Nerf Mega Mastodon Troubleshooting (Guideline)

It is always a great enjoyment and loads of fun using the nerf mastodon. However, like every other machinery, you can have problems with it.

It can get frustrating when you can’t troubleshoot the nerf gun. In reality, the problems regarding the mastodon can be solved easily!

Now, you might be thinking, how can you do nerf mega mastodon troubleshooting?

When the nerf gun is not powering on, you’ll have to check for worn-out batteries. Also, check for open jam doors, unplugged wires & motors. But if the gun is not shooting, check for a jammed dart drum & the dart size. If the barrel is sticking out, there is a fault in the orientation.

Alongside this information, you require proper nerf mega mastodon instructions to find the faults; which are provided below!

Got some spare time? Let’s get to fixing your favorite nerf gun!

3 Major Issues of Nerf Mega Mastodon


Nerf Mega Mastodon Troubleshooting

When a nerf mastodon malfunctions, it means it definitely has some issues. These problems can be a manufacturing fault. In this case, you can send the product back to nerf.

But first, you have to confirm if it is really a manufacturing fault or something else. There could be several issues behind its malfunction.

Let’s have a look at the most common issues with this gun.

Issue 1: The Gun Not Receiving Power

Your nerf mega mastodon might not get power sometimes. For instance, it does not receive power after turning it on. No power results in a non-functional gun.

Issue 2: The Gun Not Shooting

This problem is a very common one among all nerf guns. Sometimes the guns fail to shoot out the darts.

When you press the trigger, it doesn’t execute; even if it is getting power.

Issue 3: The Barrel is Sticking out

This problem is unlikely to be a manufacturing fault. This issue commonly occurs after purchasing the nerf gun. The barrel of the gun sticks out and it doesn’t come out or go in.

The gun fails to function because of the stuck barrel.

Nerf Mega Mastodon Problems: Reasons and Solutions

Having these above-mentioned issues is normal on a nerf mastodon. There could be multiple reasons behind these problems.

Without knowing the reasons you will not be able to solve the problem. Let’s have a look at them.

Reason 1: Dead Batteries

There might be some very simple reasons behind the nerf mega mastodon not powering up. Defective or worn-out batteries may cause this problem. If there is no power in the battery, the gun won’t power on.


Make sure the “D” batteries inside the nerf gun are working. A mistake can be forgetting to put the batteries correctly. If that is the case, install the batteries correctly. If the batteries are dead, replace them with new ones.

For your convenience. We have listed some cheap and efficient D batteries in the market:

These D batteries will ensure the smooth operation of your nerf gun.

Reason 2: Open Jam Door

Leaving the jam door open can be a cause. Since the jam door is small compared to the nerf gun, you might miss it. The gun does not shoot with an open jam door.


It’s pretty straightforward. If the jam door is open, close it and try to power it on again. It should solve the issue.

Reason 3: Dysfunctional Motor

Old and worn-out motors are a potential problem. It prevents the power of the whole gun.


Check the motor, see if it works. Provide the motor with power and turn it on. If it’s not responding, you can go for a motor change.

To help you, we have some included high-capacity motors for the nerf mega mastodon:

Replacing the motor with any of these should fix the issue.

Reason 4: Jammed Dart Drum/Rotary Cylinder

The rotary cylinder can be jammed for some reason. When the dart drum is jammed, it doesn’t rotate. This prevents the gun from shooting.


It is very common for an obstacle to be stuck inside the gun and prevent rotation. If there is any, remove it.

Check the motor. See if it is functioning properly.

Reason 5: Wrong Dart Size

Off-brand bullets/darts can create problems in the nerf gun. The sizes may mismatch; resulting in the nerf gun not shooting.

The caliber of nerf darts different from normal darts in the market.


See if you can remove the darts with ease. If they are too tight, replace them with new right-size ones. Also, change the darts If you’re using any off-brand darts.

Reason 6: Incorrect Orientation of the Barrel

This problem is created when the barrel has been incorrectly installed. It is a common mistake to put the barrel upside down or flipped. The barrel gets stuck after that.


Install the barrel correctly to fix this problem.

Grab a long flathead screwdriver for solving this. Find the plastic trigger which prevents the barrel from coming out. Gently push the trigger on any side. This will make the barrel pop out.

For your help, we’ve gathered a list of long flathead screwdrivers.

These screwdrivers are of high quality and alongside that, they are long-lasting.

Reason 7: Too Much Weight

Attaching too many attachments to the gun makes it heavy. For instance, reticle scopes, drum blasters, extra clips, etc. A heavy gun is never recommended because it’ll hamper your movement.


The shooting won’t improve if the gun is hard to hold. So, go for the attachments you actually need. Refrain from attaching all of them at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NERF mastodon automatic?

Yes, the NERF mastodon model of the nerf gun series is fully automatic. It has the capacity of storing 24 mega darts. Alongside that, it can shoot a maximum of three darts per second.

The rotary cylinder of the gun holds the darts. After shooting out all the darts, you have to manually reload.

What batteries does the NERF mastodon require?

The battery requirement of the NERF mastodon is six “D” batteries. There is an orange hatch on the left side of the gun. You will have to open it to put the batteries inside.

A screwdriver will be needed to complete this process. Make sure to screw the hatch tightly after putting the batteries in.

What NERF gun holds the most bullets?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can hold the most bullets among the NERF guns. It can hold up to a staggering 144 bullets in total!

There can be a maximum of 8 clips inside the gun. Each clip can hold 18 bullets. This gun provides semi-auto gunfire with the pulling of the trigger.


You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, we have made nerf mega mastodon troubleshooting effortless for you!

It is critical to follow the instructions precisely. Additionally, do not use too much force while fixing anything. It may break a component of your gun.

Best of luck troubleshooting!

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    I bought a Nerf Mega Mastodon, and built it following the instructions. I plugged the brand new 6x batteries and when I press both triggers, I can hear the motto making a sound, but the barrel does not move at all. DO you have any clue of the issue here?


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