or excessive layering. You are too hot to play in such clothes. Choose options that do not hinder movement;
  • Military badges. Remember that these awards must first be earned. If you encounter real military men, you risk being rejected, which causes conflict.

As you can see, the items listed above, in particular shorts and a T-shirt, leave the skin exposed. Therefore, the chances of getting injured increase significantly. If you wear tight clothes, it is difficult to move. Given that airsoft is an active game, such cases should not be allowed.

The same applies to cases where clothes are excessively baggy. In it, you run the risk of constantly clinging to surfaces. Shoes that are not suitable for outdoor activities should also be excluded from the list of necessary things. The main thing is that the sock is not open.

After all, you can constantly stumble upon stones, glass, and thorns. At the same time, in flip-flops, you can constantly stumble, which increases the likelihood of injury.


When it comes to choosing wear for airsoft, you can face different questions. After all, things need to be selected correctly so that they provide comfort and safety.

What should I wear for my first airsoft?

If you’re going to your first airsoft game, it’s best to look for a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt. Pants should also be long, with numerous pockets. Additionally, protective gear for the eyes and face is required.

Don’t forget to wear gloves that are comfortable and help you quickly reload your weapon. Shoes should be such that the ankles are covered. This prevents dislocations and sprains.

What clothing is good for airsoft?

If you’re planning on playing airsoft, it makes sense to bring some sturdy pants as well as a jacket. If you don’t have a reliable jacket, or if you’re planning to play indoors, a hoodie suffices. Don’t forget to bring your gloves.

You cannot enter the field if the shoes are open or have heels. This is very dangerous, so the organizers include such items in the list of prohibited items.

What pants should I wear for airsoft?

Beginners often take jeans with them. It is believed that denim models create additional protection. However, it is better to stay in pants that are made in military style. They practically do not show pollution. Dress pants should also be abandoned so that it would not be a pity to damage them.

The best solution would be sweatpants or cargo pants. They are made of dense material and create enough protection.

Should I wear camo for airsoft?

You can use camouflage to make it easier to disguise yourself on the field. You can find special camouflage protection for gear and face to keep your look consistent.


As you can see, airsoft clothing can be varied. It is not necessary to look for models that are made in military style. You can take the clothes that are in the closet. The main thing is that your body is protected from shock and injury.

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